Mages Are Too Op Chapter 372

Chapter 372 Its Nothing Like Tha

The wind in the sky roared ten meters above him, but blocked by the tall wall and the trees, it had been reduced to a gentle breeze when it reached him.

Sejuanis eyes had been focused on Roland. She said, "I dont know where you heard the name, from your bloodline subconsciousness or from your compatriots, but Im warning you. You must not explore the meaning of that name any further."

"Im not interested in the secrets of the elves." Roland nodded and said, "I just want to know what abilities the Arcane Windrunner and the Destructive Druid have."

Roland was so blunt that almost everybody else frowned at once, except Andonara.

"You only want to know their power?" Sejuani put on a subtle expression.

Roland nodded.

For the players, power did not represent anything.

Even the evilest power couldnt be as evil as the Warlocks who played fire of feces, which was too disgusting.

Power was just power. All that mattered was who used it.

Even though this class was disliked, it was only the elves opinion.

As long as it was powerful enough, Roland wouldnt mind its background or meaning.

"Is power very important to you?" asked Sejuani.

Roland nodded. "It is."

Everybody fell silent, and Andonara kept looking at Roland in admiration

Cage and Pettus were peaceful, but Sejuani was slightly resistant.

"Those who are obsessed with power will eventually be consumed by power," Sejuani said solemnly. "Given your thoughts, I cannot reveal information of the two names to you."

"But you can never achieve your ideals in this jungle of a world without power." Roland stood up and said, "Thank you for your time, Ms. Sejuani."

It was clearly a sign to leave.

The other four were all surprised. Andonara stood up and asked, "Roland, youre not asking any further?"

"No." Roland shook his head. "Im not convincing enough to persuade a stubborn elf, but in any case, Id like to thank Mr. Pettus for giving me a chance to ask."

Pettus was slightly angry that Roland gave up so easily. After all, he wouldnt have taken Roland here had it not been for Cage. But his anger was gone after he heard what Roland said.

Cage also stood up and said, "Thank you, Pettus, and sorry for the disturbance, Sejuani."

Sejuani gently bit her lip. She was somewhat embarrassed.

Seeing that Roland was really going to leave, Sejuani sighed and said, "Okay, it seems that you will try to acquire intelligence on the two classes from other people if you cant get it from me. Instead of letting you run about and catch the elves attention, I might as well tell it to you."

Roland was going to leave when he heard what Sejuani said. He was relieved. "Thank you very much, Ms. Sejuani."

Cage suddenly looked at Roland in surprise, as if he thought of something.

Pettus was the same. He even shook his head. "Hes playing hard to get. What a cunning man."

Roland felt rather wronged. He wasnt playing hard to get at all. He simply didnt want to waste his time here.

Because the elves lived a long time, they often had a steady outlook and could barely be convinced.

Roland had read more than one book where the author cursed the stubbornness of his elven companions.

Besides, even Cage, who obviously knew Sejuani as an old friend, did not help him at all. Naturally, Roland wouldnt waste his time trying to convince her.

It was beyond his expectation that Sejuani was willing to talk under no pressure.

After Roland sat down again, Sejuani said, "The Arcane Windrunner and the Destructive Druid are not the elves unique class, but a class of the half-elves."


Roland remembered his Hybrid specialization.

"Windrunner is a branch of the elven elves, and the Arcane Windrunner sounds like a special class of magic archers." Sejuani shook her head and said, "But thats wrong. The Arcane Windrunners are special Mages who are highly agile. Theyre as unpredictable and traceless as wind."

Rolands eyes glittered. As a player who had played games for a decade, he knew exactly what a high-mobility class or character could do in a real-time battle.

That sounded like a suitable class for him.

After all, he was trying to improve his mobility at this point.

Flash, Teleportation, and Human Cannonball had all been created for that purpose.

Then, he couldnt help but ask, "What about the Destructive Druid?"

"Theyre the Druids who are adept at elemental magic. They can transform into various sorts of powerful devils."


Roland, Cage, and Andonara all realized why the Destructive Druids were hated by the elves.

But Roland was still slightly confused. "Why are these two classes regarded as traitors? Even though one or two people of these classes have betrayed the elves, it seems outrageous that everybody is considered a traitor, doesnt it?"

"Because the last step in order to become either of these classes is to swallow the sap of the World Tree."

Roland was immediately shocked.

Any intelligent creature knew what the World Tree meant for the elves.

It was essentially their mother.

They loved and worshiped the World Tree more than any other creature did.

Even if a god was going to touch the World Tree, the elves wouldnt hesitate to die with the god.

However, those two classes had to drink sap from the World Tree, which was essentially the World Trees blood. That was unforgivable.

No wonder these two classes were regarded as traitors.

They intended to harm the World Tree when they had the elven bloodline.

"You must understand now." Sejuani smiled and said, "The elves never reveal the two classes because we fear that hybrid elves like you will be tempted."

"Then why are you telling it to me now?"

"Because you dont look like an obstinate person." Sejuani put on a foxy smile and said, "You didnt even try to persuade me, which suggests that you hate trouble. To take the sap of the World Tree is almost an impossible task. You certainly wouldnt do that. Besides, even a regular Mage can be very powerful after he grows up. You have the gifts, and your future path is smooth and flat. Theres no need to risk your life. If you reveal so much as a slight intention to become an Arcane Windrunner or a Destructive Druid to a pure-blood elf, you will be hunted by all elves."

Half an hour later, Roland left the mayors house.

The dozen bats were still hanging from the top of the carriage, not having attempted to flee.

After Vivian and the other magic apprentices returned from their shopping trip, everybody left in the carriages.

In the carriage, Andonara leaned close to Roland and asked, "Did you really give up convincing Sejuani because it would be too troublesome?"