Mages Are Too Op Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Lets All Keep An Eye

According to human beings’ stereotype of vampires, vampires were proud and evil, and they would mock whoever captured them in an irritating tone even when they were beat.

They might even threaten their captors condescendingly. Only after they were tortured would they shut up, and some of them would beg for mercy. That was the typical procedure when a vampire was caught.

Yet, this vampire was crying in fear before she was even tortured.

A little girl struggling crazily and begging for mercy hysterically was indeed surprising and somewhat pitiful.

Human beings were particularly tolerant of children. Even though they knew that this girl might actually be an old woman, they still hesitated when they saw her as a little girl.

More importantly, this girl was rather pretty, which further increased their tolerance.

Of all the people here, Andonara was the strongest, but her heart was the softest too. Seeing that the girl was crying miserably, she couldn’t help but move her feet back although she knew that this was a vampire.

Without the restrictions, the little girl crept to Roland on all fours and tried to hug his feet.

Fearing that he might be attacked, Roland had established his magic shield, so the girl in black could only stick her face to the shield and wail, “Don’t kill me! Please! I’ve never murdered any human beings! Even though I drank their blood, no blood slaves were killed because of me. I never did any bad things.”

Hearing the girl’s miserable cries, Andonara felt sorry for her, and so did Cage.

Both of them were of the Hero bloodline. Kindness was their innate quality.

The other magic apprentices also looked at the girl in sympathy.

Roland wasn’t really moved. He had seen a vampire manipulating monsters and dividing mercenaries in order to eliminate them easily.

It seemed nothing strange if those treacherous creatures turned into little children to trick others.

Thinking about that, Roland found the girl quite familiar. He felt that he had seen her before.

Under Roland’s gaze, Christina felt less and less confident.

As a matter of fact, she was both bitter and desperate.

She had been too hungry just now, and when she smelled meat, she thought that she could regain her strength by eating some meat.

She never even thought to suck anyone’s blood.

But out of her expectation, when she had just landed on the tree and was about to figure out if she could steal some food from the party, the blue flames had soared to the sky and almost frozen her soul. Because of the natural suppression, she realized Andonara’s real identity immediately.

The woman was a descendant of a Hero.

Like Cage and Andonara who smelled evil creatures from far away, evil creatures would recognize a Hero when they were attacked.

Christina had long heard that a Hero who once defeated a Devil King lived in Hollevin as a hermit. But it was just an unconfirmed rumor.

In fact, almost all the evil creatures that ever approached Reed Village had been killed by Cage, who could smell them from a hundred meters away.

Those evil creatures who luckily escaped, due to their pride, wouldn’t tell their fellows that they’d been beaten. Besides, evil creatures only wished that others were more unlucky than them, so they would not reveal where the descendant of the Hero was hiding at all.

At this point, Christina felt that she must’ve been cursed by the Goddess of Misfortune. Since three months ago, every family she had joined was destroyed by the Golden Sons, and now that she was acting alone, she ran into the descendant of a Hero, who swore to kill all evil creatures ruthlessly.

She knew that resistance would be futile. The descendant could’ve killed her easily, not to mention that a powerful Mage was standing by her side.

At this point, she had recognized that Roland was the powerful spellcaster who crashed into and killed her chief Bruce with a lightning bolt in each hand.

There was no chance of escape for her at all.

So she could only beg for mercy.

Hearing Christina’s devastating cries, Andonara hesitated.

She looked at Roland, asking with her eyes how to deal with the girl.

Roland thought for a moment and said, “It would be great if we can figure out whether she’s speaking the truth or not.”

“She probably is.” At this point, Cage came close and circled Christina, before he said, “There’s evil in her, but it’s very mild, only as much as a human bully. She’s not a dark creature that deserves death. One might even say that she’s a good guy among the dark creatures.”

Roland was rather impressed. He didn’t know that a Hero could see the evil inside a creature.

