Mages Are Too Op Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Special Entertainments

He wondered whether Roland was coercing him into submission, or he was up to something else After all, in the eyes of a politician, every simple move might have deep implications.

What did Roland want by threatening him?

But after his observation, he found the vibe of kinship in Roland. Startled, he asked, "Wait, youre related to the elves? But arent you a Golden Son?"

"I am a Golden Son. As for my elven bloodline, I dont know what thats about."

Roland would rather not reveal his Hybrid specialization.

After all, probably only the players could choose this specialization, and it would be hard for him to explain himself.

"Maybe one of your ancestors had an elf as his spouse," remarked Ans casually.

He believed that, if the Golden Sons could come to this world, the natives here could go to the Golden Sons world too. Elves had been captured as slaves for thousands of years. It was not too strange that some of them were sold to an alternate dimension.

Sensing the vibe of kinship from Roland, Ans seemed much less hostile.

"Then, what do you want to do with the Mother Trees blood?" Ans stared Roland in the eyes, trying to ensure that he wasnt lying. "I want the truth."

"Destructive Druid and Arcane Windrunner." Roland paused. Seeing no huge reaction from Ans, he continued, "I want to transform into one of these classes."

Ans said calmly, "It seems that you know a thing or two about these classes. No wonder you want Mothers blood."

Roland nodded with a smile. "I dont think its too hard for you to obtain the sap of the World Tree as an elder of the elves."

"But why would I help you? Just because youre related to us? However, if youre willing to come back and swear to the Mother Tree that you will stay in the forest forever and fight for your people, I may be able to do something for you."

Roland sipped the juice and considered.

At this point, a new dialog box popped up on his system menu.

"Ans is inviting you to join the elves."



Thinking for a moment, Roland shook his head and said to Ans, "Im sorry, but I still feel that Im a human being."

The dialog box flashed and disappeared.

Ans was apparently disappointed.

If there could be an elf who was invulnerable and talented, he would be a perfect candidate to resolve tricky matters for the elves.

The dangerous and even life-threatening tasks could be assigned to him.

He could also be used to deter outside foes.

Ans knew very well that the elves were getting weaker and wouldve been destroyed by mankind without the protection of the Mother Tree.

It was always his wish to find a powerful ally for his people.

Regretfully, this Golden Son with elven bloodline was unwilling to join But Ans was not frustrated. He knew very well that people could always change, and that hed better keep the man hooked so that he could persuade him again.

"Okay, since youre unwilling to return with me, lets talk business." Ans pondered a moment and said, "The blood of the Mother Tree is very precious. I can get it for you, but the price will be huge. So what can you provide?"

"The Golden Sons have nothing valuable except our ability to fight. Besides, I dont think youre interested in money." Roland thought a moment and said, "So, I can only promise you that I can help you when youre in serious trouble and cant handle it on your own, provided that its nothing evil."

The miseries of the black leaf players were still fresh. Roland didnt intend to end up like them.

Considering a moment, Ans said, "Okay. You stay here for three days. If I dont come to you in three days, you can go."

"Is that a yes?" Roland was slightly surprised, not expecting Ans to be so reasonable.

Ans rose and chuckled, before he turned around and left the inn.

Walking on the streets of Ill, Ans was rather comforted to see the lively town.

Ill wasnt established until a hundred years earlier, due to his hard work.

This town solved a lot of problems for the elves, such as the shortage of salt and iron, and acquisition of intelligence.

Also, as a buffer between the elves and the outside world, many half-elves reached out to the elves, who were basically secluded, through Ill and returned.

It meant that his political ideal was correct, and his masters was wrong.

Blindly protecting the elves and hurting all other races that drew close like hedgehogs was essentially suicide.

But even so, indirectly killing his master was an external trauma in his heart.

Seeing that the elves and human beings were living in peace in this town, Ans put on a smile of satisfaction and left.

Roland, on the other hand, continued his magic studies in the inn. A three-day wait wouldnt be too long.

But outside of his expectations, he had minor problems on the second day.

Some nobles came to ask for trouble.

They werent here to duel him, but to embarrass him. For example, they offered Roland ten gold coins and asked him to perform a strip tease.

If Roland were as destitute as he had been when he just joined the game, he mightve considered the offer.

But he had hundreds of gold coins in his backpack. Did he really need the money?

Immediately, he threw the nobles out of the inn with a magic whirlwind.

In the meantime, he learned why so many people were coming to him.

As it turned out, Susie, angry that she was followed, announced that she would sleep with whoever humiliated Roland.

She thought that Roland wouldnt dare to piss off all the nobles.

Connections were her advantage. Since she was not strong enough, she would rather beat Roland with her connections.

Lost for words, Roland slapped the table and left for Susies manor. He tried Flash, Ice Ring, Hypnosis but none worked.

Therefore, he simply grabbed Susie with Hand of Magic and tied her up, before he hung her on a tree outside of her manor.

Then, he sat under the tree and read his books, while he beat whoever came to rescue her.

For a moment, all the young men in Ill were crying for their mothers.

The elven sheriff was here. He shrugged at Susie, whose life was not at risk though she was being punished, and smiled at Roland. Then he left.

Susie hung there for three days without any food or water.

The professionals were very sturdy, but even so, Susie was still half-dead.

She had been cursing Roland vehemently at first and struggling like a stranded fish, but she was begging for mercy now.

Then, Ans arrived in the evening on the third day.

When he found Roland, he looked at the exhausted drow whose clothes were all messed up and smiled at Roland. "I didnt think that you liked such entertainments. Our women are all very obedient. If you return to the elves and find a partner, such a way of entertainment will be nothing."