Mages Are Too Op Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Is It Fun?

It was already evening when Roland returned to the Magic Tower.
Andonara was lying in Rolands study, a dozen fat bats hanging on the ceiling.

It was a weird scene from any perspective.

Seeing him, Andonara held her head with one of her hands and lifted her collar with the other. She said with a smile, "Welcome back. You must be hungry. Would you like some freshly-made strawberry cake?"

Well Roland raised his head and looked at the dozen bats on the ceiling.

At this point, all the bats were awake. They were staring at Andonara and Roland curiously.

Roland couldnt help but roll his eyes.

Chuckling, Andonara jumped off from the bed and grabbed Rolands arm. She said happily, "Im about to sign the contract with her. Watch out for me."


Roland smiled and summoned his magic array. On the floor of the study, a bright green magic circle popped up. Though Roland spent most of his time on Enlivening in the past year, he did study the contractual magic in his spare time. He had learned what he should know, and he was capable of using it now.

Looking at the bright green magic circle, the tiny bats flew down and gathered into a girl at the servants position in the circle.

Though Christina hadnt drank blood for a while, she could subsist on fruit and cooked meat and gradually recovered.

Half a year was enough for her to turn back to a teenager from a little girl.

As a teenager, she was slightly more nonchalant than before and not as cute as when she was a little girl.

In the servants position, Christina asked regretfully, "Cant you trust me? Weve been together for half a year."

Roland chuckled and said, "Some people cant be seen through even after a whole lifetime."

Christina glanced at him and asked, "What about Anna? Ive asked her. You completely trusted her no more than one month after you knew her."

"Do you think youre the same as her?" snapped Roland.

Andonara was so delighted that she felt her heart melting when she heard that.

Christina was rather devastated, but she remained obedient and didnt complain.

Andonara stood at the masters position.

Once they were in position, the magic circle glittered with dazzling green light, and they began to absorb the green light around them.

Soon, the magic circle dimmed and disappeared.

Andonara looked at the center of her palm and found the pattern of a fat fruit bat. Closing her eyes, she sensed it for a while, only to exclaim in shock, "I think I can use dark magic power now."

She waved her hand, and a black wind blew out of the window. Though it caused no damage, it was undoubtedly dark magic power.

"Am I not a descendant of the Hero?" Andonara was confused. "Arent evil powers naturally suppressed by us? Why can I use dark magic?"

She lit a blue flame on her finger, surprised that she could still use the power of the Hero.

Seeing the flame, Christina subconsciously stepped back.

By completing the mastership contract, the master could learn one of the servants abilities randomly. The effect and power of the ability would be based on the servants strength.

Thinking for a moment, Roland said, "I remember that the soul fragment of Diablo said that Phoenix, your ancestor, was one of the kings of the Realm of Devils."

"Thats not possible," Andonara said. "Dont you think thats just something the soul fragment said to mess with our heads?"

So you never believed that?

But Roland didnt think that the soul fragment was lying.

If Phoenix was, in fact, a Devil King, the truth of the Heros power could be more complicated than it seemed.

"Its always a good thing to learn more abilities," Roland said with a smile. "The only disadvantage of the Great Swordsman is that they cant deal effective damage to pure magic creatures, but youve made up for that. If you keep growing, Im sure that few people will be a match for you in this world."

"But youre definitely one of them." Andonara walked to Roland voluntarily and drew a circle on Rolands chest with her finger. "I could never resist you. You can put me in any position you want."

As she spoke, her eyes sparkled as if they were speaking for her.

Roland felt that he had to calm himself down.

So he ran out of the Magic Tower and left for the mayors residence.

He had been told that John Juniors lifestyle had been quite fixed.

The man took care of his garden every day and occasionally visited the best prostitutes in town.

He was living his life like the unworthy son of a magnate.

He seemed to have completely lost his determination and ambition.

When Roland came to the mayors residence, the two guards were about to stop him, but after recognizing Roland, they didnt say or do anything and simply let him walk into the castle as if they didnt see him.

Soft green grass was growing everywhere in the spacious yard inside the castle.

It was a sunny day. Under an enormous parasol, the mayors wife and daughter were having afternoon tea.

There were a lot of cakes, fruits, and delicious fruit wine on the table.

A couple of servants and three cooks were at their service.

The mayors wife and Miss John were having a great time, until Rolands sudden arrival drew their attention.

When they saw Roland, they both stood up nervously.

They had hated Roland before. But now that a year had passed, their hate was mostly gone, and all that was left was fear.

The nobles were generally not very close to their kinsmen and friends.

Roland came to them and smiled. "Sorry for the intrusion, but I would like to speak to John Junior. Is he at home?"

"Hes in the study on the second floor," said the mayors wife timidly.

"Thank you."

Roland nodded and entered the castle.

Watching Roland disappear into the castle, both of the women were greatly relieved.

As a matter of fact, they loved their present life.

They were carefree, and their living standards had been improved. Though Roland claimed half of the taxes, their expenses had been greatly reduced because they did not need to maintain a troop of three thousand soldiers anymore.

Now that the money was spent on their personal lives, they couldnt have enjoyed themselves more.

Also, Roland never forbade them from going anywhere. They were even more at ease than when the old mayor was alive.

Roland found the study on the second floor and knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Pushing the door open, Roland saw a gloomy young man reading what appeared to be the biography of a knight in front of the desk.

John Junior turned around and saw Roland. His expression immediately became complicated.

Holding his arms against the door, Roland said mockingly, "Is it fun to try to assassinate me while the Golden Sons are in conflict?"