Mages Are Too Op Chapter 368

Chapter 368 The Guild Is No Longer Useless

Therefore, Andonara did not step in hurriedly after Christina established the contract magic array.

Roland took a picture of the magic array that was running and asked Christina for the spell model. If she refused to offer it, she would be up to something.

If she offered it, Roland could learn this magic array based on the model and confirm whether or not this vampire was really surrendering.

When Roland demanded the model, Christina nodded without any hesitation and drew the model on the ground with a branch.

Cage observed them and nodded in satisfaction.

Both his niece and Roland were remarkable young people with promising futures, but their achievements might be restricted by their personalities.

Many young geniuses wouldve made great accomplishments if they had lived longer, but they were too confident and reckless and often died in the enemys trap before they could achieve anything.

Roland and Andonaras caution and capabilities could protect them from most dangers.

Roland squatted and looked at the spell model on the ground.

It was the second time he had ever studied a magic array. The nodes that were in squares and the special symbols were absolutely meaningless to him.

But he could always ask Raising his head, Roland looked at Christina and pointed at one of the squares. "Whats the usage of this node?"

"It hardens the ground and stores magic power. Its the second pool of magic power," replied Christina immediately.

"What about this one?"

"It identifies the person who enters. Together with the node below that confirms mastership"

"Dont explain the nodes that I havent asked you about yet." Roland glanced at Christina and pointed at a random node, before he asked again, "What about this one?"

Scared, Christina said, "It dictates the shape and size of the array"

Then, Roland pointed at another few nodes, and Christine explained quickly.

The others all watched them.

The magic apprentices were particularly focused. Magic arrays contained advanced magic knowledge anyway, and few Mages in Hollevin knew much about them.

Now that they had seen the model of a magic array here, and someone was interpreting it, they had to listen on even if they barely followed.

The opportunity was too rare.

After pointing at half of the nodes, Roland stood up and said to Andonara, "Lets keep an eye on her first and wait a day or two before formalizing the contract."

Andonara naturally nodded and agreed.

She always listened to what Roland said.

At this point, Christina suddenly said shyly, "Masters, can I eat something first?"

While talking, she stared at the half-roasted goat not far away and subconsciously swallowed.

"Of course." Andonara fetched the goat and put it before Christina. "How much do you want?"

"Can I have all of it?"

Everybody was lost for words. Can you really finish so much meat when youre so little?

But at this point in the barbecue, they were mostly full, and they wouldnt mind giving away the remaining meat to the girl.

Roland said to them, "Im going to study the spell in my room. Andonara, keep an eye on the little one and dont let her do anything."

"Okay," said Andonara with a sweet smile.

Roland turned around and went to his room.

Watching Roland return to his room, Andonara moved her eyes back to Christina.

The girl was already eating the meat. She seemed to be eating gracefully, but some of the meat would disappear after every bite, and she swallowed it without much chewing.

Everybody watched her finish the roasted goat. Her belly did not bulge at all.

Christina burped, and Andonara asked her, "Are you full?"

"Almost!" Christina put on a happy expression. "But in fact, I dont eat much. I can be fed easily."

Having been eating fruits in the wilderness for three months, she finally had something nice to eat now.

Obviously, nobody was convinced by her statement.

Cage said, "Lets call it a day. Everybody go back and take a rest. Anna, keep an eye on the girl."

Andonara nodded.

Then, everybody returned to their rooms, and Andonara brought Christina upstairs too.

Opening the door, she found that Roland was in a daze before the desk.

Having been with Roland for a long time, Andonara naturally knew that this was typical when Roland was considering and studying magic.

Christina, on the other hand, felt rather weird. Why had the descendant of the Hero taken her here? The bed was big enough for multiple people, and a man was here. Could it be Certain thoughts popped up in her head.

But she wasnt really surprised. She knew of the decadence of human nobles. Besides, she was in no place to judge human beings, as vampires were even more unbelievable in that aspect.

