Mages Are Too Op Chapter 363

Chapter 363 A Cheater

Such cliches suggested that similar things had happened in reality.

It might not be a Devil King, but could be some other kind of devil, such as a Succubus.

However, the specter before their eyes indeed seemed to be a soul piece of Diablo.

The piece the size of a fingernail had turned into a giant three meters tall. How big would the Devil Kings original soul be?

In this magic world, the quality of the soul could totally reflect the upper limit of ones abilities as long as their body was good enough.

Good bodies, on the other hand, could give birth to powerful souls too.

Most Warriors seemed to have more brawn than brains, but in fact, none of the high-level Warriors was an idiot.

Even if they seemed to be, it was usually a show to fool people.

They were only less smart than the spellcasters of their level.

By the same logic, a high-level Mage wouldnt be physically weak either.

Both Cage and Andonara were quite silent. They felt lucky that they came early and that they brought Roland.

If they had come a dozen years later, this soul piece of the Devil King wouldve grown stronger, and it wouldve been trickier to deal with it.

Chances were that the Reed family could have been destroyed by it.

"Youre frightened?" The specter smiled in disdain and looked at Roland, before he focused his eyes on Cage again. "You want to ask me something? Why do you think I would reply?"

The specter was not as strong as before, only two meters tall. But his cold smile was still intimidating.

Cage thought for a moment and said, "Because you are a Devil King. As far as I know, a Devil King is an evil but honest devil hybrid."

The specter chuckled and said, "Diablo is Diablo, and I am me. Were two individuals since I gained consciousness."

"Youre his clone and have his memories. Do you not have the same personalities?"

"You human beings are all from your mothers uterus. Are you your mothers clone?" said the specter coldly.

Cage was lost for words. After a while, he finally said, "What I want to know is if the curse you mentioned is real."

The specter laughed again, merrily and cockily, "Of course its real. Phoenix betrayed all the devils as a Devil King. How could he have a happy ending?"

"How can the curse be lifted?" Cage stepped forward and glared at the specter.

"Kill all the Devil Kings." The specter continued laughing cockily. "But do you think its possible?"

Cage looked even more awful.

Andonara walked back to Roland and looked at him concernedly.

If the curse was real, and Roland was her love, would anything happen to him?

Roland patted her arm and said, "Im a Golden Son. Ill be fine."

Andonara realized that this made sense and took a breath in relief.

"Whats a Golden Son? You seem rather bold!" The specter had been observing Roland. Hearing his reply, it mocked, "Nobody except the gods can resist a curse from all the Devil Kings."

Roland smiled but didnt say anything, and Cage and Andonara looked at the specter in a weird way, as if it were a bumpkin.

Cage turned around and looked at Roland and Andonara. "Do you have any questions?"

Andonara shook her head. Roland didnt have any questions, either.

"Then its time for you to go." Cage covered his longsword with blue flames again and spoke to the specter. "Is there anything else you want to say?"

"You want me to beg?" The specter shrugged unconcernedly. "Although Im not the same person as Diablo, he is sort of a father to me anyway. You think Im going to denigrate him?"

"Thats not what I meant." Cage shook his head and slightly raised his longsword. "I was only asking you if you have any last words."

The specter chuckled. "Is that the mercy of a Hero? How hypocritical."

Cage slashed the longsword across the specters shapeless body, but the blue flames on the sword were left on the specter and burned it up.

The specter had completely given up resistance.

The power of a Hero was indeed a bane to all evil. The flames werent powerful, but they were fueled by the specter.

In no more than ten seconds, the two-meter-tall specter was burned into nothingness, and the blue flames were gone too.

The coldness in the air gradually went away.

Then, all the three of them looked at the box on the stone table.

Cage walked over and opened the box with the key.

Inside the box were two round bottles made of natural glass.

The bottles were full of crimson fluids.

Both Cage and Andonara felt that they were connected to the blood when they saw it.

But then Cage shouted, "Why are there only two bottles? Arent there supposed to be three?"

"One of our ancestors probably took a bottle away." Andonara observed the bottles carefully and said, "Uncle, one bottle is missing. Can I still take it?"

Cage considered for three seconds and said, "Take it. This is exactly the moment that you need it. Youre part of the Reed family too."

Andonara picked up a bottle from the box and placed it before Roland. "Can you feel the magic power in the blood? I feel that its connected to me. Every organ on my body is urging me to take it."

Roland nodded heavily.

He had indeed sensed it, because an item menu was popping up in his vision.

Item: Phoenix Blood (Legendary)

Effect: Usable at LV10; it will grant Phoenix bloodline power after usage. The user will automatically receive Heros Power, Valiance, and Seething Magic Power. If the user has the Phoenix bloodline, the level restriction can be ignored, and all the basic stats and the stats growth of the user will be increased by two.

Heros Power: You can naturally wield blue flames, which can deal tremendous damage to evil creatures.

Valiance: Youre strongly resistant to mental debuffs.

Seething Magic Power: Your magic power circulates quickly and passionately. The fiery spells you cast will be strengthened by twenty percent.

After reading the detailed introduction to the blood, Roland couldnt help but exclaim in shock despite his usual calm.

That blood was too useful.

Apart from the Phoenix bloodline, the three additional specializations were already attractive enough.

If someone from the Reed family took it, their stats and their stats growth would be increased by two. That was unbelievable.

No wonder Kelter could seal Diablo in the past.

The Heroes were indeed cheaters.