Mages Are Too Op Chapter 390

Chapter 390 I Knew I

Back at Reeds small manor, Roland rang the bell again, and the butler came down very soon. He was delighted to see Roland. "Fantastic, Your Excellency. Please follow me. My lord is heavily wounded."

Hearing that, Roland immediately followed the butler to the master bedroom on the second floor. He smelled the odor of herbs the moment he came in.

A man was lying on the bed palely, and Kaido was weeping next to him.

Roland walked to them.

Cage opened his eyes and smiled at Roland. "Forgive me, but I cant rise Im too heavily wounded."

Roland lifted the blanket that covered him and saw bandages all over his body. Below the bandages were remains of black and yellow herbs.

"Who gave him the herbs?"

"The mayor," the butler replied. "Hes the only doctor in our village."

"Do you have scissors? Cut all the bandages for me."

The butler hesitated.

But Cage grinned and said, "Listen to him."

The butler immediately found a pair of scissors and removed the bandages as well as the herbs.

Then, Roland saw the wounds on Cage.

His upper body was full of cuts caused by sharp blades, some minor and some serious.

There were also three perforation wounds. Judging from their sizes and shapes, they were caused by a spear, an arrow, and a sword respectively.

Bright red blood was slowly leaking from the wounds. They hadnt scabbed over yet.

The perforation wound caused by the arrow was right above his heart. If the arrow had hit slightly lower, Cage probably couldnt have made it back.

"How about it? Arent they medals for a real man?" Cage smiled proudly, but he was too tired and looked miserable.

Roland put on a helpless smile. Then he cast Minor Healing. After the white healing magic power was instilled into Cage, Roland cast Body Fortification on him to further increase his sturdiness. In the end, he cast Hypnosis. Cage was too heavily wounded to resist Rolands spell. He fell asleep instantly.

Then, Roland left the room, and the butler followed him nervously.

The butler asked worriedly, "Is my lord going to be fine?"

Roland nodded. "Hes fine. Dont worry, hes a strong warrior. He could recover on his own even if I didnt come."

The butler was greatly relieved.

He was really scared earlier when Cage returned home with blood and countless holes all over his body. His lord seemed to be dying in every way.

Actually, Roland hid the truth.

If Roland hadnt come, Cage wouldve been weakened and died.

Though Cage was a Warrior and a descendant of the Hero, he was not really invulnerable.

He mightve been able to recover himself if there were only one or two wounds, but he had too many injuries and he lost almost half of his blood, which affected all his organs and would make him weaker and weaker. It was impossible for him to recuperate on his own.

During their brief conversation just now, Roland could sense that Cages mental power was declining.

But thankfully, Roland was here.

Minor Healing could only be used to treat minor injuries for other people, but since Roland was level seven, and his magic power was of a high quality, the spell was as good as the healing of a Priest.

Also, since the Warriors were tough in the first place, Cage could be saved.

Besides, Roland even cast Body Fortification on him, which temporarily enhanced Cages vitality. Roland was sure that Cage wouldnt die.

Then, Roland stuck around. He wanted to make sure that Cage could wake up before he left.

Cage slept for a day and a night and finally woke up the next morning.

Roland was having breakfast in the living room, when Cage swaggered down the stairs.

"Hahahaha. Roland, thank you." Cage sat at the hosts seat majestically and said excitedly, "Im fully recovered. Your healing spell is quite good."

"Stop pretending," Roland snapped. "Your unsteady mental power has exposed the fact that youre still weak."

Cage, frustrated, put on a helpless expression. "I knew that I couldnt hide it from you Right, whats going on in Winterwind?"

Rolands hand which was holding the spoon briefly paused. Then he said, as if it were nothing, "Everythings been taken care of by the Church of Light and the Church of Life."

"What are the civilian casualties?"

"Im told that there are more than twenty thousand." Roland sighed.

Cage was about to have breakfast. Hearing that, he dropped his spoon and fell into a long silence.

Roland didnt say anything either. He simply chewed his food.

After a long time, Roland finished the breakfast and asked, "How were you so wounded?"

Cage was absentminded. He didnt realize that someone was talking to him until several seconds later.

Rubbing his forehead, he said, "The day before yesterday, I was informed that something happened in Winterwind. I went there and saw many professionals fighting each other. I tried to stop them, but they fought me too. At first, I was only defending myself, but then I found that they were fighting more and more ruthlessly and even killing many civilians. I got angry and began to attack them."

"They were both weak and strong. They might have lacked battle experience, but they felt utterly no fear of death, which was quite problematic." Cage thought a moment and explained, "They werent brainlessly fearless, like the Berserkers. Instead, they would only fight with their lives when they had no chance of escape. At first, I killed a dozen of them, but then I was exhausted and they were still infinite. I was wounded and desperate. Having no choice, I had to run back."

Roland said helplessly, "The Golden Sons can be resurrected, and there were too many of them. Of course you cant eliminate them. They resurrected faster than you killed them."

"Were they really Golden Sons?" Cage said with both envy and regret on his face. "That explains why they were weakened but more and more experienced. Some of them could even predict my attacks."

"They probably remembered it because youd killed them once."

"Thats probably it." Cage tried to put on a smile. Then he asked solemnly, "If the Golden Sons are undying, Roland, how are you going to deal with your people who have perpetrated dreadful crimes and are no different from demons?"

Roland raised his head and replied carefully, "I speculated that you would ask that question. Or rather, someone would ask me that question sooner or later."