Mages Are Too Op Chapter 39

Chapter 39

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The guards did not know how to apply for the certificate?

It was rather tricky. Generally speaking, the staff of an organization should know the basic rules of the organization. But since the guards were unaware of it, it meant that the organization did a great job protecting its secrets, or simply rejected outsiders.

Roland felt that the second possibility made more sense.

So, his primary task was to figure out how to join the Association of Mages and what tests he needed to pass.

Roland left the square and found the inn named Lamb Girl. But he soon exited the inn and cursed Betta for finding such a place.

It was an inn on the surface but was actually a brothel. A bunch of sexy, seductive women were waiting for customers in the lobby. No wonder it was named Lamb Girl!

2However, Roland still made a reservation. After all, Betta said that they would meet here, and Roland couldnt talk to him through private messages as he could in other games. He had to propose a different rendezvous when they actually met again.

1Roland intended to ask where he could find sources of intelligence, but everybody kept their distance from him. At first he thought it was because he looked strange, but he then realized that this didnt make sense.

2There were a lot of people in this city. One couldnt be familiar to all one million people living here.

So, the problem must be himself.

It was his clothing!

The magic robe that Falken gave him was not of a high quality, but even ordinary people could vaguely see the flow of magic elements on it.

Well He found a tailor shop on the street. The boss was too frightened to even speak when a Mage walked in.

But then, he gradually relaxed after seeing how friendly Roland was.

5He measured Rolands height and size and prepared a set of common clothes for him.

Then, Roland stored the magic robe in his Backpack and asked the boss where he could get information.

The boss told him about a tavern named Gray Sand.

Roland knew the moment he arrived why the place was a source of information.

It was a fairly large tavern. The first floor for drinking took up almost two thousand square meters.

4The second floor, which was about the same size, was supported by a dozen enormous stone pillars.

Many people were crowded together in this place.

Rolands arrival did not catch too much attention.

He was not using magic or wearing the eye-catching magic robe, so he appeared to everyone as an ordinary person.

The place was noisy. Half-drunk customers were talking, laughing, and even cursing blatantly.

There were also many escorts who were entertaining the customers with their sexiness.

The air was filled with hormones and desires.

Roland sat down in an empty corner. Hardly had his butt touched the chair when a smelly, freckled woman approached him.

She was about to stick herself to Roland, when she suddenly felt cold. She lowered her head, only to discover that her chair was rooted in place by ice.

Also, the ice seemed to be spreading to her feet.

Immediately sobering up, she tried to leave. No ordinary people wanted to get involved with a spellcaster.

Roland said, "Please call the manager of this tavern for me. I have a favor to ask."

The tavern was noisy, but the woman heard Roland clearly.

The woman actually looked pretty, but Roland did not appreciate her freckles, although many might found freckles adorable.

9The woman nodded quickly and left in a hurry.

Very soon, a mustached man walked over.

His hair looked like a square brick, and his black clothes were made of expensive fabrics. He asked Roland softly, "Mr. Spellcaster, are you looking for me?"

Roland nodded.

"Im the manager of this tavern. It seems to me that you want intelligence, right?" The man eyed Roland and said slowly, "You may call me Gru."

5"Mr. Gru, greetings." Roland nodded again and smiled despite the noisy environment. "My name is Roland. Im a Golden Son."

1It was a game setting that players were Golden Sons. Since Falken knew it, the people in this city should be aware of it, too.

"Golden Son?" Briefly stunned, Gru asked, "The Golden Sons who can be revived after death?"

Roland nodded.

Gru immediately felt a strong headache.

Even the most formidable enemies had weaknesses, but an enemy who could resurrect could learn their weaknesses from their deaths until they had no weaknesses.

"Where did you hear about us?" Roland asked.

Gru said with a heavy heart, "Two Golden Sons were in this city a month ago. They had conflicts with a noble. Although the Golden Sons were killed and weakened many times, they managed to kill most of the nobles guards."

Impressive The two players were rather bold to challenge a noble when they were so weak.

Curiously, Roland asked, "Where are they now?"

"Its impossible for a noble to fight an unkillable enemy, so he moved to the capital with his family and the remaining guards. The Golden Sons are after him," said Gru helplessly. "The two are determined to kill the noble."

4Roland was slightly surprised that the two players had killed so many people.

The NPCs were no different from real people. Wouldnt they feel like murderers if they killed the NPCs?

Could they be disturbed?

Thinking for a moment, Roland shook his head and ignored it. He said to Gru, "Im here mainly to ask if you know how to join the Association of Mages."

Gru observed Roland in surprise for a moment and said, "Of course. Normal people need a certificate, but I dont think you do."

"Why?" asked Roland in surprise. "I was stopped by the guards."

"If you can use magic, you can go to Mr. Aldo, the deputy chairman of the Association of Mages. He will give you a certificate."

"Simple as that?" Roland was surprised.

Gru shook his head. "No, its very hard. Ordinary people cannot master magic. At least in Delpon, no more than ten out of a million people can become a Mage."