Mages Are Too Op Chapter 37

Chapter 37

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Players did not need to sleep in the game. Day and night was only a change of environment for them. Although it was one in the morning, they were not sleepy at all. They reached Delpon along the road.

They did not know how huge Delpon was until they were closer.

Their eyes were occupied by the infinite city wall made of giant boulders.

A torch was burning every ten meters on the city wall. They were not as bright as Rolands light balls, but they stretched out astonishingly like a fiery dragon.

A team of soldiers were on alert on the city wall. Most of them were watching Roland and Betta.

At the end of the road was the city gate. Several groups of people had set up bonfires beside the road. Few people were talking.

Roland and Betta caught everyones attention when they arrived. After all, the four magic balls of light around them couldnt have been overlooked. As they approached, the city gate was as bright as day. The travelers even found them dazzling.

The soldiers on the city wall grew anxious. Spellcasters were always synonymous to power and mystery.

When Roland and Betta looked at them, they immediately moved their eyes away.

They couldnt afford pissing off a spellcaster and a young noble.

Roland and Betta sat down in an empty corner. Dawn was still far away. Most cities were closed during the night, and this one was not an exception. After they sat down, they observed the people around them.

There were a dozen wagons that belonged to different groups. Although the wagons were covered with oilcloth, it was obvious that goods were loaded on them.

Most of the travelers were weatherbeaten males. There was only one woman who was seated next to the bonfire far away from Roland and Betta. The woman was tall and muscular and wouldnt have been recognizable as a woman had it not been for her bulging breasts.

5Were they merchants and their guards?

Roland reached this conclusion after observing for a while.

Nobody talked anymore; they simply allowed Betta and Roland to size them up.

The previous whispers were gone, replaced by the howling of the wind and the crackling of the bonfire.

Roland and Betta did not talk or do anything, but their vibe was still dominating.

1Bored, Betta took out the firewood and the snakes that he picked up on the way. He heaped the firewood and lit it with dragon fire.

3Then, he cut the scales of the snakes, before he roasted them with sticks as skewers.

2Roland was lost for words seeing how Betta was so familiar with the task.

So, you did not use dragon flame in the battle, because you wanted to cook meat with it.

Whispers came from nearby and grew louder. Roland turned around and looked at them. Those voices immediately stopped, as if the power of a TV had been cut off.

Roland glanced at everyone and then focused on the rolling meat.

Many people were obviously relieved.

According to what Roland just heard, they were all surprised.

"Dear god, a piece of space equipment."

"Where is this young noble from?"

"Isnt it a waste to store grilling stuff in space equipment?"

1After Roland glanced at them, they immediately stopped talking.

Are we in trouble now that we exposed a treasure?Roland was worried, but then he thought of something else.

He was a player that couldnt die. Besides, the Backpack was offered by the game system, and nothing would drop even if he was killed. He could seek revenge after he was resurrected!

1After thinking it through, Roland ignored them and observed the environment.

It was a flat plain with a river behind the city. In the darkness, a streak of light extended into the distance.

Only a place with enough water could support such a magnificent city.

Soon, the snake meat was ready. Betta sprayed some salt on it.

6He gave a skewer of meat to Roland.

Roland had to admit that Betta knew what he was doing. The snake meat was crisp and delicious.

1However, it did not taste as smooth as the spider legs.

1After they were full, Betta began to practice basic sword arts.

He was not a smart person, but he had gotten good grades through hard work. By his estimation, it shouldnt be hard for him to be admitted by a top-tier college.

Diligence was his habit. But wasnt it embarrassing to practice basic sword arts in front of strangers?

Of course not! He had taken part in too many speech contests in school.

1For Betta, making a speech with exaggerated tones and expressions in front of hundreds of listeners was definitely an embarrassing experience.

2However, he dealt with it gracefully. Practicing sword arts in front of the travelers was not challenging for him.

Roland, on the other hand, began to practice Language Proficiency.

1Magic waves spread out, failed, and spread out again. The other travelers watched Roland gasp in pain without saying anything. Roland had never cared about how other people viewed him even when he was in Red Mountain Town.

Under normal circumstances, a Mage wouldve passed out after so many consecutive failures.

Yet, Roland was still vigorous. He rested for a while and continued.

The merchants and guards were amused by Betta and Rolands exercise in the middle of the night.

Who were they showing off to?

But four hours later, all the travelers had left was admiration.

They did not know many things, but they did know that it was better to work hard than not to.

It was already dawn. The guards on the wall put out their torches and opened the city gate.

Everybody stood up. Roland and Betta stopped practicing, too.

They waited for the merchants to go in first. After all, the merchants arrived earlier.

But surprisingly, the merchants and their guards did not move but gazed at Roland and Betta.

"Theyre hinting that we should go first?" Betta was surprised.

"They must be awed by your noble identity," said Roland. "Hierarchy matters in this world. As civilians, they dare not walk ahead of you."

Starting at the silent travelers, Betta felt uncomfortable. He said, "It doesnt feel right."

"Lets go, young master." Roland smiled and said, "You will waste more of their time if you dawdle."

2"Okay!" Betta sighed and walked into the city first.

Roland followed him.

The merchants and their guards were all greatly relieved seeing the two of them enter the city.