Mages Are Too Op Chapter 380

Chapter 380 No Visitors

Roland was level seven anyway. His comprehensive attributes were very high. Even though he was holding himself back, the mental power that he accidentally released could be awesome for ordinary people.

It was a level suppression based on biological energy. The degree of the suppression was decided by the gap of the attributes between two parties.

The dragons might was essentially an advanced application of deterrence with biological energy.

The same rule applied to Andonara. But since she was a pretty woman, her intimidation was slightly weakened.

Roland was about to take a rest in the Magic Tower, but Vincent followed him back.

"Why are you here? Are you not going to hit on a few noble ladies in the banquet?"

Vincent shook his head with a smile. "The queen is the most beautiful one there, but shes yours. Im not interested in other women."

"Fine. You do have a high standard." Roland sat down in a chair and asked, "There must be something you want to say to me, right?"

"Yes." Vincent sat down. Leaning against the back of the chair like a big boss, he said, "Attract some of the enemies and strike the rest, so that you will have more friends than enemies. Youll really put that great mans experience in politics into practice."

Roland shook his head. "Its just a lesson I learned at work. I was taught that by the management."

"Hahaha." Vincent laughed and asked, "Are you really going to build schools? It may result in conflicts with the headquarters."

Roland thought for a moment and said, "Tobian is smart, but I can tell that hes too focused on the headquarters business in the capital to bother us. After all, we have few talents here. Besides, after we recruit the first batch of students and get the initial funding and assets, we wont need to worry that the headquarters will cut us off. After a few years, when we grow stronger, we can raise more official Mages, and theres nothing the headquarters will be able to do about us."

Vincent looked at Roland in surprise. "Are you thinking to unite the Mages in Hollevin?"

"Thats an idea." Roland nodded. "After my year of traveling, apart from the breakthroughs in magic tricks, Ive gained my own understanding in a lot of matters."

"Tell me about it."

"The power of individuals is limited." Roland sighed and said, "Earlier, I counted on the players, my own people, but I was too optimistic. I posted the spell models on the forum so that everybody could learn from each other. It worked fine at first, but youve seen what happened recently."

Vincent also sighed and said, "I have. Many people greedily submitted the models you modified to the Association of Mages in other countries in exchange for great interests."

Roland was rather chilled when he thought about that. "Its better on ONeals side, but not all his people are trustworthy, either. I found that some models that had only been slightly improved were sold by the group members."

Vincent sneered in disdain. He despised those people.

"So, Im too lazy to upload models to the forum now." Roland shrugged and said, "But the systematic structure of the Magic Towers and the credit system in some guilds gave me an idea. After our school raises enough students and were powerful enough, well establish a credit contribution system. Ill write down my tricks and thoughts and put them in the library, and so will other people. Everybody will be given credit points for submitting their unique personal experiences. With those credit points, they can buy other spell models and tips. I dont think that many Mages would be able to say no to such a system."

Vincent squinted at Roland. "Are you sure its not an adaptation of the sect system from Wuxia novels?"

It was Roland who burst into laughter this time. "Im only borrowing it. Its just an idea anyway. Nobody can charge me any patent fees."

"I think thats a good idea." Vincents eyes glittered. "How will you ensure fairness?"

"With detailed regulations." Roland thought for a moment and said, "But you should know that fairness is only relative and never absolute."

Vincent slapped the armrest of the chair and said in excitement, "Its a great idea. Ive always found it ridiculous that the headquarters charge several or even dozens of gold coins for each spell. If you had told me about your lofty ideal, I wouldve helped you a long time ago."

Roland was quite surprised by Vincents excitement.

"Didnt you come to my Magic Tower because you hated management? Why are you so enthusiastic about this?"

"Thats not the same," Vincent said rather angrily. "Those guys from Silver Wings are only good at fighting each other. Their idea to monopolize waterborne logistics wasnt bad, but they lacked money and werent capable of realizing their plans. In the end, they even ended up on bad terms with such a capable Mage like you, who couldve been a great help in infrastructure work. I couldnt watch it anymore. Thats why I came to you."

"But Im establishing a new Association of Mages and a new system partly for my own selfish reasons too."

Vincent said unconcernedly, "Selfishness is the greatest motivation. If your idea can be implemented, a new system will be built, which will be in the interest of most Mages. Thats already enough. Light cannot be shed on everybody."

"Thank you."

"Youre welcome." Vincent stood up and patted Rolands shoulder. "I havent thanked you for taking me in yet Right, recruit more magic apprentices in the first batch. I can take care of a class for you."

"No problem."

They looked at each other with smiles.

The storm stopped when the banquet was over.

The guests dispersed, returning home thrilled.

They summoned all the descendants of their family in the night, even the children of their remote cousins. After all, the more children were sent for screening, the more likely that some of them would pass the test.

The nobles who didnt participate in the banquet were all shocked and pale after receiving the news.

They all knew that they had lost an opportunity.

They couldnt have regretted it more. They even thought to put pressure on Roland together. But when they remembered Rolands and the queens capabilities, and Vincent who had just become an Elite, not to mention Vivian and Jerry, they knew that they didnt stand any chance at all.

As someone had wisely put it on the Internet, after you build yourself up by working out, youll be able to make idiots talk to you peacefully without any quarrels.

The "celebrities" who didnt come to the banquet and were thereby marked by Roland visited Roland one after another, hoping to have a conversation with him.

But Roland turned all of them down!