Mages Are Too Op Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Silent March

Narudo, leader of the guild, turned around and shouted, "My falcon saw Winterwind in the sky. Everybody, hurry up! Well try to dig out as much gold from the mine as possible before the other players do! Remember, dont fight anyone, and dont enter the city. Were here to make a fortune, not to kill. When you get gold, just store it in your Backpack. Dig as much as possible, understood?"


"Got it!"

"Chairman, youve repeated it too many times for anyone to forget!"

Hearing the different accents behind him, Narudo was rather helpless. The members of his guild were friendly but not very hardworking. Most of them were not interested in this mine robbery. He had tried his best to persuade them to come here.

"In any case, we must be fully prepared in order to steal food from the tigers"

As he spoke, Narudo suddenly felt that something wasnt right because of his connection to his pet. As a Hunter, he was as close to his pet as the Mages were to their magic pets.

He subconsciously raised his head, only to see his falcon flying down and perching on his shoulder. It was also hiding its head under its wings in fear.

Whats going on?

Narudo looked back. He was so shocked that he swallowed hard.

Behind them, a legion of knights in white were quickly approaching them.

They were so densely packed that they were almost next to each other. The knight in the middle of the first row was holding a golden sun banner.

Those knights, in their neat formation, blocked the whole road and pushed close like a white wall of iron. Also, they seemed to be infinite.

They were all heavily armored knights. Both they and their horses were donned with white armor and white helms that revealed nothing but their eyes.

Slightly above the legion of knights, a man in golden armor with golden wings of light was floating. The golden aura around him was massive.

All the knights within his aura were riding soundlessly and extremely fast, as if they were actually light cavalry.

In the sky over the legion of knights, a red dragon was hovering too.

Looking at the red dragon and the man who emitted golden light, Narudo knew who he was.

That was Schuck, the leader of F6.

"Clear the way! Clear the way now!"

Narudo shouted, and everybody from Last Exile immediately rode to the woods off the road.

Soon, the torrent of heavy knights flooded before their eyes without a sound.

The feeling was rather weird.

It was like a long train had just passed them at a high speed, but there was absolutely no noise, as if they were watching a soundless movie.

Everybody from Last Exile was slightly panicked.

Thankfully, the legion of knights completely ignored them.

They waited two minutes for all the knights to pass.

A long time after the ghostly knights disappeared, they finally came out of the woods.

One of the members sighed. "Who are they? I didnt know that the NPCs had such a powerful troop."

"They must be Knights Templar, the most powerful legion of the Church of Light," Narudo remarked in amazement. "I saw the golden sun banner and the Saint Samurai with them. They must be going to Winterwind. The Saint Samurais Silent March is as good as its described. Theres really no sound at all."

"So, the Church of Light wants the gold mine too?"

"Are you kidding me?" Narudo scoffed. "The Church of Light and the Church of Life are the two biggest religions here, with an equal number of believers and similar territories. They dont need any gold mines. The tributes from believers are more than enough for them."

Another member asked, "So, theyre going to stop Silver Wings and Jalan Temple?"

Narudo nodded. "Probably."

"Then I guess theres nothing we can do. The Church of Light will definitely lock the gold mine down." A member shrugged and asked, "Are we still going there?"

"We can still watch a show even if we cant steal. Do you not want to watch that gorgeous Saint Samurai beat up the villains?" said a girl with glittering eyes.

Narudo agreed with the girl. It would be fun to watch the NPCs fight two guilds.

"Lets follow them." He waved his hand and continued riding to Winterwind.

Roland was still on the hill at this point. His magic power had been mostly restored. He was considering if he should rescue a few more civilians, when he saw a silver line rising from the horizon and moving toward him at a high speed. He also spotted the hovering red dragon.

"Schuck is here." Looking at the man with golden wings in the sky, Roland chuckled. "Hes truly magnificent to bring an army here. Hes probably the only person who can do that now."

When Schuck led his Knights Templar to Winterwind and blocked the gate, another two white lines appeared on the horizon in the south and the west.

The two white lines drew near very fast. Very soon, they reached Winterwind. They were another two legions of heavily armored knights.

The three legions of Knights Templar joined and surrounded Winterwind.

Roland was about ten kilometers away from Winterwind, so he could only see a shiny white ribbon that tied Winterwind up in a circle.

The hill was quiet, with nothing but the sound of wind and rustling leaves.

Roland waited patiently.

Very soon, Winterwind was covered by a golden dome.

Roland muttered, "Is this meant to trap the players of the two guilds in the city? Or are they trying to protect the civilians?"

While Roland was speculating, streams of green light fell from the sky right above Winterwind. They were so dense and massive that some of them even fell before Rolands eyes.

Roland reached his hands to them, only to find that they seemed to be illusions.

From the green light, two spots slowly descended from the heights and floated above Winterwind.

Roland was too far away to see what the two spots were, but he guessed that they must be two angels.

Roland was relieved. If the angels were here, the incident should be handled now.

But he wondered how the players whose evilness had maxed out would be punished.

After thinking for a moment, Roland opened the forum.