Mages Are Too Op Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Dont You Have The Slightest Damn Clue?

This was the second time, so the first time was Roland recalled and thought that the greatest possibility would be the quest to round up the vampires not long ago.

Was his progression too fast?

Were these not quests that could be taken on right now?

Roland felt baffled.

After spacing out for a moment, Roland realized that a minute had passed.

He said to Andonara, "We Golden Sons may disappear for a while, and I dont know for how long, so youll have to take care of Vivian and the others."

Andonara subconsciously took Rolands hand and pursed her luscious red lips, but didnt say anything else.

Roland then took out Andonaras clothes and some trinkets from his Backpack and gave them to her, and after some thought, he gave her more than fifty gold coins and put them in a cloth bag, which was quite heavy.

Since he didnt know how long the system maintenance would takethe time ratio between reality and the game world was one to threeRoland had thought to give her more, for example, one to two hundred gold coins. But after some thought, he gave up on the idea. It was not that he was reluctant to give money, but that Andonara didnt need that much money at all.

Besides, having too much money could easily lead to some trouble.

Fifty gold coins were enough to buy a small manor to live on for a long time for Andonara.

After passing on everything to Andonara, before he could even say another word, the game world just disconnected.

Climbing out of the virtual cabin, Roland looked at the time on the digital clock on the wall: 04:33. It was still early.

However, he couldnt sleep anymore and had no desire to sleep.

It was already late autumn and the night was a little chilly, so Roland put on a coat and then sat down in front of the computer.

He turned on the computer and clicked on the forums.

He immediately saw the system announcement on the home page.

"Due to Rolands overly fast progression, the game deduction function has a slight bug and is undergoing an emergency repair. It is estimated to take 24 hours, and after the repair is completed, the points exchange system will be released, as well as more points quests."

Roland was relieved to see the announcement. Luckily, it wouldnt take long; it was only twenty-four hours.

Based on previous experience, when the game was under maintenance, the time in the alternate world would continue to pass, and if the maintenance lasted for several days, a lot of things would change.

Roland was about to go on the forums to take a look, but suddenly, his phone, attached to the charger on the table, rang. Wen he looked at the caller ID, he saw eight zeros; he could already guess who it was.

He picked up the phone and put it on speaker mode, and a somewhat familiar voice came out of the phones speaker.

"Fellow Roland, please take it easy and dont engage in so many shenanigans, our server here is about to collapse."

Roland was a little embarrassed. "Its Director Ma, right? Is it something big?"

"Of course its big. The Realm of Gods and the Realm of Devils both almost hit the main realm." Ma Huajun sounded somewhat frustrated. "You F6 guys can really get into trouble. Those rats, Schuck and Betta, also dug out a bunch of resources. What you three have obtained, normally, would take other people two or three years to qualify for."

Roland laughed dryly. "This has nothing to do with us. Were just playing the game normally."

"Playing the game normally?" There was some disdain in Ma Huajuns voice. "Also, how about I give you a suggestion?"

"Go ahead." Roland felt a little embarrassed.

"Theres no going back now that the quest to kill the evil god has been made public, but you cant participate, and dont take your close friends with you either. Of course, the quest rewards will still be given to you afterward."

Roland was somewhat surprised. "Why?"

"The amount of information you and those two rats are carrying is too largeyou can look at it as bytes. Its hundreds of times more than the average player," Ma Huajun explained. "And the amount of information on the important NPCs is also very large, such as the evil gods in the quest. When the evil gods appear, plus the angels that will descend later in the quest, youd best believe that the area will directly collapse due to the gathering of too much information. Youd better not contact the gods and demons and other NPCs for six monthswait until we expand and stabilize the servers capacity again."

"That exaggerated?" Rolands expression was even more surprised. "Were hundreds of times better than the average player? But I dont feel like Im much better than the average player!"

"Whether you three are strong or not, dont you have the slightest damn clue? Must you force me to yell at you?"

Roland laughed aloud for a while.

"Its good that you agreed to it."

Roland thought to himself, I havent agreed yet, but he didnt dare to stand up to the GM. It wouldnt be good if he made the other guy angry and got his character messed with.

"Of course, Im not that unreasonable. The quest you released is actually quite profitable, and if youre not allowed to go, although the quest reward will still be given to you, theres bound to be some losses." The voice in the phone was silent for about ten seconds before continuing, "Then Ill reveal a piece of information to you. The wifely queen beside you has quite an important identity. After the maintenance, take her to Reed, where she can obtain her bloodline ability and strengthen her power. As for how to obtain it, youll discover for yourself when the time comesunraveling the game, it wouldnt be interesting anymore if I spill it."

Andonaras identity is important?

At this point, Ma Huajun continued, "Well, Im off to maintain the world frag game world, bye."

Then there was the sound of the phone hanging up.

Roland heaved a sigh of relief.

He flipped through his contacts and dialed Schucks cell phone. "Hey, how about breakfast at your store. Call Brazil and the others."

"Okay." Schuck yawned into the phone.

Roland then changed, scanned a public bicycle, and rode it to the cold drink bar. Only he and Schuck had arrived; the others were probably still on their way.

Sitting in the booth, Schuck looked mentally exhausted and had faint eyebags.

Roland was a bit surprised. "Playing games every day, going to bed early and waking up early, youre actually in such bad spirits?"

"Well, thats what married people are like now." Schuck subconsciously touched his waist. "Its hard to make up for it."

When Roland thought about Chen Hongdans looks and figure, which were indeed top-notch. It was normal for Schuck to work hard every day, so he smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"When are you going to have kids?"

"Waiting until Dan opens a few more branches. We can have kids only when were successful in our careers." Schuck poured a glass of happy fatty drink[1] for Roland. "Lets not talk about me. Youre making a lot of big moves now. Yuve crashed the server again, and now the people on the forums are scolding you."

Roland smiled bitterly. He also reckoned that a lot of people would be cursing at him, so he smiled helplessly. "I didnt meant to."

"I saw that quest you put on the forum, and I also received a branch quest." Schuck smiled. "There are two points for killing a cultist, killing an evil god gets you a thousand, and the point system is about to open, so we F6 can gather up and screw around."

Roland laughed a little awkwardly. "The GM wont allow F6 to go."

Schucks eyes widened. "Huh?"

[1] coke