Mages Are Too Op Chapter 370

Chapter 370 You Never Told Me Tha

"Arcane Windrunner?" Cage recalled his unrestrained life as a mercenary and shook his head. "Ive never heard of it before. Which race is this class related to?"

"The elves."

Cage thought for a moment, then said, "I still dont remember anything. But speaking of which, I met a few elves when I was young. Though those skinny poles from the forest are condescending, if you live a long time with them and win their approval, youll find that theyre passionate."

Putting on a smile that every man would understand, Cage said, "Very passionate."

Roland couldnt help but roll his eyes.

Although Cage was a senior, he was still a child deep down in his heart. He was a funny man and often told dirty jokes that Roland couldnt understand for the time being.

"Regretfully, elves are too loyal. Once you get involved with them, you can never get rid of them." Cage jumped off from the second floor and asked, "Have you met any elves before?"

"I bought an elven slave," said Roland truthfully.

"Oh, what happened?" Cage was still smiling, but his face was rather grave.

"I set her free a long time ago." Roland pointed at the hopping treants and said, "In exchange for a few elven spells. But theyre rather tricky."

Cages expression improved.

The two treants played a while longer, before they grabbed each others hands and went to the wood, probably to irrigate or fertilize other trees.

Cage smiled and said, "Youre practicing magic so early. No wonder youve become an Elite Mage so young. But youre still not as good as Anna, so youd better work harder."

Roland smiled. In fact, he had spent the whole night working on magic, not just the early morning.

Seeing Rolands modest smile, Cage smiled too and asked, "Is the information on the Arcane Windrunner very important to you?"

"Yes, it may decide my future path," replied Roland.

He was telling the truth. The hidden classes were generally stronger than regular classes. If the Arcane Windrunner or the Destructive Druid had great class-related specializations, he could consider transferring to them.

Besides, those two classes were obviously focused on magic too.

As for Elven Summoner All the girls of the Phoenix Guild were Elven Summoners.

The information on Hybrid, the specialization, was posted by them too.

The frequent visitors of the forum all knew the advantages of the Elven Summoners: high regeneration, summoning an ocean of beasts, and riding a unicorn. The unicorn, as one of the three Saint Beasts, was very powerful, but could only be summoned by virgins with elven bloodlines, such as Solisa from the Phoenix Guild, who asked Roland to improve the elven spell.

The Elven Summoner was a class in girls favor, but not guys.

Therefore, this hidden class was not within Rolands consideration.

Considering for a moment, Cage said, "While I dont know the special classes of elves, I know someone who might. Ill take you to him after breakfast."

After a shock, Roland said, "Thank you very much, Mr. Cage."

"Call me Uncle!" Cage said gently, "It feels like were strangers when you call me Mr. Cage."

Roland furrowed his brow. He found it quite awkward.

Though he was very close to Andonara, nothing had really happened between them yet, and they werent married. Should he really call the man Uncle?

Seeing Rolands hesitation, Cage sighed and said, "Anna is even prettier now. What are you waiting for?"

Roland smiled bitterly. He felt that the knot in his heart hadnt been untied yet.

Dropping the subject, Cage smiled at Roland and said, "Lets have breakfast."

Then, he returned to the house.

After breakfast, everybody left the village in carriages.

Roland, Cage, and Andonara were in the same carriage. In the meantime, thirteen plump little bats were hanging from the top of the carriage.

Normally speaking, a dozen bats hanging above ones head might be repulsive, but not these batspartly because they were small and partly because they were fat and cute. They even looked rather adorable.

At first, Christina was unwilling to join the trip. She would rather stay home and sleep.

After all, it was not convenient for a vampire to travel in the day.

Though they wouldnt be killed by sunlight in bat form, their natural instincts for survival made them hate the sun even when they were bats.

Therefore, Christina preferred staying in bed to going out.

But fearing that she would sneak away, Andonara threatened her. Roland didnt know what exactly she said, but when the little bats flew out, they were all crying as if they were very sad.

