Mages Are Too Op Chapter 402

Chapter 402 The Druids Are Here

When they were drafted by the nobles to work, they would at best be given a piece of black bread, which was made of the crust of grains and some flour, after a whole day of work. They were often hungry after only four hours.

Most of the time, the drafted workers had to prepare their own food.

More importantly, the drafting of their noble lord was mandatory. They had to come, and if they couldnt complete their work in time, they would either be hanged or have one of their limbs severed.

After all, by the laws of this kingdom, all the civilians living on a fief were essentially the belongings of their lord.

But now the Magic Tower was offering food and wheat for the workers, and the task was not even mandatory.

The guys of the Black Sand Gang had made it clear that it was not compulsory, but only a simple recruitment of workers, and that they could refuse to come if they didnt want to.

The poor people mostly hesitated at first, fearing that the big shots were only tricking them.

But as a bottom-level organization itself, the Black Sand Gang knew very well how to convince the civilians.

To wit, they would tell the poor in disdain that it was an opportunity for them because the Mages felt sorry for them and were being generous, and that it didnt matter if they didnt come.

Though the poor people didnt have much faith in the nobles, it was in their nature to take advantage of anything because of long-time destitution, which affected their judgment.

It was not their fault, but just their instinct for survival because they had been poor and hungry for too long.

If the Black Sand Gang had begged them to work, the poor people wouldnt have dared to accept it. They were always vigilant of whoever courteously asked them to do anything.

But when the Black Sand Gang informed them of the news with a cocky and condescending attitude, most of the poor people trusted them.

Those guys should be cocky when they were offering food for free.

More and more poor people, along with their whole families, staggered out of the slums and gathered at the city gate, where they were given two pieces of white bread. Then, they were taken by the servants of the nobles out of the city and offered axes for logging.

Standing on the city wall, Roland watched the teams of workers walk while eating the white bread.

He looked back and saw more and more people coming out of their homes and waiting in line at the distribution points at the city gate.

Vincent was standing next to him. His magic cloak was rustling in the raging wind.

After observing for a while, he asked, "Roland, how strictly do you want me to oversee them?"

"Ensure that all the workers are paid and safe. As for the rest, just turn a blind eye as long as theyre not too outrageous." Roland heaved a sigh.

Vincent asked back with a smile, "Are you saying that well watch the lackeys of the nobles rule over the workers?"

"We can only live with that. Were short of hands anyway," Roland said helplessly. "Theyll be useless when our own magic apprentices grow up."

Vincent said, "It seems that youve got a plan. Thats good. Im going to work. To be honest, this game is quite interesting. It shows you different worlds and different lives. Apart from magic, I now even have a chance to experience how the bottom-level workers do their job."

Roland replied with a smile, "Isnt it great? Youre from a rich family. Some of the experience you earn here can be applied to reality and may help your family corporations."

While walking, Vincent waved his hands. "My family is just a regular one."

Hehe. You think I would believe that?

Roland shook his head and got off from the city wall, returning to the Magic Tower.

The Magic Tower was now empty. Everybody had been sent out, including the students.

They were helping their seniors by offering tea, mopping the floor, or delivering messages.

The kids werent playing an important role, but they could learn devotion and diligence from their seniors.

As time went by, more and more poor people were applying for the job. Now, there were thirty bread distribution points, but they were still swarmed.

The inns and taverns under the banner of the Magic Tower had asked all their men to make bread in order to ensure the supply of food.

After several days, the wheat and flour in the warehouse of the Magic Tower disappeared at an unbelievable speed. They were running out in five days.

Thankfully, Roland had made arrangements. The first batch of merchants he sent out had shipped abundant flour with wagons, enough for three days of consumption.

More food was underway.

Though Roland had never commanded a large activity or project, as a man who had received twenty years of education, he was definitely knowledgeable and experienced in this world.

The logging project was not exactly challenging or technical. The only things that he needed to pay attention to were safety and supply.

He had been very careful. Vincent had been helping him, and he checked the daily consumption and supply every day, trying to make sure that everything was perfect.

The logging went quite well. Half of the forest in the north had been cut down. The nobles and celebrities in the city felt that they had known another Roland.

He had commanded almost twenty thousand people, offering them food and making them work in an orderly manner every day without any mistakes. He was apparently capable of commanding an army as a general.

Many nobles who werent impressed by Roland gradually changed their opinion.

But John Junior broke even more items in his study.

Everything was on track.

But for some reason, Roland felt uneasy.

He stood on the city wall for an hour every day, checking if he had missed anything, but he found nothing. He got more and more anxious.

On this day, he was overseeing the work from the city wall as usual. It was snowing.

Vincent rode close from far away and rushed to the city wall. Panting, he said, "Something is wrong. A lot of outsiders came to the forest. They seem to be all spellcasters, but they dont look like Mages. Theyre not friendly."


Enlightened, Roland finally realized why he had been feeling ill at ease.

It was because of the Druids, the extremist environmentalists of this world!