Mages Are Too Op Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Escape

But dragons were too far removed, and most people never saw them in a lifetime.

Vampires, on the other hand, were parasites that depended on human beings. Though the Light Priests were their bane, their population had been growing thanks to their special abilities.

As hunters, they had always despised human beings.

After all, no creatures would consider their food a big deal.

Even the Saint Samurai and the Light Priests never regarded them as prey but tried their best to destroy them.

It meant that they were never underestimated. So, they never felt lesser to mankind even though the Saint Samurai were their natural enemies.

But what was with these Golden Sons?

There was no fear in their eyes at all, but only passion, like when vampires saw the ultimate meal in an ultimate girl.

Those were the eyes of someone looking at food.

After realizing that, Bruce was enraged.

"Everybody, increase your magic power output and kill them. I dont believe they can be infinitely resurrected!"

The other vampires understood it as well as Bruce did.

The feeling of offense popped up in their heads, followed by unspeakable rage.

The vampires, who had always considered themselves superior to mankind, were provoked for the first time.

They unleashed all their magic power. Those whose magic power had been exhausted even lunged at the Golden Sons with their swords.

Bruce increased his magic power output too. The black tornado became bigger and faster.

More and more players were consumed, cut into smithereens, and cast out.

Blood was flowing all over the ground.

But very soon, the blood was burned up by magic fire and turned into dark mud. As long as one vampire descended, the melee players who had enough waiting would charge like wild wolves and tackle the enemy even if they had to be hit and cut to do so.

Then, they would shout, "Ive got him! Someone burn him up!"

Then, when magic flames were launched at the vampire, the melee players would roll aside, and other players would put out the fire on them.

The vampire who was on fire would be surrounded by more flames.

In a few minutes, he would be burned into bone powder, and many players would come to pick it up.

Bruce saw personally that a melee Golden Son, after being blown into two, crawled on the ground with both hands, leaving a trail of guts behind him, while he shouted, "Please give some privileges to the disabled! Ive lost my legs! Ive done my part!"

Then, this Golden Son reached a vampire who had just been burned up. Picking up a handful of bone powder, he laughed in contentment before he died.

Seeing that, Bruce felt even angrier and colder.

He increased his magic power output again, expanding the size of the black tornado. Then, he waved his left hand and evoked another black tornado.

As a result, the casualty rate of the players soared. Even many vampires were affected.

Outside of the Dome of Darkness, Roland saw many players resurrecting from the simple ritual tables.

Then, one of the commander-like players roared, "The boss is using new skills. He must be in the second phase now! Lets try harder!"

The players cheered again and rushed into the Dome of Darkness in excitement.

Outside of the hills, more players were coming.

"Were too late. Theres no meat for us now. Lets hope that we can still have some soup."

A team of players cried and ran past Roland and Yelia.

"Are you really not going down?" Yelia asked.

"Thats unnecessary." Roland shook his head. "If he were a Legendary vampire, no players could expect to beat him, but hes only a Master vampire. I estimate that he will run in half an hour."

"So, those people on the hilltop are waiting for the vampires to escape?" Yelia pointed at the players who were standing at the hilltops around the valley.

"I believe so."

At this point, the hills around the valley were almost jam-packed with people.

Most of them were latecomers. Instead of joining the attack, they simply stayed on the hills.

After turning into bats, the vampires could fly very fast, but not very high.

In order to escape, they had to fly across the hills, and they would be within ten meters of the players who were at the hilltops.

The archers and the Rogues could catch them easily even with their eyes closed.

Inside the Dome of Darkness, Bruces two dark tornadoes had killed too many players.

This area spell was powerful and destructive.

Even a well-trained army shouldve collapsed already, but the Golden Sons just kept pressing in from outside of the Dome of Darkness.

Also, they seemed to have learned from the battle, and their counterattacks were more and more powerful.

More and more vampires were caught and burned into ashes.

Bruce finally realized that he made a horrible mistake.

Why should he declare war on those undying monsters?

Now, half of his people had been killed and reduced to bone powder.

His bloodshot eyes glittered again, and the two tornadoes revolved quickly, blowing a bunch of players away.

He opened his mouth and bared his long fangs, shrieking in a high pitch.

The earsplitting noise echoed throughout the battlefield.

After a brief shock, many vampires transformed into bats and flew up.

"Theyre running!" some players shouted. "How can they run? Theyre gold coins! Someone stop them!"

More than thirty fishing nets were cast up, mixed with countless arrows and magic bullets.

But only three unlucky vampires were caught. The other arrows and magic bullets only hit some of the bats.

Looking at the valley that had nearly been filled with the flesh and blood of the Golden Sons, Bruce was in agony.

It had been his home for hundreds of years. Little did he know that he would be forced to escape from his home by a bunch of monsters!

"I will come back very soon."

Bruce affectionately looked at the castle down below, before he turned into a colony bats and soared into the sky.

"The boss is running too?"

All the players were dumbfounded.

They had known that this game was different from the games they played before, but they still found it hard to believe that a boss was running.

That was fifty credit points!

But halfway through his flight, Bruce realized that something was wrong.

Bats were raining from the sky. His people who fled earlier were either falling with arrows in them or tied up in fishing nets.

What had happened?

When Bruce flew out of the Dome of Darkness, he found a circle of Golden Sons on the hilltops.

What did this happen?

Bruce suddenly remembered what Wenger said: at least a thousand Golden Sons were coming.

But there were definitely more than a thousand of them here!

Looking at the group of big black bats, Roland smiled and said, "Its time for me to take action."