In the carriage, Andonara asked, "Uncle, where are we going?"

Cage replied, "To Timbal City. The mayor of the city is my friend. His wife is an elf and his son is a half-elf. I figure that he must know something."

"Thank you for your trouble." Knowing that Cage made the trip for Roland, Andonara spoke gratefully.

"Thats all right. Were family."

Roland was slightly embarrassed, but he couldnt say "Uncle" out, at least not for now.

Then, the three of them chit-chatted, and Cage talked about the interesting situations he encountered when he was a mercenary.

About three hours later, the carriages came to a city.

After the regular inspection, the carriages entered.

There was not a Magic Tower in the city, so the six magic apprentices simply went shopping. They were too humble to meet a mayor.

Cage took Roland and Andonara to the mayors house. Without submitting an invitation card or anything, he simply said to the guard with a smile, "Tell Zell the Baldy that Im here."

From that, Roland knew that Cage must be a regular guest of this place, and he was very close to the mayor.

As expected, the guard replied with a smile, "Mr. Cage, Mayor Zell has been upset. He keeps yelling at us. Its great that youre here. Talk to the mayor and have a drink with him, hes been lambasting us."

"Huh? Whats Zell mad about this time?" Cage shook his head and said, "Go tell him that Cage is here with his niece and nephew-in-law."

The guard glanced at Andonara. Flabbergasted by her beauty, he didnt come to his senses until a moment later. Then, he ran back into the house, blushing.

Soon, a man in black and white formal clothes, who had a gloomy face and a slim body, walked out of the house.

He seemed rather angry, but he smiled the moment he saw Cage. It was like a shiny beam of sunlight in a sky full of clouds.

"You finally got the time to visit me." The man moved his eyes to Andonara. He was astonished at first and puzzled soon after. "Have we met before, beautiful lady?"

Andonara smiled and said, "I am Andonara. If I remember correctly, you must be Lord Pettus Zell."

After a shock, Cage said with great enlightenment, "We mustve met in the capital before."

"But I remember that Queen Andonara had different hair and eye colors," remarked Pettus in confusion.

His eyes were full of suspicion.

"I had a minor accident recently." Andonara smiled gracefully. "My hair and eye colors were slightly changed."

"Is that so?" Pettus seemed convinced. After all, Andonaras face was still the same, and she looked even more gorgeous than before with the new hair and eye colors. He moved his eyes to Roland and said, "Then, I assume that you must be the renowned Mage Roland and the legendary Queen Stealer."

Roland was stunned. "Is that my title?"

"Its your secret title. Taking the queen away without being punished by the royal family, youve done what most men wanted but never had the guts to try." Pettus praised Roland and looked at Cage. "Then, how are you related to the queen?"

"Shes my niece!"

After a brief silence, Pettus complained, "You never told me that before."

"For a good reason," Cage said solemnly. "My niece was young and ignorant back then, and you were lustful and had a sweet tongue. I feared that she would be tricked by you, so I intentionally never talked about Anna with you."

With pain on his face, Pettus said, "You dont trust me? If I had known she was your niece and she was so beautiful I wouldve definitely pursued her."

"Get lost."

Pettus shrugged and said, "Come in."

Everybody entered the manor, and Pettus led the three of them to the terrace on the second floor.

Then, the butler served fruit wine, cakes, and local snacks with the servants.

This manor was located at the top of a hill, and the terrace was faced with a lake. The view was quite good.

The gentle breeze from the lake was comforting.

Raising the wine cup, Pettus sipped it and asked, "Old friend, what has brought you here this time?"

"Cant I just come to check up on you?"

"I dont buy it," Pettus said without hesitation. "You were beaten by me last time, which was very humiliating. I estimated that you wouldnt be back until at least half a year later."

There was curiosity in Rolands and Andonaras eyes.

With embarrassment flashing on his face, Cage coughed and said, "Im actually here because I want to ask you about something."

"What is it?"

"Have you ever heard the term Arcane Windrunner before?"

Pettus was briefly dazed. "Where did you learn that name?"