Mages Are Too Op Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Leave Them Be

But in this world, the whole Encart City belonged to the mayor, and when he closed the city, the civilians did not really have a justifiable reason to argue with him.

Even Andonara and Vivian didnt feel anything was wrong, not to mention the common citizens.

But Roland didnt really agree with them.

He was not aggravated. Instead, he simply asked, "Can we go?"

At this point, Andonara suddenly grabbed Rolands left arm, as if she was worried that he would do something.


Naturally, the city guards dared not stop a Mage and two women who were apparently nobles.

They left the city from a side gate, and Andonara finally released Rolands arm a little bit.

Under the shade of the tree, Roland looked at Andonaras obviously anxious face and asked, "Were you scared that I would attack them?"

Andonara nodded. "I know what you did in the past. As far as I know, youve blown up two city gates. I feared that you will blow up this one too if you get too upset."

"Am I really so unreasonable?"

Andonara peeped at him. "None of the Golden Sons are really sensible."

"Thats just a misunderstanding."

"Ill be damned if I believe you." Andonara mocked him.

Vivian looked at them enviously. She wanted to talk to Roland naturally like Andonara did, but as an unmarried girl, she was more reserved than Andonara was, who was more open-minded in certain aspects.

For example, she slept in Rolands bed every night, taking advantage of the fact that Roland needed no sleep as a player.

When they came to the open-air opera house, they found that a lot of carriages had arrived.

A team of about twenty soldiers was even guarding the entrance.

When Roland arrived, the captain of the guards looked at him and let him through.

In the opera house, Roland saw that the three rows in the front had been taken by people in decent clothes who seemed proud and intimidating.

Roland and his companions attracted most peoples attention upon their arrival.

After all, their outfits were too eye-catching. Roland was wearing his magic robe, which granted accessibility to most places, and both Andonara and Vivian were cute and beautiful. Naturally, everybody noticed them.

Roland looked around and ignored the nobles. Instead, he went to the musicians.

At this point, the musicians were chit-chatting and enjoying snacks.

When Roland came, Britney was talking to a female player. She stood up and smiled. "Youre here!"

Roland looked around and asked, "Are you not going to perform?"

"Why would we?" Britney sneered coldly. "We wont until the audience are here."

"Impressive!" Roland raised his thumb and asked, "Can I stay here and enjoy the drama?"

"Not a problem at all." Britney was very happy. "Well be more confident if youre rooting for us wont we?"

Britney suddenly shouted at her fellows.

Then, all the players turned around and replied lethargically, "Of course."

Then, they resumed their own business, continuing chit-chatting and enjoying the snacks.

If they were battle-type players, they would probably greet and talk to Roland.

But these were leisure players who were mostly singers or singers-to-be in reality. They played the game for a different reason than Roland and other pure players did. They were from a different circle, so they were not excited to see Roland even though Roland was famous.

After that, Roland spoke with Britney backstage and soon got along with the other players.

Andonara and Vivian had a good time talking to Britney too.

Time flew by, and the nobles in the auditorium soon ran out of patience. They sent a servant, asking when the performance would begin.

Britney turned around and said, "Tell your master that were not interested in performing when the audience are too few."

The servant was about to burst into fury, but seeing that everybody here was a professional, he held himself back and returned.

Very soon, a young man in glamorous clothes arrived with four soldiers.

He looked at everybody backstage and asked, "May I know which of you is Ms. Britney?"

Nobody replied to them. At best, they simply glanced at him and continued doing whatever they were doing.

The young mans face reddened in fury. He shouted angrily, "Where are your manners?"

Still, nobody talked to him.

The young man was even angrier. He glared at everybody for a while, before he left with the soldiers.

After he left, Britney said, "Just wait for it. Someone with a great temper will come soon."

"How are you going to deal with them?" asked Roland.

"We will wait," Britney said casually, "until theyre willing to open the city gate, or we will leave three days later. Theres no need to fawn to those condescending jerks."

Roland smiled.

At this point, the young man returned to the auditorium and spoke to a rather intimidating middle-aged man. "Father, those Bards were unwilling to talk. They didnt even bother to look at me. Theyre too arrogant."

The young man was rather loud, and everybody heard him. They were all shocked.

The middle-aged man slapped his thigh and asked, "Are you not exaggerating?"


"Those Golden Sons show absolutely no respect for us." At this point, a fat middle-aged noble injected. "There are more than two hundred nobles and magnates here. Why cant they offer service to us alone? After we leave, the bumpkins can come in. Do they really expect us to watch the performance together with those bumpkins? That would be too humiliating for me."

"Ill talk to them in person." The middle-aged man stood up.

"Thats unnecessary." Another noble who had a mustache stood up and said, "Youre the mayor. Let me go talk to them. Im the sheriff of this place and a viscount. They have to show me some respect."

The mayor thought for a moment and sat down.

The sheriff summoned thirteen soldiers and strode backstage.

Seeing that the players were talking and eating lazily, he immediately burst into fury.

"Do the Golden Sons have any basic manners?" The noble was so angry that his mustache was almost standing on end. "Two hundred audience members are waiting for you, and yet youre enjoying your time here. Do you have any respect for your patrons?"