Mages Are Too Op Chapter 327

Chapter 327 A Competition Of Numbers? 2

Staring at the middle-aged noble, Andonara thought for a moment and smiled. "Its been a while, Earl Chesamon."

As the lord of this city, the man had visited the capital now and then and attended the parties of the powerful. Naturally, Andonara had seen him before.

She didnt remember him clearly, but she managed to recall his name after thinking for a moment.

Gazing at Andonaras arm around Rolands, Chesamon turned to Roland and asked in confusion, "Your Majesty, with all due respect, how is this young man related to you?"

"Hes my man!" Andonara said without hesitation.

Everybody exclaimed in shock except Roland and Yelia. The answer was too surprising for them.

Though everybody knew that nobles lived a messy life, it was best kept secret. Few people were like Andonara, who appeared in public with another man and seemed to enjoy it. They somehow envied her.

Chesamon frowned. "Your Majesty, not that Im nosy, but if you want the best for this man, please respect yourself. Would the royal family simply watch you do this?"

Andonara said with a smile, "Thank you for your concern, but Roland has openly stolen me from the king, who didnt say anything."


Everybody gasped at the same time and looked at Roland enviously, before they moved their eyes away.

The fact that he stole the queen from the king blatantly without being hunted suggested a lot of things.

Either the young man was from a powerful background that even the royal family was scared of, or he was extremely capable himself.

Whichever of the cases was true, Chesamon certainly couldnt afford pissing off someone that the royal family didnt dare to.

Chesamon immediately dropped the suspicion in his eyes and looked at Roland with a smile. "Your Excellency, welcome to the Chesamons house."

Roland nodded. "Im here under Yelias invitation. Thank you for your entertainment."

Seeing that Roland was quite polite, Chesamon was relieved.

He knew that he hadnt been exactly friendly, and that it would be bad if the man was infuriated. Though Chesamon was not scared of him, it wouldnt be the most pleasant thing to make a powerful enemy.

At this moment, Yelia walked forth and said, "My lord, Im told that something happened here."

"Yelia, its great that youre here," said Chesamon gently.

Everybody dispersed and smiled at Yelia, except the young man who Roland met the previous night. He snorted at Yelia.

Yelia was not bothered. He went to where the crowd gathered earlier and found a girls body on the floor.

Her clothes had been taken off, which was rather demeaning.

Yelia was not very happy.

Chesamon said, "We didnt do anything. The body was like this when it was delivered."

Roland came close too.

They looked at the body and the girls face. Both of them were quiet.

Mages had high Intelligence, so they all had great memories.

They remembered the girl to be one of the victims they rescued the previous night.

The skin of the body was blue, not a typical color for those who died a natural death.

Roland observed the body more carefully, only to find more than twenty tiny holes on the girls neck.

There were more than ten holes on each of her arms too.

Chesamon remarked, "We examined her just now. The blood in the girls body has been sucked away."

"This was undoubtedly done by vampires." Yelia stood up and said gravely, "I didnt know that they would come so soon and in such a large number."

Roland was angry too, but he didnt show it on his face. He asked, "Didnt you say that you made preparations last night?"

"I did." Yelia nodded and said, "I had set up magic items that could detect dark creatures at the top of my Magic Tower. It would inform me if a vampire was in town. This girl mustve left the city last night. But I told her not to leave the city so soon. She disobeyed me."

"What if she didnt go out voluntarily but was deceived?" asked Roland.

Yelia nodded and said, "Thats also a possibility."

Then, he turned his eyes to his father-in-law. "My lord, was the girl found outside of the city?"


"Then we should investigate who let her out of the city last night." Yelia stood up and said, "My lord, I hope you can do it for us."

"Theres no need to be so courteous. Were family. Besides, its the Chesamons responsibility to protect the residents of this city."

Roland was surprised to find that this lord seemed to be a nice person.

Then Yelia said to Roland, "Lets go out and do some searching too. Well go back to the Magic Tower for the dark creature detector and then take a walk out of the city. We may find something."

"Sure." Roland nodded.

In a dark wood outside of Liguburg City, countless bats were hanging from the trees.

Very soon, a bunch of cute, plump bats flew in and turned into a girl in the darkness.

Looking at the thousand bats hanging upside down from the branches, she cursed, "You idiots, you knew that our enemy was in town, but you still lured the girl out with Enchant. Not just that, all of you sucked her blood until she died. Whats your problem? The enemy will be alarmed!"

A group of bats descended and transformed into Edmund.

He said unhappily, "We could smell her more clearly than we could smell other people. She had been our food until she escaped. Whats wrong with killing her or alarming the enemy? Were going to make everybody in this city live in terror for the days to come. Next, we will suck a girl dry every day, until the people collapse in fright."

"The Mage capable of a modified fireball is still in the city. Do you want to be killed?"

"We might be scared of him if we didnt know anything about him." Edmund chuckled. "But things are much easier now that we know he has to charge his powerful spells. Ten seconds will be more than enough for us to kill him many times."

"Hes a Golden Son. He cant die."

"As Wenger said, the Golden Sons will be weakened after their deaths, and the more they die, the weaker they will be, until theyre like ordinary people." With hate in his eyes, Edmund said, "As long as we kill him once, we can surround the Temple of Life and kill him again and again until he becomes an ordinary person. Then, well take him back and chain him up, so that he will forever be our food. Im sure that an undying man definitely has delicious blood."