Mages Are Too Op Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Vampire Woes

A change of hair and eye colors would usually trigger a novel feeling and wouldnt lead to qualitative changes. Or rather, one wouldnt be more beautiful when their hair and eye colors changed.

But Andonara was different. She had really grown a lot more beautiful.

She had a more charming vibe now.

Roland remembered the additional effect of Phoenix Blood. Whoever had Phoenix bloodline would have +2 basic stats and stats growth.

Naturally, Charm was one of the attributions that had been increased.

It was the reason why Andonara suddenly looked more beautiful.

Andonara walked to Roland slowly and gracefully. Laying her hands on Rolands neck, she smiled. "Do you want to try it?"

After a brief shock, Roland said helplessly, "I cant break your defense even with Extreme Body Fortification."

After awakening the real Phoenix bloodline, Andonara had grown significantly stronger in every perspective.

Andonara chuckled and kissed Roland, before she said in a clingy tone, "Thats fine. Ill wait for you."

They cuddled for a while. Roland found that Andonaras skin was even smoother than before. He took out backup clothes from the system Backpack for her.

They left the secret chamber, only to find that night had fallen. When they went back to Reed Village, everybody was surprised to see her.

Neither Cage, Roland, or Andonara spoke the real reason. Andonara simply said that she had awakened her family bloodline.

Vivian couldnt have envied her more. Any woman would be jealous of a family bloodline that could make one beautiful.

Then, a dinner was held to celebrate Andonaras advancement.

The whole manor turned warm and lively.

In a forest ten kilometers to the east of the manor, a group of rather plump bats were hanging on a tree.

Some of the bats were gobbling fruits. When they were done, they coalesced with the rest of the bats into a woman in black clothes with an intriguing figure.

She looked around carefully and opened a cave with Stone to Mud, before she hid herself inside. Creating a space that was similar to a basement for her to rest, she sealed the cave in case she was exposed.

It was a trick that she had learned from Roland.

Inside the absolute darkness of the basement, Christina finally had a slight sense of security.

She had really been terrified by the Golden Sons recently.

Her family had been destroyed. Bruce, who was magnificent in her eyes, had been killed by the Golden Sons with weird suicide attacks and burnt into ashes.

She fled to another family of vampires that she despised in the past. She told them that the Bruce family was destroyed, and that more Golden Sons might come.

But none of her compatriots believed her, although they did take her in.

During a fortnight, no Golden Sons came, and Christina gradually overcame her wariness, but on the fifteenth day, a squad of Golden Sons found this family of vampires.

Though this family of vampires werent convinced that a group of human beings were hunting vampires, they had listened to Christinas warning.

So, the moment the squad of Golden Sons showed up, they were ambushed and killed.

The vampires burst into laughter seeing how worthless their prey were, but the next night, their nest was raided by the same squad, who had been resurrected.

After losing about one-third of their family members, they annihilated the squad again.

But they came again on the third night.

This time, the squad was better prepared, with both scrolls of theurgy and even silver weapons.

It seemed that their capabilities and equipment were upgraded after each battle.

Back then, Christina was baffled, but recently she had found out that these Golden Sons were regarding the vampires as "goods" since their ashes were excellent materials for enchantment.

Like human beings who like to capture elves as slaves, those Golden Sons treated the vampires like walking coins.

When they made more money, they could naturally afford better equipment.

Christina fled to another two families of vampires, asking for their protection. But no more than twenty days after she arrived, the squad of Golden Sons would come again.

At first, she thought that she had been carrying a tracker, but then it occurred to her that those Golden Sons were merely attacking the gathering places of vampires.

She was only so lucky that the families she ran to happened to be the targets of that squad.

Since then, she had been wandering alone, too scared to contact her people.

She did not even dare to drink blood anymore, fearing that bloodsucking would betray her, and fed on fruits instead.

The Bruce family were fruit bats. Eating fruits was not a problem for them at all. As to why they had to drink blood Its like how human beings wanted meat when they could live their whole lives as vegetarians.

The basement was very cold. Hugging her knees, Christina leaned against the wall and sat down to get some sleep.

Soon enough, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. But after no more than an hour, she woke up and stood abruptly. She looked around in panic. Then, realizing where she was, she slowly sat down again.

Then, she covered her head with both hands, feeling so bad that she almost wept.

She just dreamed the same fuzzy face again. The flying Golden Son who had a lightning bolt in each hand visited her almost every night, and he was getting more dreadful by the day.

Why was her life so miserable? It was lucky that she turned from a scavenging orphan into a vampire, but after living well for no more than ten years, she now had to scavenge again.

Didnt they say that vampires were the strongest creatures apart from dragons?

Why were they being crushed by humans, such that even their bodies were burned to ashes and sold as goods?

She grumbled in self-pity for a long time. Then, she became hungry.

After all, she only had a few fruits, which might be enough for regular bats but definitely not for a vampire.

"Im going to look for some food. There must be a lot of food in that human village. It will be fine as long as I dont drink anyones blood."

Unable to deal with her hunger, Christina flew out of her temporary shelter. When she came here, she had spotted a village not far away.