Mages Are Too Op Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Speculations On Alignmen

Roland’s fireball made them feel quite complicated.

They had inferred how strong Roland was, after experiencing the explosion in person.

Roland performed Extreme Body Fortification on Vincent and asked, “Which of them hurt you?”

Vincent looked much better. He couldn’t move yet, but he could focus his eyes on someone.

He was staring at Heather.

He didn’t know exactly who attacked him just now, but he could always vent his fury on his least favorite target.

Heather, on the other hand, had been talkative and arrogant.

Roland looked back at Heather and said to Andonara, “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

“No problem.”

Andonara laid her hand on the handle of her sword happily.

At this point, Heather was panicking.

Because the Great Swordsman focused on both Agility and Strength, they were not as brawny as pure Warriors. It was hard to tell how strong they were from their appearance.

Besides, Andonara was a beautiful young woman who had a sexy body. Even though she was wearing leather armor and carrying a sword, one would inevitably think that she was just a noble lady who was wearing a costume to experience an alternate life.

Even so, Heather was still panicked, knowing that whoever stood next to a powerful Mage couldn’t be weak.

He was about to talk, when Andonara drew her sword.

The sword was unsheathed as quickly as it was replaced.

Something transparent seemed to flash by. At the same time, Heather was suddenly cut into symmetrical halves from the middle of his body. His guts and blood splashed everywhere.

It was so fast!

Roland only managed to see how Andonara attacked and the vague sword aura she launched in the air.

If he were Heather, he probably would’ve been out of mana and blown ten meters away even with his magic shield on.

A Mage without magic power could be killed as easily as an ordinary person would be by a Warrior.

None of the Druids had seen Andonara’s movement clearly.

Heather’s death changed their exasperation into shock and fright.

Ignoring the body on the ground, Andonara looked at Roland with a smile, asking for his approval.

The Druids were silent.

After a long time, looking at the two halves of Heather and the rivers of blood, Black Thorn asked Roland slowly, “You killed our people without saying anything?”

“Didn’t you try to kill our people?” Roland pointed at Vincent behind him.

A Druid came close and declared, “You cut down countless trees and destroyed a big forest. You deserve death!”

You want to debate with me?

Pointing at the poor workers who hadn’t fully evacuated, Roland said, “But they wouldn’t have land to farm on and can’t survive if the trees aren’t cut down. I know that the Druids cherish the woods, but human beings are part of nature too. Why do you not cherish them? Or do you believe that it will be best if human beings do not exist in this world?”

Roland had set a trap for them. If they admitted that they didn’t care about human beings, it was possible that those Druids would be more evil-aligned.

It was also his test.

Actually, after the incident with the black leaf players, Roland had been considering what evil meant, or how the six-winged angel judged evilness.

Evil Detection was a level-two spell. Because of its taunting nature, Roland had never used it until the black leaf incident. After Andonara returned, Roland began to study the spell.

Though it was rude to use the spell on outsiders, he could use it on those who were close to him.

Under the scan, Vivian showed neutral white light, whereas Andonara gave brilliant gold light, a sign of Lawful Good.

But Roland knew Andonara well; she was essentially a woman who preferred to stay home. It was understandable that she was neutral, but considering her unconventional opinion on love, she was more likely to be Chaotic Neutral than Lawful Good.

The only thing she did recently was slay hundreds of black leaf players again and again.

Therefore Evil Detection was more about what a person did, instead of who they were?

After that, Roland secretly cast Evil Detection on many ordinary people late at night.

The ordinary people couldn’t sense magic waves. Naturally, they didn’t know that Roland cast the spell on them.

Roland considered them to be evil, which was why he ran the test on them.

To Roland’s surprise, while some of them emitted feeble redness, indicating that they had done bad things, most of the subjects were neutral.

One of the nobles who was extremely harsh on his servants and physically abused them was neutral too.

Some of the slavers in the city were also neutral.

Those people were all guilty from the perspective of the players, but Evil Detection deemed them to be innocent.

