Mages Are Too Op Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Who Do They Think They Are?

Britney was very graceful. She had apparently grown up in an artistic environment. With her pretty face, she was personal in every aspect.

"You want me to build an opera house for you?" Roland hesitated and said, "Although I know some construction spells, I cant create anything huge on my own. After all, I only have limited mana."

"Im only talking about a small amphitheater," Britney said with a smile. "Why dont we talk more about it in a tavern?"

"All right."

Several minutes later, the three of them sat down in a tavern.

This tavern was more lavishly decorated than other taverns, and the drinks served here were more expensive. So, there were fewer guests here. It was rather quiet.

Britney ordered fruit wine for them. She looked at Andonaras face and her body enviously, before she said, "We have been touring in many cities, but we can only perform in the squares each time. Most cities do not have huge opera houses. Thats really a problem."

"But almost all cities above average have an opera house. With your performance, it shouldnt be a problem to rent an opera house for a couple of days, no?" Andonara was confused.

Britney replied with a smile, "But those opera houses can only accommodate a few hundred people at best. We dont want to just play for nobles and big merchants. We want everyone to hear our music."

"But you cant make money that way. Nobles and big merchants dislike the company of ordinary people." Andonara asked, "How can you make a living for your group?"

"We have been performing in the squares. The circumstances are not the most favorable, and we never advertise," Britney said with a smile. "But even so, we have some noble fans. As for money, well be satisfied as long as we make enough for our operation."

Andonara was still confused. "But without the acknowledgment of nobles, it is unlikely for you to disseminate your music principles."

Britney burst into laughter after hearing that. "To quote what a great man once said, it is not the place of the nobles, who only take up one percent of the population, to decide what the people like or dont like."

Andonara found it hard to accept.

Having been born in this world, certain ideals were etched to her bones, and it was hard for her to change them.

At least, she believed that nothing without the approval of nobles could really be classic.

However, Britneys crazy laughter told Andonara that she really didnt care if nobles liked her performance.

"Well said, sister." Roland raised his thumb with his left hand. "For that quote, I will build a small opera house for you for free, but of course, it will be a rough one made of rock. I dont think I can make delicate murals or sculptures for you."

Britney was rather delighted. "Thank you, Roland. But your hand wouldnt be a problem for your spellcasting, would it?"

"Thats fine. I still have my left hand." Roland smiled.

Then, Britney put the construction blueprint of a small opera house on the table. She paid for the wine and left after throwing Roland an air kiss.

Andonara seemed rather angry.

Roland picked up the blueprint and walked out of the tavern with Andonara.

On the crowded street, Andonara couldnt help but ask, "Are you really going to build an opera house on your own?"

"Not on my own, but with Vivian and the rest of them." Roland said with a smile, "I will provide necessary aid, but they will do most of the work. Its partly meant to better familiarize them with magic, and partly because as their chairman and their mentor, I dont have to do everything myself."

Andonara smiled. "Thats true. You did too much for them in the past."

On the second day, Roland took the magic apprentices out of the city to build a small opera house in an open space.

Roland created a gigantic mold with magic first. He then threw soil into the mold and transformed it into mud. After the mold was full, he turned the mud into huge flat rocks.

The magic apprentices, on the other hand, took those rocks and piled them up like a pyramid. After only half a day, a high, smooth platform had been established.

After that, they built a semicircle wall behind the platform based on the mechanism of sound amplification, so that the singers voice could be enhanced.

In the end, they began to pave the floor and build the auditorium. They heaped the rocks in a sector on different levels in the structure of a classic theater.

But of course this theater did not have a roof.

The opera house was constructed quite fast under the eyes of many people, who witnessed the rocks being passed here and there before a large open-air opera house took shape before their eyes.

For the players, it was only a small opera house. After all, there were too many massive buildings in the information age.

But for the locals, it was already a massive opera house.

Britney dropped by, only to be surprised. "Its bigger than planned, isnt it?"

"Ive helped you expand the auditorium," Roland said with a smile. "We have time and we dont have anything else to do. Its a good chance for those apprentices to exercise."

"Thats fine with me," Britney said with a smile of her own. "Or rather, thats what I hope."

Looking at the sky, Roland asked, "Hows your promotion going?"

"Not bad. The whole city should know now." Britney combed long hair back from her cheeks and said, "I wish that you could be with us all the time. That way, we can have a opera house wherever we go."

Roland smiled but didnt say anything.

It wasnt a problem for him to give them a hand while he was here, but he was not interested in joining the music group.

Britney heaved a disappointed sigh when Roland didnt reply. Then, she smiled and said, "Thank you for your trouble. Ill treat you to dinner later."

"No problem."

Everybody was excited that the Vienna Opera Company was going to play outside of the city the next day, especially after a massive opera house had been established out of thin air.

Vivian and Andonara looked forward to it too.

They were both nobles, and they had always liked music and opera performances.

But an accident happened on the second day.

The city guards had blocked the city gate since morning. Many people were stopped from leaving the city.

Roland went to the city gate with Andonara and the magic apprentices and asked them what was going on.

Seeing Rolands Mage robes and Andonaras glamorous clothes, the city guards dared not be violent and told them the truth.

"The mayor asked us to close the city today. Only the nobles and the merchants who paid money can leave."


"Because the civilians are not qualified to appreciate a performance together with the lords."