Mages Are Too Op Chapter 33

Chapter 33

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Then, Roland found the idea absurd. How could there be gods in this world? It was just a game However, he suddenly noticed a contradiction.

If this was a game, gods would be natural, but those NPCs were definitely not as simple as tools. Then, what did gods represent? At first, Roland thought that Penguin Corporation developed this game with advanced technology.

However, after witnessing the arrival of the angel, Roland felt that it was more than advanced technology.

It might be something else that was much more unacceptable.

6He heaved a long sigh, feeling that he was overthinking.

It was his habit to think more when he encountered anything. It was hard to say if it was a good habit.

4Thinking would inevitably waste his time and prevent him from making a timely decision.

It would be great if he found things out through thinking, but if he was wrong, he would only be upsetting himself by thinking.

With many random thoughts, Roland waited patiently under the shade of a tree.

The villagers dispersed after the funeral. Roland observed their faces, only to discover that none of them noticed anything unusual.

Soon, a sweaty Betta rushed to him and asked, "What just happened? I saw a pillar of light and what appeared to be a bird. Did you trigger a quest, Brother Roland?"

So, Betta saw it!

Or rather, was it visible to all players?

Rolands mind wandered off again. It was not until several seconds later that he replied, "Falkens soul was just picked up by an angel."

Roland told him what happened, and Betta listened in surprise.

Betta also fell silent after he heard it.

Roland couldnt help but smile. Betta was obviously another overthinking man just like himself.

"This game is somewhat weird to me." A moment later, Betta looked at the blue sky solemnly.

1Roland nodded in agreement.

Then, the world turned monochrome, and time was up for today.

3Roland woke up in the virtual cabin. He took a shower and turned on his computer.

He checked the forum. The discussion regarding Inferior Fireball was no longer heated. The players were now talking about interesting incidents and new discoveries in the game.

There was a rather popular topic on the forum.

It had been two months since the game was launched. Many male players had tried to have sex with female NPCs.

Some of the female players, particularly those with high charm, also slept with noble NPCs easily and acquired tremendous resources.

11The topic was whether or not having sex with NPCs in the game was acceptable.

Roland found the topic moot. According to the official announcement, all the players in the game were adults. There was a reliable method to determine whether or not the user of the virtual cabin was an adult.

4Since the players were adults, they could certainly make their own choices.

Roland found little valuable intelligence on the forum. He thought for a moment and uploaded the video he recorded before with the title "Encounter with an Angel."

5Then, he left home and had breakfast on the street, before he went to the boxing club by bike.

5It was still morning. Apart from the staff and the coaches, there were only three trainees in the boxing club.

Roland was the fourth.

The coach was instructing a vigorous girl, teaching her how to exert strength in kicking. Seeing that Roland was here, he smiled and said, "Youre the most diligent student Ive seen. You come the earliest and leave last every day."

1"Ive paid for this anyway." Roland shrugged and said, "Besides, Im currently unemployed. I have to have something to do."

The coach was a middle-aged man in a vest. His muscles were not too eye-catching, but he was strong and flexible. He found two pairs of gloves and gave Roland one pair. He said, "Youve been stretching for half a month. Its time that we start real training. However, before that, I need to test your reaction speed and combat instincts."

3Roland put on the gloves and asked, "How are you going to test it? In a training battle?"

"Thats right."

While talking, the coach suddenly charged forward and punched Rolands left eye.

Then, Roland stepped back, and the coach missed his target.


Briefly dazed, the coach raised his leg and kicked.

However, barely had he moved when Roland stepped back quickly, getting out of the coachs range of attack.

The coach did not really kick out. He was only measuring Rolands reaction. It was not a real fight.

"You have fast responses."

The coach lowered his fists and reached Roland. He said with a smile, "I estimate"


After a collision, Roland took three steps back, with his gloves protecting his face. He seemed rather shocked.

The coach looked even more odd. He moved his right hand back and shouted in surprise, "You definitely have dynamic vision!"

Everybody who was not blind had dynamic vision. The coach was actually referring to those whose spontaneous reactions were very quick.

2The coach punched fast but did not really use much strength.

Roland stopped and put his hands down. "You caught me quite unprepared."

"All right, I know how to teach you now." The coach clicked his tongue in amazement. "Your reactions are so quick even when youve never practiced before. If you had practiced when you were little, you would probably be able to fight in championships. I hate talented people like you most. Its decided then. I wont teach you wholeheartedly."

7Roland was amused. "Coach, isnt that blatant discrimination?"

The coach laughed and demonstrated three simple moves.

Then, he asked Roland to practice the moves first.

Roland practiced the three moves so hard in the club that he was covered in sweat. He did not leave the club until noon.

He took another shower at home. After all, his sweat was sticky and made him uncomfortable.

Relieved, he turned on the computer and opened the forum.

There were a couple of pages of system notifications again.

Most of them were tips.

Its a trending topic again?

Roland opened the thread that he posted that morning curiously.