Mages Are Too Op Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Hybrid

After surfing the forum for a while, Roland took a shower and changed his clothes. Then, he left for the saber arts club.

Actually, there was not much he needed to learn now. But he didnt want to leave since all his friends were there. Besides, the breakfast that Night Tide Sands made was too great to miss.

Would Qi Shaoqiu complain about him?

That was unlikely. More and more students were joining the saber arts club. Other than F6, there were another fourteen students who practiced there.

The cement floor had been spacious in the past, but it was rather crowded now.

On the other hand, Qi Shaoqiu had charged hundreds of thousands of yuan from them in tuition fees.

Counting the students who practiced full-armor combat from the neighboring province, Qi Shaoqiu was quite rich at this point.

He planned to redecorate the saber arts club, expand the training ground, and even put more advertisements in the city.

But Night Tide Sands stopped him. She said to her brother, "Our city is too small, and the miaodao is just a niche technique. Its already a miracle that a dozen people are learning here at the same time. Instead of advertising, you may want to teach them well first and market again when we open new branches in other cities."

Qi Shaoqiu was only a highschool graduate; he knew that his sister knew better than he did. So, he followed her advice and dropped any plans of expansion.

After resting to digest breakfast, Roland practiced with Qi Shaoqiu. Their wooden miaodao were clinking.

They were evenly matched, and their battle was enjoyable. A lot of people always watched them whenever they practiced.

Most students had never been interested in the miaodao technique until they saw a spar between Roland and Qi Shaoqiu by chance.

So, Roland was half of the reason why the saber arts club had so many students.

After exercising and working out a little bit, Roland came home and took another shower. Then, he had lunch and practiced the Daoist Nourishment of Life.

Now, he could already sense the so-called "aura," but nothing more.

He had searched some other ancestral halls in the countryside for the weird energy balls, but he never found any.

When he was free, he also visited the ancestral halls where rituals were being held in honor of the ancestors. But he didnt make any new discoveries.

When it was night, he lay down in the immersive cabin. The game had been back online in time after the update.

The moment he entered the game, a system notification popped up.

"You have joined a guild. You may now learn a general specialization in the guild menu."

Roland immediately opened the guild menu. He found a square behind the name of every member on the list.

He clicked the square, and a new menu popped up, with a long list of specializations.

The list was really overwhelming, but thankfully, there was a simple query system that had categorized all the specializations available on the top of the menu.

Roland opened the categories one by one, only to discover that the general specializations were all available, which meant that he could learn any of the specializations with no consideration of his class.

That seemed rather unbelievable.

Roland examined the categories one by one.

He found a lot of specializations that were very practical but had attribute demands.

For example, Lightning Reflex, which required an Agility growth of eight points, could significantly increase the reaction speed of the user. However, since Roland could learn Foresight as a Mage, he was not interested in this specialization.

The Warlocks, whose spells were random, would find this specialization much more useful.

Or another example: Life Tenacity, which required a Constitution of eight points, could keep a players combat ability at a normal level even if they were stabbed in the heart. The duration of this effect was decided by the character level and the maximum Constitution.

Mages had to worry about the critical strikes of stealthy Assassins most. With this skill, the spellcaster would never die even if they were fatally injured.

The privileges for guild members were really generous.

Roland clicked his tongue in amazement.

He could learn the specializations of his class sooner or later, but things would be completely different if he could learn the specializations of other classes.

He would be able to make up for his shortcomings, or even create an unbelievable character build.

It was crazy enough even if he could only learn one.

Roland read about all the specializations, deciding which of them could benefit him the most.

While he was considering, Roland saw an icon behind Schucks name on the list of members. He moved his consciousness there, only to find that Schuck had picked Spirit Enhancement.

Roland understood why Schuck picked this specialization. It was true that the Saint Samurai were omnipotent with their divine skills, but the upper limit of their mental power was not higher, and its regeneration was very slow too.

Therefore, Schuck was trying to improve the capacity of his power, which was a sensible choice.

Then, other people in the guild picked their specialization too.

