Mages Are Too Op Chapter 412

Chapter 412 The Real Devil King

With rumbling noises, tremendous black magic power surged out of the cave, chilling everybody and giving them goosebumps.

Also, the magic power smelled horrible, almost like rotten durian.

"We need to go back further." Holding the blue sword, Andonara said solemnly, "Well be faced with an evil god."

Her teammates all looked weird after hearing that.

Vincent licked his lips and said nervously, "An evil god? Thats rather a lot. A god must be at least above level fifteen, right? The queen is close to Legendary, but the rest of us are merely Elites. Can we really deal with it?"

"It seems that we cant escape now even if we want to," Liz declared passionately. "Lets fight the battle first."

She raised her square shield before her and shouted excitedly with her hammer raised high, "Lovely Lady of Water, please bless your loyal believer with courage."

A blue streak of light descended from the sky and formed a watery shield around Liz.

"Sexy Lady of Water, please bless your loyal believer with power."

Another streak of light fell.

"Beautiful Lady of Water"

Despite the enormous earthquake before them, everybody was distracted by Lizs unique prayer.

Vincent was slightly anxious at first, but he only wanted to laugh at this point.

Roland quickly cast Extreme Body Fortification, Swiftness, and other buffs on everybody.

In the meantime, he turned around and asked, "Andonara, is the thing thats coming out powerful?"

"Yes and no." Andonara thought for a moment and said, "It should be very weak at this point, after being sealed for a hundred years."

Looking at her sword and sensing the boiling power inside her caused by the magic buffs from Roland, she said, "We can win!"

"Okay! Lets try it."

Hardly had Roland spoken when a strand of black light shot out of the cave.

Rolands team reacted fast enough and dodged it.

The black light drew a circle and expanded the entrance of the cave.

Then, a giant three meters tall, with horns on his head and crimson skin, thudded out.

With every step he took, the earth would tremble slightly.

He looked similar to a human being, but his cheeks were more chiseled and covered in monstrous scales.

His eyes were blue and black.

Seeing him, Roland was immediately reminded of the specter he came across at Reed Village.

"Diablo." Roland took a deep breath.

Vincent asked, "What now? Do you know it?"

"Its the devil that Kelter the Hero killed. I didnt know that it had been sealed here." Roland chuckled and said, "But its understandable that a Heros sword was used to suppress a devil that he defeated, isnt it?"

Liz suddenly shouted at this point, "Look at the suffix on his name! Hes Extremely Enfeebled!"

Roland and Vincent looked at it and realized that it was true.

So, could there be a better opportunity for a battle?

Roland raised his hand and launched Prismatic Spray at Diablos face. Vincent, on the other hand, cast Inferior Fireballs and even sprayed a handful of sand on Diablos eyes with Hands of Magic.

Liz slightly bent and then roared, "Armor Detonation!"

Except for her weapon and her shield, all the equipment on her instantly turned into blue pieces and spurted out fast and deafeningly.

Diablos eyes had been focused on Andonara ever since he came out of the cave.

From that woman, he had smelled the magic power that he hated most, that which belonged to Phoenix.

"Youve turned into a woman! Wheres your dignity, Phoen"

Halfway through his sentence, Diablo saw a Prismatic Spray coming at his face.

Probably because he had just woken up and his head wasnt clear yet, he didnt take any protective measures but simply watched the huge colorful rainbow smacking his face.

After a slap, the colorful rainbow imploded.

Diablo leaned back greatly and nearly fell over. He took several steps back to regain balance.

He felt that his nose was sore. Touching his nose, he found that it was bleeding.

Diablo was about to burst into fury, when Vincents Inferior Fireballs arrived.

The Inferior Fireballs werent powerful, not even enough to break his scales.

But what really disgusted him was the handful of sand, which was sprayed into his eyes when he was unprepared.

"Ah, you goddamn unscrupulous"

Then, Lizs attack hit him.

Countless blue pieces of iron were nailed into Diablos body, penetrating at least three centimeters deep.

In the end, the monster was riddled with more than two hundred iron shards.

Green blood was gushing out of him.

These wounds were fatal for a regular creature. The loss of blood alone couldve killed it.

