Mages Are Too Op Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Immortal Bird

Everybody felt greed, but the difference between a normal person and a glutton was whether or not they could hold it back.

Shaking the bottle of blood before Roland, Andonara said, "Should I take it here?"

Nobody could predict what would happen after the Phoenix Blood was taken. Based on her experience that the more powerful an item was, the more unbelievable its effects could be, Andonara even suspected that she would sleep for a long time while her blood was cleansed.

Therefore, she hoped that Roland could protect her.

"Dont worry." Roland smiled at her.

Seeing that, Cage said, "Then Ill go first. You can block the cave."

As he spoke, Cage picked up the last bottle of Phoenix Blood from the case and said, "Ill take this. If my son is too useless later, this will be his last hope."

Naturally, Andonara and Roland didnt object to it. They were both grateful to Cage. After all, not every chief of a family would give something so important to a distant descendant who was also a woman.

Cage walked out of the secret chamber, but he suddenly craned his head and said with a mischievous smile, "You can spend a day or two down here. Ill help you entertain those magic apprentices."

Rolands expression remained the same, but Andonaras eyes glittered.

Then, Cage left the secret chamber.

Roland snapped his fingers, and the mud blocked the entrance of the secret chamber before it turned into rock.

With the luminous spheres, the chamber was as bright as before.

Andonara walked to Roland with the bottle of blood. She looked rather weird and appeared both determined and hesitant. Eventually, she stood on her tiptoes and whispered to Roland, "Although this was left by my ancestor, I dont know what side effects I will suffer during the transformation. If I become hideous after the transformation, just burn me into ashes with your fireball."

"Should we really go that far?" Roland said with a bitter smile.

Andonara said without hesitation, "Im a woman. The prettier a woman is, the more concerned shell be with her appearance. I would rather die than turn ugly. I dont want you to remember me as an ugly girl."

"It wont happen. Even if it does, I will make you beautiful again with everything I have," Roland said with a smile. "If its a magical effect, there will always be magical solutions."


Andonara was quite happy to hear Rolands promise. Then, she opened the bottle and poured the blood in her mouth.

Normal blood wouldve gone bad after being stored for a hundred years.

But this Phoenix Blood was still red and glittering. There was even a vague blueness in it.

Roland could sense the faint, queer magic power within.

After swallowing the blood, Andonara was both hopeful and nervous.

She had always been confident in her capabilities. After all, few of her peers were a match for her.

But the problem was that she found that she was little help to Roland if she couldnt deal with magic creatures.

It happened once with the vampires, and it happened again just now. She was completely useless.

So, she was eager to help Roland.

Actually, she could sense that Roland could have the Phoenix Blood too, but she didnt want him to. She hoped that she could stay by Rolands side and help him.

It was her last chance and her personal wish. She didnt want Roland to leave her behind. It was obvious that Rolands future was nothing but promising even without the Phoenix Blood, but she was not as gifted as him.

Activating the Hero bloodline without giving the good stuff to Roland was the most selfish thing she had ever done.

After drinking the blood, she sensed a heat that felt like magma entering her stomach, before it spread to every part of her body.

It was very hot, but she couldnt be more comfortable. It almost felt like when she secretly drank a lot of wine when she was fourteen Though she was sick and vomited a lot afterward, she enjoyed herself at that moment with the wine.

Her body trembled. She looked at Roland. For some reason, her eyes became blurry.

Then, she passed out.

From Rolands perspective, Andonara staggered and almost fell. He hurried to help her stabilize herself.

When he laid his hand on her hip, he found that Andonaras body was horrifyingly hot.

Her cheeks were red too But Andonara did not evince any discomfort. Instead, she was like Snow White, sleeping soundly or rather, the alluring queen with the mirror.

Roland picked her up and placed her on the stone table at the center of the secret chamber.

When Roland put her down, he found that she was even hotter.

He subconsciously stepped back. Seeing that Andonara was still sleeping deeply, he was reassured.

Then, he stared at Andonara for a while. Seeing that she was not waking up anytime soon, he opened the forum and read the new posts.

But after reading only a few posts, he felt that his forehead was being scorched. He closed the forum, only to see that Andonara was covered in blue flames.

The surface of the stone table had turned from black to red because of the high temperature, and Andonaras clothes had been burnt up.

Inside the blue flames, Andonaras beautiful naked body could be clearly seen.

Roland intended to approach her, but the intense flames forced him to retreat. Also, the temperature in the secret chamber was so high that he had to protect himself with a magic shield.

He stared at Andonara on the stone table. The blue flames had risen by half a meter after only several minutes, and the stone table seemed to be melting.

All the hairs on Andonara had vanished. She turned bald. Then, new hair and eyebrows grew out. Her hair grew longer and denser until it covered her in a golden cocoon.

Blue flames were still crackling from the cocoon. Roland looked at his mana bar, which was almost empty because his magic shield had been protecting him. He had to keep retreating and enlarging the secret chamber with Stone to Mud.

After he was eight meters away, he finally reached a balance between the cost of his magic power and its regeneration.

Roland watched it in silence.

Gradually, the blue flames died, until the golden cocoon cracked and Andonara sat up.

She looked at Roland and smiled.

Her long blond hair reached her heels like golden, translucent silk. Her sapphire eyes and her fair skin reflected a fascinating sheen.

Roland took a long breath. He had never been more amazed by Andonara.

It was almost like when he met the angel for the first time.