After all, almost all vampires were transformed from human beings, and they inherited human beings deep-rooted bad habits.

She looked at Roland. Although this man was not exactly handsome, he had the pleasant, enjoyable vibe of a knowledgeable person.

It wasnt so hard to accept that she had to sleep with such a man.

But to her surprise, Andonara found a blanket from the closet and threw it to the floor, before she said, "Youll sleep on the floor tonight."

Christina pointed at Roland and said in surprise, "Dont you want me to serve him?"

"Nice thought." The gentleness in Andonara was replaced by gloom. "Even I havent touched Roland yet. You think its your turn?"

Seeing Andonaras threatening eyes, which resembled those of a leopard protecting its food, Christina shivered and said quickly, "I didnt mean that, Master."

"Thats good." Andonara was a lot of more relaxed.

If it were Vivian, she would turn a blind eye to her. After all, Vivian knew Roland first, and she was sort of a third wheel.

But she wouldnt let any other women approach Roland.

Christina rolled herself in the blanket to a corner and closed her eyes. Very soon, she fell asleep.

She was too tired.

She hadnt slept well for three months, always waking up from nightmares.

Though the "demon" in her nightmares was right behind her, she was no longer scared, and now that she was not anxious, exhaustion immediately kicked in.

She was sound asleep after no more than ten seconds.

Andonara was going to talk to her about the rules, but seeing that the girl had fallen asleep, she decided to drop it.

Then, she took out a soft cloak from the closet and covered Roland with it.

Although a professional was unlikely to catch a cold, she still wanted to make this gesture.

Roland turned and smiled at her, before he devoted herself to deduction again.

He had obtained a graph on a magic array earlier, but he couldnt understand it.

Now, with Christinas explanations of the nodes, he could extract the data into the math models that he built earlier and separate the key model in the magic array with the formulas proposed by ONeal. Then, he was able to filter out the encryption part of the magic array.

He was not sure that it was 100% correct, but he had separated the two parts successfully.

It was the most important part of reverse engineering. After this was worked out, things would become easier.

He compared the model of the contract magic array with the shell of the model he had earlier and found a lot of similar square nodes. He estimated that they must be the structural nodes of magic arrays.

Delighted, he compared the shells of the two magic arrays, concluding the similarities and differences. He also imported the data that he acquired from Christina and inferred the formulas.

Very soon, he had made great progress.

Time flew quite fast when he was devoted to studying. He was just beginning to feel that he was onto something when the game time ended.

He reluctantly quit the game and habitually opened the forum, only to see a new official update announcement.

"Because of our negligence, the guild system is now utterly useless. The real-time cross-area chat in the guild system has no advantages compared to the innate Internet accessibility in the game, which discourages players from establishing guilds, to the point that there is still only one guild in the whole game world right now. In light of that, we have decided to offer more privileges to the guilds. Whoever joins a guild will be able to learn an additional general specialization in the guild, which comes with no cost. This specialization, once picked, cannot be altered or deleted. If you leave the guild, the specialization will be frozen until you return to the guild or join a new one.

"The designers of this game are still considering more privileges for the guilds. We will try our best to create an easy and enjoyable world for all players. Have fun in the game!"

Roland raised his eyebrow, knowing that Schuck would become popular again.

He then entered the general discussion section. As he expected, he saw the heated discussions among the players.

It was the leisure players who complained most.

"Its really difficult to establish a guild. No big guilds have ever been officially established apart from F6. What can we do? Are we going to lose out on a powerful specialization just because were not in a guild?"

"Hear, hear."

"You can join a guild. Its not like youre forbidden from doing so."

"Will we still be lone wolves if we join a guild?"

Roland clicked off the page and was rather excited that he could acquire another specialization for nothing.

What should he pick?

Increase the upper limit of his magic power?

Increase the range of the evoking spells?

Magic Initiative?

Well, there were so many excellent specializations. Roland found it difficult to pick one.