But Diablo simply roared. There was no telling what evil sorcery he used, but his body further expanded.

He grew from three meters tall to three and a half, and his muscles seemed even more bulging.

Having reduced her armor and her helmet into shrapnel, Liz was protected by nothing but a bikini that the system gave her, and her square shield.

But with intense fighting will bursting out of her eyes, she charged at an unbelievable speed and reached Diablo only half a second later.

Then she roared, "Shield Charge!"

She stretched her right leg out, pressing her momentum and her weight on the shield.

With a weird noise of wind, the shield was thrown out and hit Diablos lower abdomen.

It wouldve hit Diablos face if Diablo werent too tall, but the monster was simply too magnificent.

If Liz were a dwarf, the Shield Charge wouldve merely hit Diablos foot.

Hit by the powerful Shield Charge, Diablo was blown back to the wall near the cave and half-embedded into the wall.

"This one seems rather weak," muttered Liz.

Andonara looked at Roland and the rest, lost for words.

By logic, shouldnt they have given a heroic speech before dealing with a devil or a strong enemy?

That was what happened in the knight novels and folklore.

And that was what Diablo did.

However, those Golden Sons didnt act according to the script at all.

Andonara blinked her eyes and stared at Diablo. Having retrieved a piece of ancestral memory, she knew that Diablo couldnt have been beaten by such attacks even though he was enfeebled.

As she expected, Diablo pulled himself out of the wall and wiped his nosebleed, before he grinned hideously and said, "Human beings courageous human beings. Youre bold enough to attack me. If you had been there a hundred years ago, Phoenix wouldnt have needed to send his son."

Then, Diablo gazed at Andonara. "Youre not Phoenix, but his descendant? Its been a long time since"

Then, Roland attacked again.

He cast spells while he retreated, launching incessant Prismatic Sprays that were aimed at Diablos face.

Vincent and Liz were prepared to attack too.

But at this point, Diablo suddenly burst into rage. "Little bug, dont interrupt me when Im talking"

All of a sudden, Diablo appeared before Rolands face.

It was not a flash, he was simply fast. He crashed all the Prismatic Sprays on the way to Roland.

But he wasnt hurt again this time.

His velocity despite such an enormous body was almost unbelievable.

He extended his right arm and swept. The right arm alone was bigger than Roland.

When it was about to hit Roland, Andonara suddenly appeared before Roland with her sword, helping Roland resist the attack with her sword.

The red right arm with the claw hit the sword, causing a metallic noise.

With the brunt strength pushing on the sword, Andonara couldnt help but fly back.

She was greatly anxious, not because she was wounded but because Roland was behind her.

As a half-Legendary Warrior, she was extremely sturdy and wouldnt be badly hurt, but Roland might not be if she crashed into him.

After all, Roland wasnt very sturdy as a Mage, and he didnt have talents or specializations that increased his vitality or defense.

But he still had his magic shield. He should be fine.

Fearing that she would crash into Roland, Andonara flew backward for three meters but didnt bump into anything.

She regained balance in the air, but then she suddenly saw Roland right behind Diablo.

Roland had flashed away!

Andonara was immediately relieved.

She stabbed her sword into the ground to stabilize herself.

Then, she watched, to her shock, as Diablo simply turned around and swept his right arm again the moment Roland flashed to his back, as if he had eyes at his back.

Caught unprepared, Roland was hit by the arm.

His magic shield glittered and cracked.

Roland, on the other hand, was flung away and broke three trees on his way, before he fell into the weeds.


Andonara cried out in shock and fury.

Although she knew that a Golden Son wouldnt really die, Andonara was still pained to see Roland being blown away.

Then, she couldnt be more exasperated.

You hit my man! You should die!

As if it sensed her mood, the Heros sword in her hand ignited into intense flames, which quickly spread out and enshrouded her, creating a fiery blue bird around her that was about to fly away.

The legendary devil, the legendary beast, and the legendary Heros flames.

The Phoenix flames.

Diablo turned around and looked at Andonara. "Blood of the traitor, Im going to drag you back to the Realm of Devils, throw you in Phoenixs face, and then torture you until you die."

Roaring, Diablo charged at Andonara at an extremely high speed.