Mages Are Too Op Chapter 366

Chapter 366 Capture

They were essentially ordinary people with more privileges.

On the other hand, Reed Village was just a village, and the dinner here couldnt be as extravagant and messy as the dinners of nobles in the city.

It was nothing but a barbecue in the backyard. Everybody enjoyed the food while they shared interesting anecdotes of the village.

Roland chewed the skewers of meat that Andonara gave him. The meat was tasty and succulent.

He had to admit that, though Andonara was a queen, she was as good at cooking as Betta was.

At this point, Cage was bragging about himself to Jerry, the oldest magic apprentice. "When I just became a mercenary, I wasnt very worldly, but I was really lucky. I met at least three beautiful women every month. Let me tell you"

Jerry was lost for words. As a half-dead old man, he found beautiful women to be like poppy: they were delicious, but could be lethal if he got addicted to them.

Now, he was only one step away from turning into an official Mage. If his advancement failed because he slept with a woman, he would regret it for the rest of his life, if he didnt die of fury right after the test.

However, Reed was the host, and he had no choice but to listen to his bragging as a guest.

Roland was much more at ease. He was enjoying Andonaras and Vivians services simultaneously.

Nobody disturbed them.

The glow of the bonfire drove away the darkness, but the fragrance of meat attracted unannounced guests.

A group of bats flew nearby from the darkness prudently.

They perched on a tree sixty meters away and observed the party in silence.

Darkness was the best cover for bats, but the moment they landed on the branches, Andonara turned her head toward them, and Cage did the same half a second later.

"That smell" Cage sneered. "The cold air of darkness An extraordinary guest has come to our home."

Eagerness beamed out of Andonaras blue eyes. She said, "Roland, can I see how strong I am now?"

After drinking the Phoenix Blood, Andonara knew that she was a lot stronger, but she had not really tested her new abilities yet.

So, she was eager to try.

"Be careful." Roland nodded.

The Hero bloodline power could suppress evil creatures. Since Cage said it was a dark creature, it should be no match for Andonara under normal circumstances.

Also, Roland realized that he didnt know where the enemy was at all, while the two persons with a Hero bloodline did.

Approved by Roland, Andonara kissed Roland on the face happily, ignoring everyone else. Then, she tore her dress, shortening it so that it would be easier to move.

Her long hair that was as bright as silk on her back quickly weaved itself into a long, shiny braid that dangled all the way to her heels. Then, Andonara picked up the braid and made a bow-knot at the end of the braid with the torn fabric from her dress.

Then, Andonara tossed the braid to her back. She looked around and grabbed the spear on which a goat was being roasted, before she shook it gently.

The remaining half of the roasted meat was deftly thrown to the table. Then, blue flames spread out on the spear, cleansing the fat and the leftovers from the spear.

The spear, slightly reddened from the high temperature, was grasped by her.

Everybody looked at her in surprise.

At last, Andonara looked at a certain tree in the distance.

With a grin, she took action.

Turning into a blue, zigzagging bolt of lightning, she charged at the tree.

Her motion could barely be perceived with the naked eye, especially on such a dim night.

Of all the observers, Cage was the only one who saw Andonaras movement clearly. She used Leap Slash and Z-Charge at the same time while she was wreathed in blue flames.

It was also why she impressed everybody as a blue bolt of lightning.

After she reached the tree, Andonara jumped and thrust the spear in her hand.

The blue flames were reshaped into an enormous bird. Unfolding its wings, it soared into the air, illuminating the sky, before it dived down straightforwardly.

Everybody who saw the scene heard the strange but pleasant roar of a phoenix.

Andonara landed and put the spear back. She watched the tiny bats falling before her like rain.

More than half of the bats had been consumed by the blue flames and burned to ashes.

The few remaining bats could only flap their wings on the ground and try to regather.

Very soon, they coalesced into a pitiful girl in black clothes.

She looked at Andonara fearfully.

Andonara was still holding the spear. The cluster of flames at the tip of the spear was floating in the wind like a blue flag.

Staring at the little girl for a moment, Andonara grabbed her collar and returned.

Half a minute later, Andonara came to the backyard of the manor. She threw the girl to the ground, before she stabbed the roasted goat with the spear again and hung it on the grill.

Everybody looked at the girl.

The girl was holding her legs and shivering on the ground, her face buried between her knees.

"What kind of dark creature is this?" asked Cage.

He didnt see the scene where Andonara killed the bats.

"Shes probably a vampire," Andonara said. "I killed more than half of her bats. Thats why shes a little girl now, or she would be an old woman."

Roland subconsciously said, "Im told that vampire ashes are very valuable. I got a lot of them earlier!"

Everybody looked at Roland in surprise.

The little girl jumped to her feet after hearing that. She was about to cling to Rolands thigh and beg for mercy, but Andonara was fast enough to stomp on her again.

"Do you want to assault Roland?" Unhappily, Andonara exerted more strength with her foot until the girls spine was cracking.

"Dont kill me! Dont burn me!" The girl crawled on all fours. She struggled crazily and cried, "I can do anything for you! Please dont kill me! Please!"

Her childish voice couldnt have sounded more poignant.

Everybody looked at each other in bewilderment.