He asked curiously, “Then how much do I have?”

“None.” Cage shook his head. “You never harmed anyone intentionally or maliciously.”

Andonara looked at Cage and asked in surprise, “I have the family bloodline power too, don’t I? Why can’t I feel anything?”

“The female offspring of the Hero do not have this ability. But as compensation, their other abilities are strengthened, usually in terms of fire. So, you’re much more skilled with the blue flames than I am. I remember that my aunt who went missing a long time ago was a great fire user too.”

That explains a lot! Andonara was greatly enlightened.

“Since she’s not a fiend, let’s just set her free.” As a woman, Andonara had a tender heart. “She’s rather pitiful when she’s crying.”

Christina, who was wailing next to Roland’s feet, raised her head and stared at Roland with her cute watery eyes.

She had realized that Roland had the largest say in the crowd.

Her long messy hair, her lovely little face, and the tear tracks were most harrowing.

Roland didn’t think too much. The girl was caught by Andonara, and since she was not a nefarious villain, it did not seem a big deal to let her go. Besides, Roland knew that the boundary between righteousness and evil was not always clear, and it was a matter of perspective most of the time.

“Then we can just let her go.”

Hearing that, Christina was stunned at first and then overjoyed. Half a second later, she realized something and clutched Roland’s magic shield even harder. “I’m not going! I’ll starve, suffer, and be hunted every day even if I go! Mr. Mage, why don’t you take me as your maid? I can do anything for you as long as you give me some meat and fruit. I can stay away from blood.”

Everybody was dazed.

Then, two people shouted at the same time.


They were Andonara and Vivian.

Both women glared at the girl in black furiously.

The girl was pretty enough as she was; wouldn’t she be even more attractive when she grew older?

They certainly couldn’t tolerate another woman with Roland, who had already been occupied by them.

Everybody moved their eyes between them, and those who were smart were already smiling.

Vivian was slightly shy. She lowered her head and slowly retreated, hoping that everybody could forget her.

Andonara, on the other hand, did not concern herself with other people at all.

Was a woman wrong when she did not want another woman to be with her man?

She looked at Christina and said, “You can’t be with Roland, but you can follow me. How can I ensure you loyalty? What if you assassinate me when you have the chance?”

Follow a descendant of the Hero?

Christina didn’t feel that it was right, as this woman belonged to the class that loathed dark creatures most. Could she really work for her?

But then, an idea popped up in her head.

“I can sign a slave contract with you and respect you as my master.” Christina crawled to Andonara and looked her in the eyes, before she said, “As long as you don’t kill me, and you give me food and a place to rest.”

Andonara frowned. Would it be okay if she asked a dark creature to follow her?

Although she was the strongest person here, she was also the most indecisive.

She looked at her uncle first.

Cage shrugged and said unconcernedly, “Though we’re descendants of the Hero, we’re not so orthodox. After all, my great-grandfather was a man who conquered a Succubus in the legends.”

Andonara glared at his uncle who had brought up the ill-considered tale and moved her eyes to Roland.

Roland said with a smile, “It’s up to you.”

Andonara began to consider and analyze the pros and cons.

Staring at Andonara pitifully, Christina said with a meek, sobbing tone, “Master, my life is so hard. Please take me in.”

Andonara was a woman and she couldn’t stand the pitiful look. She said helplessly, “Okay. What do we do?”

“I’ll draw a magic array. Then, you will stand in the master’s position, and I will stand in the servant’s position. Everything will be done when the array takes shape.”

Andonara asked, “Simple as that?”

Simple as that! Christina drew a blue round magic array with what was left of her magic power. She pointed at the center and said, “That’s the master’s position. Master, you can stand there.”

Andonara didn’t move but looked at Roland.

At this point, Roland had turned on the camera in the system. In the meantime, he said to Christina, “I want all the information on his magic array, including the spell model and the nodes.”

After a brief silence, Christina said, “Okay!”