Mages Are Too Op Chapter 388

Chapter 388 Would You Like To Worship Our Goddess?

They were mostly taken by other players. Not everybody was interested in the gold mine. They were more interested in helping the civilians and recording the battles.

Now, all the trending threads were about the tragedies in Winterwind.

Of course what Roland did earlier had been recorded too.

In the video, Roland’s fireball fell from the sky and, blocked by the magic resistance of gold, spread out into a blue ocean of fire that consumed the whole mountain. When it became orange, it further expanded and nearly reached Winterwind when it disappeared.

“S*it! Roland is even more powerful than before!”

“Devs, it’s time to nerf Roland! How can other players enjoy this game if you don’t nerf him?”

“Schuck must be nerfed too. That man is a freak.”

“But there are still solutions. Didn’t you see that the magic resistance of gold blocked Roland’s spell? If we wear armor of gold in the future, Roland and other Mages would be garbage for us.”

“You are really a smartass. Let’s forget how expensive gold armor is. Do you dare to wear it even if you have one? If you do, I’m going to cut your armor into pieces and loot all the gold. Besides, the magic resistance of gold armor can’t possibly compare to that of a gold mine.”

“He’s probably planning to build a gold Gundam with tens of tons of gold. Then, he would sit in that, beat Roland the Supervillain, and save the world.”

“A gold Gundam. I can totally imagine that.”

“The bottom line is, Roland has to be nerfed.”

“Why do you want to nerf Roland but not all Mages?”

“Because the other Mages are natural. The best of them can only cast a dozen level-one and level-two spells that aren’t powerful. They’re not even as good as Warlocks of their level. But Roland is simply unbelievable.”

“The Warlocks are daddies, and the Mages are the Warlocks’ sons, but Roland is the Warlocks’ daddy.”

Roland was rather lost for words when he saw so many people crying to nerf him.

He then closed the thread and browsed through other trending posts, searching for what he wanted.

Soon, he found it.

I’ve just arrived at Winterwind. This is a live stream. Many heavy knights in white armor just came.

The post was made only half an hour ago.

Roland immediately opened it and found the stream channel number in the post.

After half a second, the video was out, mixed with the streamer’s excited voice that he was trying to hold back.

Many people were in the channel. Dense comments were flying on the picture.

The streamer was aiming at the sky. Keeping his voice low, he said, “Two angels, one with four wings and the other with six wings. Both of them have long legs and big boobs. My hands would be occupied if I were not busy streaming.”

In the video, two angels were floating. The six-winged angel was apparently larger than the four-winged angel.

The four-winged angel, covered in milky light, could not be seen very clearly, but Roland found her rather familiar.

Not just him, even the other audience felt the same.

“I think I saw that four-winged angel somewhere else.”

“I think so too.”

“You men say that to every beautiful woman you meet. That’s the worst pickup line.”

“I really think I met her somewhere before. I remember her.”

Staring at her for a while, Roland suddenly realized that she was the angel that he had seen twice before!

She was here now too?

While Roland was thinking, the four-winged angel suddenly turned around and looked at him.

The comments paused for a while. Then everybody said things like, “Ah, she’s looking at me. She’s so beautiful. I’m going to die.”

Even Roland felt that his mouth was dry. He knew that the angel was looking at him.

He was not flattering himself; he had truly sensed it with his mind.

The angel had seen him through the stream?

She was so good?

Then, Roland suddenly realized that, while he was watching her through the stream, they were in fact no more than ten kilometers from each other.

Were her senses so keen?

At this point, the streamer suddenly said, “I think the six-winged angel is doing something.”

Then, he zoomed in, and everybody saw that the indescribably beautiful six-winged angel drew out a green crystal sword from her waist.

She raised the sword above her head. Without any chanting or prayer, a green circle of light emerged from the tip of the sword and quickly expanded, sweeping across everything, including the plants, the buildings, and even the people.

But the circle of light caused no damage at all. It seemed to be simple scanning.

After it was done, the six-winged angel opened her pink lips and said, “It’s all yours now, the Agents of the Goddess of Light on Earth.”

All the three Saint Samurai flapped their wings until they were on the same level as the two angels, before they bowed and paid their tributes.

The six-winged angel nodded with a smile and flew into the sky as a beam of light, leaving nothing but several bright feathers behind.

The massive pillar of green light was gone after the six-winged angel left.

Everybody thought that the four-winged angel would leave too, but she flapped her wings and flew north.

The streamer asked in surprise, “What’s the four-winged angel doing there?”

The audience commented “?” too.

Roland turned off the forum and was about to defend himself, but then he gave up.

A spot of light quickly flew close from far away and instantly stopped before Roland in complete defiance of inertia.

She was wearing a white skirt armor and a wing-shaped hair accessory.

Floating two meters from the ground, she smiled at Roland. “It’s almost been a year, hasn’t it?”

“Indeed it has.” Roland smiled bitterly and said, “Beautiful madam, what can I do for you?”

“You’re good!” the angel suddenly remarked.

Roland was apparently confused.

“You saved an old man and a kid, and you tried to blow up the gold mine with a super fireball. We all saw it, and so did the goddess.”

Roland was of a mind to ask if they were all peepers.

But he was too smart to say it aloud.

The angel continued, “The goddess finds you excellent. You have a kind heart, powerful abilities, and enough talents Since you haven’t declared your faith in any god or goddess yet, why don’t you believe in our goddess?”

Roland was stunned. Was the Life Goddess going to take him in?

Well, he was somewhat excited.