Roland even thought that something was wrong with his spell.

Then, he found that they had something in common, which was that they never really killed anyone, and that what they did befitted their identity.

Therefore, the rules of this world had given them a blessing to do what they did.

Roland found the conclusion unbelievable and almost cursed aloud.

Making further extrapolations, Roland was able to understand a lot of things that he didn’t before.

For example, the slavers who caught elves deserved to be killed in the players’ opinion, but no righteous human beings ever gave them a hard time.

It was because slaves existed objectively and legally in this world.

Even the righteous Saint Samurai could not say anything to the slavers.

But the elves could. From the perspective of the elves, all the slavers who captured elves should be killed.

Therefore, the result of Evil Detection had a lot to do with the target’s identity.

Now, Roland had set up a trap to test if his guess was correct by making that statement.

He was waiting for Black Thorn’s answer.

As a Mage, Black Thorn had sharp instincts. He somehow felt that Roland’s question was malicious.

Since they were enemies, it was reasonable that Roland was malicious.

But the strong sense of insecurity made Black Thorn highly uncomfortable. He decided to think carefully before he gave an answer.

But someone was less gingerly.

One of the Druids, seeing that Black Thorn was silent, thought that he lost his courage. So, the Druid stepped out and roared, “How can human beings compare to nature? Ten untouchables are not as valuable as one tree.”

It was exactly what Roland was waiting for.

He snapped his fingers and activated Evil Detection again.

Everybody’s alignment was displayed in Roland’s eyes again.

The Druid who just stood up showed less white light than earlier, but only slightly so.

Therefore, what he said could not change his alignment greatly, but Roland’s guess was correct.

Evil Detection was indeed based on races and identities.

The Druids were even angrier.

They felt that their pants had been taken off again when Roland did that.

They were infuriated. If their faces in the hoods could be seen, one would see that veins were bulging on their foreheads. The Druid who just spoke pointed his finger at Roland rudely and was about to curse, but Andonara laid her hand on her sword.

The Druid subconsciously put his hand down.

Roland smiled and said, “We’re cutting down those trees. If you think trees are more important than human beings, you’re free to come to me. Now, please go. This is Delpon, not the Elf Forest.”

“We’re human beings, not elves!” Black Thorn declared ruthlessly.

“But you’re no different from elves in my eyes.” Roland smiled intimidatingly. “Delpon doesn’t welcome fake elves like you. We’ll decide what we will do with the things on our own territory. You outsiders don’t get a say in that. Now, get lost.”

The human Druids glared at Roland angrily and seemed about to say something.

But after a time, they didn’t say anything, not even tough talk about what they would do next time they came.

They simply covered Heather’s body with special vines, which consumed his flesh and left his bones, before they all left in frustration.

Roland, on the other hand, took Vincent, who had been badly wounded, to the Magic Tower.

On the bed, Vincent looked better after the simple treatment, but it would take at least five days for his skin and bones to recuperate.

“Five days of absolute stillness on the bed, are you sure you can deal with that?” Roland suggested with a smile, “Why don’t you just die once? You’ll be as alive as can be in ten minutes.”

“No.” Vincent turned down Roland’s suggestion quickly. “I’ve just reached level five. I’ll fall back to level four if I die, and my last three months of hard work would be for nothing.”

Roland chuckled. After level five, because of the increase of total experience, the experience loss in each death was truly heartbreaking.

“Then I’ll command the workers to go back to work,” said Roland. He was about to leave.

“Wait. I need to ask you something.”

Roland stopped and asked, “What is it?”

Vincent tried to turn his head to Roland and asked, “Why didn’t you kill the Druids just now? They might cause trouble again after they walk away.”

“They’re all neutral. It will be bad to kill them. Andonara lost a lot of gold light after killing one of them. If we killed them, we would’ve likely ended up like black leaf players.”

“So we’ll just hold back? I’m afraid that they will stir trouble in secret,” said Vincent concernedly.

“Don’t worry.” Roland smiled and said, “I’ve already got a solution for them.”