Mages Are Too Op Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Redundant Panache

Looking around, Roland found that most guests here were male human beings. There was not a single elf.

Those around the drow were clearly in three circles. There were only several men in the innermost circle, including a middle-aged man whose face was so red that he seemed drunk.

Was that man Red-Faced Ralph?

Those men were all young, proud and majestic.

The men that were in the outer circles seemed much more restrained.

The drow turned around, vaguely showing some of her body parts. Her smooth obsidian skin reflected light under the candles like a gem.

Almost all the men were looking at her with obvious lust, but they had to hold themselves back, which made their faces weird.

Outside of the third circle, Roland watched the drow laugh inside and couldnt help but compare her with Andonara.

In terms of looks, she was as good as the old Andonara but not as beautiful as the current Andonara.

In terms of vibe, truth be told, both of them were quite slutty, except that the drow was slutty in public and Andonara cast her sexual appeal on Roland exclusively.

In terms of body figure, the drow was quite attractive, but not as attractive as Andonara.

Anna crushes her in every way. Shes the best.

Roland watched the show calmly.

Before he came, the waiter had stated that if anyone could please Susie, she would fulfill all his demands unless she couldnt.

It seemed that a young man was trying to please Susie.

"Beautiful lady, Ive acquired one-third of a petal from the World Tree from an elf. Now, I dedicate it to you and hope that you can stay beautiful forever."

"One-third of a petal cannot keep me beautiful forever." On her chair, Susie held her head with one hand and extended the other. "Show it to me. If its real, Ill do anything for you."

The young man respectfully delivered a quaint silver box with both hands.

Susie subconsciously sat straight and opened the box, full of hope.

Inside the box was a golden handkerchief where one third of a pink petal was placed.

Susies excitement gradually faded. She yawned, closed the box, and threw it back to the young man. Then she said, "Its fake. Get lost."

"Thats impossible! An elf sold it to me! I paid dozens of gold coins!" the young man cried palely. "Elves dont lie!"

"Who told you that elves dont lie?" Susie lay back on her chair and smiled disdainfully. "Besides, it might not be a pure-blood elf you met. Half-elves can be very treacherous, dont you agree, the new Mage here?"

Roland raised his eyebrow.

The young man seized the opportunity to squeeze out of the crowd and flee.

The men around Susie, especially those at the inner circle, were confused. They couldnt see Roland behind the crowd.

Putting on a sexy smile, she pointed her finger in Rolands direction.

Like Moses dividing the sea, the crowd separated, presenting a straight aisle. Roland was at the end of this aisle.

Susie had noticed Roland since the moment he entered the manor, not with her eyes but with her mind.

Though Roland habitually concealed his mental power, the magic power that circulated around his body was obvious to the experts.

The drows were essentially elves and natural-born spellcasters. They were as sensitive to magic power as the elves were.

Roland smiled and came to Susie through the aisle.

He looked down at her.

Susie sat up and frowned. "I dont like your eyes!"

All the men looked at Roland weirdly and gloatingly.

No adult drows were weaklings, or Susie wouldve been claimed and swallowed by the male nobles with her charm. She would never have a chance to fool around with men brazenly in this town.

Some men in Ill had made a move on Susie before, but they didnt have nice endings.

Some of them went missing, and some were hanged in the square.

Also, the elves had no objection to Susies behavior and simply let her do anything.

Every time before Susie killed anyone, she would say, "I dont like your blah blah blah."

This young man is going to die!

Roland sensed her anger too, but he was rather puzzled. "I dont think my eyes are offensive, are they?"

"Its an offense when you look at me without any desire." Susie stood up, with nothing but a few luxurious yet simple pieces of cloth that covered her private parts. Her long and firm legs were almost completely exposed, making all the men around swallow subconsciously. She pointed at them and said with a smile, "Thats the way that a man should look at me. Have you ever seen a female more beautiful than me?"

"Yes, more than one." Roland nodded.

He was speaking the truth. Both Andonara and the four-winged angel beat her from every perspective. Even Schucks mount, the princess of the red dragons, was better-looking than her.

Susies face turned dark.

All the men around subconsciously stepped back.

Their legs were even slightly shaking.

But Roland was calm. As a Golden Son, he wasnt scared of death.

More importantly, Roland didnt sense any huge reaction from Susies face, so Susie was only pretending to be angry.

A few seconds later, to the mens surprise and jealousy, Susie burst into laughter and said, "Not bad. Not bad. I like your joke. You can stay here for the night. The rest of you will leave. The party is over."

All the men left, radiating jealousy.

Red-Faced Ralph was about to barrage Roland angrily before he left, but he held himself back, probably because of Rolands magic robe.

After the men left, Susie asked the guards to close the manor. Then, the sexiness on her face was gone, and she asked solemnly, "You are a powerful human Mage. What do you want in the Elf Forest?"

"I want to find someone."

Susie poured a cup of fruit wine for Roland and asked, "Who are you looking for?"


Susies face really turned dark this time. "Are you kidding me? How can I possibly know such a big-shot elf?"

You certainly dont deserve your panache.

Roland was rather disappointed.