Mages Are Too Op Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Leveled Up

Sitting in the room, Roland sipped his fruit wine as he asked, "How many days have passed?"

"Its only been a little over two days, not yet three days." Andonara smiled like a beautiful flower. "I thought it would take you ten days to get back."

"No one came to bother you ,right?"

"No trouble-seeking ones," Andonara said with her hands on the table and a somewhat bewitching expression. "But theres a crop of people who have ill intentions toward me in that way."

Roland shrugged. This was quite normal.

Andonara was really beautiful, with a great sense of style and a perfect physique. The other day, even though it looked like she was a little inferior compared to the angel, there was no qualitative difference between the two.

It was perfectly normal for such a woman to attract many men.

After chatting with Andonara in the room, Roland went out to meet Vivian and the other six magic apprentices, putting the latter few at ease.

Then he brought them to the Magic Tower at Encart.

Chairman Redding received them personally, and Roland explained the purpose of their visit, hoping that they could exchange experiences and insights on magic.

Redding naturally assented.

But after the exchange really began, Roland found that the other party was deliberately hiding something, throwing out some very common, well-known magic theories.

Roland initially thought that he wasnt being sincere enough. Since he caused some friction with the local nobles a few days ago, it was normal for the other side to have reservations.

This was why Roland took the initiative to tell him about some of his special experiences, especially about the derivative spells of Hand of Magic.

Redding looked at the record in his notebook, stunned for a moment, then smiled socially. "Mr. Roland, your theory is brilliant. I am so impressed, Im mediocre compared to you, sir."

Roland looked at him for a while and shook his head before saying softly, "Sir, youre too humble."

Redding felt a little awkward from being stared at.

Then Roland sighed, stood up, and said, "In that case, well be leaving. We can exchange ideas again if theres another chance in the future."

With that said, Roland left with his own people.

Redding stood up and escorted them out of the Magic Tower.

Outside the Magic Tower, they climbed into their respective carriages.

Roland sat in the carriage, and Andonara looked at Roland and said indignantly, "That Redding didnt want to exchange knowledge at all. You suffered a loss giving him what youve learned, Roland."

"A loss is a loss." Roland shook his head indifferently. "I expected such a situation before I left. There are always some people who think that their experience is the ultimate truth, but they dont understand that the Mage profession, which requires the support of a lot of knowledge and experience, benefits from communication. The more communication, the clearer the path will be in the future. If this was all the magnanimity Redding had, his future achievements will be limited. There are many Magic Towers in Hollevin, and as long as one-third of the chairmen are willing to exchange with me, its a big profit for me."

Andonara looked at Roland and smiled when she saw that he really didnt seem to care. "Im glad you werent angered by that kind of person."

They went back to the hotel, rested for the night, and left the city of Encart the next day.

Redding stood at the top of the Magic Tower and watched as the carriages slowly drive away from the city, turning into black dots and disappearing over the skyline.

Then he looked down, and looked at the manuscript in his hand, on which all the insights Roland had told him yesterday were written.

Last night, he had experimented according to what was written in the notes, and the results were quite good, especially the stability and grip of Hand of Magic.

Mages who were willing to communicate like this were actually rare in this world, and Redding was already feeling a bit petty about his actions last night. He wondered, if Roland could stay for a few more days, and the two of them could communicate more often, would he be able to improve even more?

He felt somewhat regretful.

Then he looked at the distant skyline and heaved a long sigh.

As the carriage drove along the merchant road, Andonara sat by the window, looking with great interest at the lush green plains in the distance. With Roland, she was happy wherever she went.

This was why she never actively asked Roland where their next destination was.

But then Roland took the initiative and asked, "Andonara, where is your hometown?"

Andonara looked at him with some surprise and asked in response, "You want to go to Reed?"

"Yes, in the next city, if we can, well head straight for your old home."

"Why?" Andonara asked, extremely surprised. She suddenly thought of something and sat directly beside Roland, holding his left arm and looking at him with bright eyes. "Do you want to go and mention our affair to my father?"

"Where is your father?"

"Although he occasionally stays in the capital, when he returns from his sales, he lives and rests in the village of Reed." Andonara rubbed her thick front armor against Rolands arm. "Hes just a merchant, so if you see him, be sure to show me some respect and dont be too mean to him."

Roland said helplessly, "Im afraid hes going to try to beat me up; after all, Ive taken the queen out of the capital."

"He wont." Andonara smiled. "Father never really wanted me to marry the king, and almost disowned me over it."

I see Roland looked at Andonara with some surprise. He had thought that Andonaras father would be really happy that his daughter became the queen.

"Tell me, why did you suddenly think of Reed?"

As much as Andonara hoped that Roland was there for her to meet with her father and talk about marriage and such, she knew very well that Roland hadnt touched her up till now and that his feelings for her werent deep enough to be about this matter.

Roland thought about it and said, "Antis told me that youre from a Hero bloodline, and I have another friend who said that there was a secret in Reed that would enhance your strength quickly."

"So thats it."

Andonara was a little disappointed, but then she was immediately happy again. Although Rolands purpose in going to Reed was not for their future, it was ultimately for her.

This was enough to satisfy her, and then she started to imagine fragments of her future life with Roland. She giggled a little when she thought of the happy parts.

Seeing that Andonara was alone in her happy imagination, Roland took the inferior Divine Crystals given to him by the angel from his Backpack.

Looking at it briefly, he unhesitatingly clicked "use."

The crystals, which emitted a white light, turned into a stream of light and disappeared into Rolands body.

Roland then saw the system notification.

Youve absorbed 3312 EXP and leveled up to level seven.

This inferior Divine Crystal is too outrageous, it gives so much experience. If it was that feather, the weak Divine Crystal, how much EXP would it grant? Its a pity it was taken back.

Then Roland suddenly had an idea. The angels white feathers were all Divine Crystals, and if someone charmed an angel, wouldnt they be able to pluck a feather from time to time to level up?

It probably wouldnt take long to rise to Legendary status.

This seemed quite awesome.

Breathing softly, Roland looked at his character attributes which had risen a bit, and then he took the three elven spell models out of his Backpack.

He was going to take advantage of the time he had while traveling to crack the magic of the elves.