Roland scrutinized all the specializations, which took him almost an hour. He desired many of them, but regretfully, he could only pick one.

After much deliberation, Roland finally made up his mind and moved his consciousness to a complex specialization, Hybrid.

Under normal circumstances, this complex specialization could only be learned by the Warlocks whose Charm and Constitution growth was higher than seven points.

That was a rather harsh requirement.

But it didnt have a threshold at all as part of the guild privileges.

Hybrid: As a Warlock, you find that you have not just the dragon bloodline but also another bloodline, and you have purified it to a certain extent. (If you pick this specialization, you may choose one of the known humanoid races as your bloodline ancestor and receive their racial abilities. You may only make the choice once in your life.)

Then, more than twenty icons popped up before Roland, including Dwarves, Gnomes, Vulpera, Murloc, etc.

Roland scrolled down and found the bloodline that he wanted.


Looking at the icon that was a purple tree, Roland pressed it without hesitation.

He had a sudden fever, but it was quickly gone. His ears were somewhat itchy. He scratched his ears worriedly and was finally reassured after realizing that they werent lengthened.

Then, he read the system notification that just popped up.

"You have purified your elven bloodline. The cost of all natural spells is reduced by 30%. Hidden classes are unlocked: Destructive Druid, Elven Summoner, and Arcane Windrunner.

Roland was not surprised to see the notification, but then his expression turned slightly weird.

It was no secret that Hybrid was a Warlock specialization. Detailed information on it had been posted on the forum a long time ago.

In fact, every class had their own powerful specializations, such as the Warriors Life Tenacity, the Archers Hawk Eye, the Rogues Shadow Escape, and the Mages Dematerialized Casting.

Apart from their powerful spells, the Warlocks relied on the free combination of bloodlines. With Hybrid, they could create a myriad of battle styles by combining the dragon bloodline with other bloodlines.

This made the Warlocks full of variations. Though they did not have a large number of spells, one wouldnt know which bloodline they belonged to, and with their magic pets, their moves could be unpredictable.

But of course, they still couldnt compare to Mages.

Many Warlock players had chosen the elven bloodline, so the information on the elven bloodline was most detailed.

Supposedly, this bloodline could reduce the magic cost of natural spells and unlock Elven Summoner, a hidden class.

However, what were Destructive Druid and Arcane Windrunner? There was no information on those two classes at all.

Had he triggered a special bloodline because he was a Mage?

That had to be the reason!

Ravage was slightly confused about the two newly unlocked classes. Werent Druids either Balanced or Feral? What were the Destructive Druids?

Besides, there was no telling what Arcane Windrunner was from the name at all.

"Should I consider a transfer?"

Roland muttered to himself.

Then, Andonara said from behind him, "What transfer?"

It was morning. Andonara had just gotten up from the bed. She was sitting lazily, her bright blonde hair scattered and flowing behind her like a golden waterfall.

"Certain choices about my future as a Mage."

"Then you have to consider for yourself. After all, I dont know one thing about Mages."

While talking, Andonara looked at the corner, only to find that the girl was gone. Then, she went over and lifted the blanket. She saw a dozen fat little bats sleeping inside the blanket.

In the sunlight, every little bat hid their head under their wings and continued to sleep.

Roland came to the backyard of the manor and cast Enlivening on a random tree.

He intended to find out how it felt to use natural spells with the elven bloodline.

Very soon, the tree was turned into a treant.

His magic cost had been reduced, and Roland found the treant jumping and shouting delightedly in front of him once it was enlivened.

It was very friendly to him, utterly unlike the previous two treants who regarded him as an enemy or a total stranger.

At this point, the treant enlivened by Roland a couple of days earlier crawled out and hopped in front of the new treant.

Then, the two treants played together.

At this point, someone said from upstairs behind Roland, "Why dont you enliven a few more treants so that they can protect us after they grow up in this village? If youre taking away the greatest treasure of the Reed family, you should at least give me something in return, shouldnt you?"

Hearing Cages voice, Roland turned around and found Cage by the window on the second floor, smiling in a shady manner.