Mages Are Too Op Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Encounter With A Compatrio

It was like forcing a carnivore to be a herbivore.

After understanding what natural magic power was, Roland understood the spell models he had.

Those circles were actually deformed nodes. Different from the elemental spells of human beings, the spells of elves were not based on transmission between nodes, but on the expansion and intersection of nodes that triggered magic effects.

When magic nodes were expanded, they were highly unsteady and likely to cause vaporization. It was exactly the image that Roland had seen earlier.

It was difficult for human beings to harness such natural power with their souls, but the elves could do it easily.

They had the greatest control over magic power apart from the gods.

Besides, the natural magic power was based on the World Tree, and as the children of the World Tree, they would reign over magic power easily.

In fact, elves could use elemental spells easily too, but they werent interested in them.

Why would they adopt the barbarians approach if they could achieve their purpose with natural spells?

In the meadow, Roland found a simple elven spell model and tried to use it.

He established the layout with his mental power first, then he flooded magic power into the designated nodes.

His first attempt failed. The magic model was broken halfway through.

The second attempt failed too because Roland had charged some of the nodes too fast.

The third The fourth All his attempts failed.

Then, looking at his empty mana bar, Roland had no choice but to sit down and rest.

Because of Rolands Zeal and the set of mana regeneration equipment, he replenished his mana quickly.

The magic apprentices began to clear the meadow and drive the mosquitoes away. They had figured out that their chairman was too devoted to his studies to move on.

So, they might as well take a rest here.

Then, the magic apprentices began to build a camp and waterproof tents together.

When his mana bar was full again, Roland resumed his experiments.

It was indeed very difficult for a human being to use the spells of elves. After another three failures, Roland finally cast out the simple elven spell, Tree Enlivening.

As natures favorites, elves had certain weird spells.

For example, they could turn trees into their companions and give them the ability to think and move.

If the trees could live long enough, their capabilities could even significantly increase.

Roland cast the green ball of light in his hand at a tree on his right.

The light disappeared into the trunk of the tree. Soon enough, the tree cramped weirdly and turned into a skinny treant that walked toward Roland, to everybodys surprise.

There was even a pair of black eyes at the top of the trunk.

The treant looked at Roland, and Roland looked back at him.

Very soon, the skinny treant raised his left hand, launching an attack at Roland.

But before the treants left hand hit him, it had been blown back and cut into three parts, spraying white sap, before it rolled on the road.

Andonara put her longsword back in its sheath.

Roland shook his head at the "body" of the treant on the road.

It must be a counterattack of the summoned For the spellcasters who lacked Restriction and Charm, the creatures they summoned were likely to attack them.

It was exactly what happened to Roland.

Besides Roland felt that the treant just now was acting on instinct instead of reason.

Rolands spellcasting had definitely succeeded. He merely lacked the skills and the Charm needed by a Summoner.

At this point, Andonara took out her handkerchief and wiped Rolands nose gently.

Then, Roland saw the red stains of blood on Andonaras handkerchief.

He had a nosebleed? When did that happen?

Was it because he ran out of mental power just now?

"Lets take a rest." Andonara asked Roland to sit down and said, "Youre working too hard."

Seeing that Andonara was worried, Roland sat down against a tree and closed his eyes.

Players couldnt sleep, but if they closed their eyes in the game, their health regeneration in the game would increase by 15%.

Soon after Roland closed his eyes, he heard noises around him. He opened his eyes, only to see that Andonara was holding her sword before him.

The six magic apprentices were also standing by vigilantly next to the road.

"Whats wrong?" Roland stood up.

"Did they wake you up?" Andonara pointed into the distance and said, "Its nothing. A merchant convoy is approaching. Were just taking precautions."

Roland looked into the distance and found that it was indeed a convoy.

This conclusion could be easily drawn based on the wagons and the horses that only a merchant convoy would have.

As the convoy came closer and closer, Andonara became graver and graver, because all twenty merchants in the team were emitting the vibe and mental waves of professionals.

Professionals were definitely not so common that they could be seen everywhere.

Also, it was highly unusual that any professional would rather be a merchant instead of a bounty hunter.

Roland, however, seemed quite relaxed.

"Well, its a convoy of Golden Sons. Theres no need to worry."

Andonara was slightly surprised. "Do you know them?"

"Not exactly."

"Then how do you know that theyre your compatriots?"

"Because of their aura!"

Roland smiled. Those merchants looked magnificent and intimidating, but they left the impression of huskies with bulging eyes, something which could only be seen on the players.

Seeing how confident Roland was, Andonara was much more reassured.

The merchants came close slowly and warily. When their leader saw Roland, he was briefly stunned, before he shouted, "Shoot! Isnt this the almighty Roland? Why are you here instead of with the queen"

Then, the man noticed Andonara. His eyes glittering, he ran to Roland and Andonara, before he turned around and activated the system camera.


This player took a selfie of himself beside Roland and Andonara with the system camera.