Mages Are Too Op Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Im A Vengeful Person

But there were exceptions, such as Vivians family and the families of other magic apprentices.

Those people were on Rolands side, as they had always been.

"In the spirit of friendship and reciprocity, I wanted to invite the celebrities of this city to discuss the future of Delpon. After all, this city belongs to every citizen living in it. However, some people have given up this opportunity." Roland shrugged with a smile.

Immediately, all the guests relaxed. They realized that Roland didnt want to do anything to them.

They felt lucky that they took the risk.

They might enjoy some privileges for joining this banquet.

"Before our discussion, I would like to make two announcements." Roland nodded at his sides and continued, "After a year of traveling and learning, Vivian and Jerry have become official Mages."


Everybody exclaimed.

Vivians and Jerrys families, in particular, applauded vehemently, so excited that their faces were all red.

Mage was a class that was highly dependent on talent. Many people who were considered promising had been stuck as magic apprentices in their whole life.

Now that they had become official Mages, it meant that they could make greater advancements later.

Their future was nothing but promising.

More importantly, official Mages generally lived long lives, unless they died in accidents. The Elite Mages could even live more than two hundred years.

In comparison, though Warriors had tough bodies, their souls would decline when they grew old. Unless they became Masters and invigorated their souls, the souls of the Warriors would collapse, making it impossible for them to control their bodies.

Therefore, the spellcasters in this world generally lived longer lives.

It meant that Vivian and Jerry could protect their respective families for at least a hundred years.

How could their families not be excited?

Vivian and Jerry stepped forward and stood next to Roland. They were wearing the black robes of official Mages, with pride all over their faces. Jerry, in particular, had been stuck as a magic apprentice for decades. He felt bittersweet now that he had finally been acknowledged by the Magic Tower after such a long time.

They stood for a while, accepting everybodys cheers and congratulations. Then they stepped back, returning the spotlight to Roland.

After the exclamations died down, Roland continued, "Next, well talk about reciprocity.

"The Golden Sons respect rules. Everybody knows that I dont want to go back on my promise on the distribution of interests."

Roland looked down at everybody and saw confusion on their faces.

Their confusion was understandable. After all, interests were already limited, so how could he gain more without stealing other peoples interests?

It was because their eyes were never opened. Though the nobles had more knowledge than the civilians did, there were few smart nobles who could see through disguises.

Roland was not exactly a smart person, but thanks to the twenty years of systematic education and the seemingly useless information he read on the Internet, his vision had been broadened.

The information on the Internet was useless because smarter people had already used it.

In a modern information society, speed was all that mattered. When everybody has access to the same information, the winner would be the person who first made use of it.

Roland was only mediocre in modern society in terms of knowledge and vision, but in this world, he was way better than most of the nobles and merchants.

"I have many ideas, but its too premature to implement them now, so Ive decided to start with the basics."

Roland intentionally paused to let the suspense build.

Everybody stared at him eagerly.

Vincent, as another player, vaguely guessed what Roland was going to do and put on a smile.


While a hundred people looked at him hopefully, Roland spoke that word.

"In the eyes of the Golden Sons, education is the foundation of everything and the most rewarding investment."

All the nobles whispered to each other after hearing that.

On the dais, Roland waited patiently for them to calm down.

After they whispered for a while, the noise gradually died down.

"You must be thinking that education is uninteresting for you. Why would you bother to study at my place when you have your own teachers in your family?" Roland smiled cunningly. "But what if I were going to systematically teach Mages on a large scale? What do you think?"

After a brief silence, exclamations suddenly burst out in the hall, as if someone had just detonated a bomb.

While everybody chatted vehemently, one of them shouted at Roland, "Mr. Roland, are you serious?"

Everybody wanted one or two Mages in their family! Everybody!

But not all of them had the talent, or mentors to teach them.

They did not question Rolands capabilities. Roland was just an official Mage when he came to Delpon, but he was now an Elite Mage on the threshold of being a Master.

They had no doubt that Roland had an effective way of training on account of his fast growth.

Besides, Vivian and Jerry had become official Mages too, after only a short time. It wouldnt be long for the other four traveling magic apprentices.

If other peoples children could make it, there was no reason why their own children couldnt.

"Mr. Roland, how are you going to choose candidates?"

"Mr. Roland, I have a few children, both boys and girls. Theyre all lovely. Youre free to choose any of them."

Their exclamations were almost lifting the roof.

They gradually approached Roland. They wouldve surrounded him if they werent intimidated by his identity as a Mage.

Roland pressed his hands down, asking them to be quiet.

The hall immediately fell quiet. Nothing but the rain could be heard. The guests even subconsciously held their breath.

"Youve shown me respect by participating in my banquet despite such a heavy storm. Therefore, the first batch of magic apprentices will be selected from among your young children as well as the children of civilians half a month from now. As for the people who didnt attend this banquet, their children will wait at least three years, if Im still in the mood to teach them."

In the end, Roland squinted and smiled. "Im a petty and vengeful person."