Mages Are Too Op Chapter 396

Chapter 396 Greedy Mages

How could a naturalized drow like herself possibly know that big shot?

You must be kidding me.

Susie managed a smile and said, "Why dont you ask for something else, like a night with me?"

Taking a deep breath, Roland snapped, "You wish!"

To be honest, Susie couldnt even compare to Vivian in Rolands eyes. If he could be enchanted by any beautiful woman, he wouldve taken Vivian a long time ago.

Susie seemed even more helpless.

"I cant help you find Ans." Susie sighed on the chair and held her breasts to make them even more obvious. "Do you really not want it? I am a drow. Were the best in terms of entertaining men."

Roland asked back unconcernedly, "Even better than the Succubi?"

Well Susie was rather bummed. Then she smiled rather delightedly. "What an odd man. In fact, I havent slept with anyone since I returned to the elves. So dont worry, Im clean."

"Its not that." Roland waved his hands and said, "Its fine if you dont know Ans. But do you know Losandel, the half-elf?"

"I know that one." Susie nodded. "But hes out collecting herbs in the Elf Forest. He wont be back until days from now."

"How many days exactly?"

"Im not sure." Susie shook her head. "He will return sooner if he finds anything, and later if he fails to."

Thinking for a moment, Roland said, "Then Ill leave for now. If he returns in the next five days, tell him that Ill visit him six days later."

Susie nodded. "Okay, Ill forward that to him. Youre the first man thats unwilling to touch me. Is it possible that youre into guys?"


Roland turned and left immediately.

After he left the manor, he dropped two tiny magic spiders and sent them to the grasses to monitor the gates of the manor.

Then, he returned to the inn.

Eating the specially flavored barbecue served at the inn, Roland checked the forum.

He intentionally searched for the threads with "queen" as a keyword.

He found many videos about Andonara. Roland organized them chronologically and watched all of them.

Andonara had become quite famous. She had slain more than three hundred black leaf players, not counting the repeat kills.

Also, she was so ruthless that every enemy in the sector twenty meters before her would be cut into halves after she unleashed her sword auras and blue flames.

At least in the videos, none of the black leaf players could take one attack from her.

More importantly, Andonara would burn the players bodies into smithereens after the kill, giving them no chance to reclaim their bodies.

She even burned and melted down the players equipment.

She had gotten a lot of nicknames on the forum, such as "Blond Terminator," "Lady of the Crematory," etc.

Earlier, the players treated her as Rolands woman, an NPC for teaching skills, and the queen. They never treated her seriously.

But right now, almost all the players found the woman tough and unbelievably beautiful.

It was a shame that she was with Roland.

Then, more and more people pinged Roland on the forum, hoping to acquire his account.

Their offers were getting higher and higher too.

But since Roland was on "No Disturbance" mode, none of their messages were received.

While he was surfing the forum, Roland received images from the magic spiders.

Susie, alone, left the manor quietly in a black cloak.

The two spiders followed her.

Roland began to control the magic spiders.

During the past half-year, Roland had been trying to improve the magic spiders, so that they could be smaller, faster, and stealthier.

More importantly, Roland finally made it possible for the magic spiders to transmit sound.

Though the sound was distorted and occasionally intermittent, it was still huge progress.

The magic spiders were only the size of fingernails and almost fully transparent. They could barely be recognized.

Susie zigzagged in the human side of the city for half an hour before she finally reached a two-floor building.

Then, she climbed into the building from the window in the backyard.

The two magic spiders immediately followed. One of them stayed below the window, and the other crawled into the house through a gap.

Then, the image was delivered again.

In the dim room, a half-elf was sitting opposite Susie.

Roland also heard Susies slightly distorted voice. "A human Mage just came. He asked about Ans first and you later."

The half-elf asked slowly, "Who is this human Mage? Why does he know Lord Ans?"

"Im not clear. Ive never seen him before. Hes a total stranger." Susie sighed. "I tried to seduce him for more intelligence, but he was not tempted."

The half-elf was surprised. "Is there any man who can resist your temptation?"

"Thats nothing to be surprised at," Susie said unconcernedly. "Ill ask the patrol teams to check up on him tomorrow. Youd better leave the town for now. After all, youre really mediocre, and that Mage might be very tough."

"Okay." The half-elf stood up and said, "Im leaving now."

"Thats right. The sooner, the better." Susie was satisfied with the half-elfs decision.

Seeing that, Roland immediately took action.

Based on the picture sent back by the magic spiders, Roland hid himself in the woods at the exit of the town in advance.

Susie walked the half-elf to the exit of the town and said, "Im going back. My identity cant be exposed yet."

The half-elf nodded.

Then, the half-elf left Ill on his own.

Ill was only a trading post at the border. A strict curfew was implemented here. No residents were allowed to be on the street past midnight.

Besides, this place was far away from other cities, so there were few travelers outside of the town at night.

It was very quiet, and the moon was very bright, allowing the half-elf to see the road clearly without a torch.

But he suddenly came to a stop, because a human male had blocked his way.

The man was wearing a blue magic robe, which was rather grave and intimidating in the moonlight.

A Mage The half-elf suddenly remembered what Susie said.

He turned around and tried to flee, but when hed just started running, extreme coldness caught up to him from his back. He turned around, only to see a huge ring of ice expanding quickly on the ground and leaving frost everywhere.

The half-elf subconsciously jumped, but the moment he jumped, a gigantic blue hand appeared out of nowhere and smashed him to the frosted ground.

His handsome face hit the ground so painfully that he almost passed out.

The ground was cold, but the half-elfs heart was even colder.