Mages Are Too Op Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Meeting Falken Again

Vincent and Liz, who were close to him, both felt dizzy.

Actually, it was not an odor of magic power but a special skill that was similar to the dragons might, which could mentally trouble inferior creatures.

Rolands teammates were only nauseated because they were strong, but if they were below Elite level, they would have peed their pants under this area deterrence skill. They wouldve cowered instinctively even though they were not scared.

Though Diablo was enfeebled, he was still a dominating creature in terms of level.

Because of the mental influence, Vincent cast spells much more slowly.

He was the weakest of the team to begin with, and the mental deterrence made him even weaker.

His Inferior Fireballs could barely tear off the scales on the monsters face.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Passing through all the Inferior Fireballs on the way, Diablo rushed to Andonara and slashed using both claws.

A traditional Hero, such as Kelter, wouldve blocked the attack with Heros Shield.

But Andonara was no traditional Hero. She dodged Diablos attack with a weird gait and turned to Diablos left.

Diablos body was too huge. He was fast only compared to Roland and the others whose level was lower than his, but in general, he did not have many advantages in dexterity because of his body size.

Andonara, on the other hand, had a smaller body size and was faster than the monster.

The blue flames that were attached to her looked like a gigantic flying bird.

Blinking to Diablos back, Andonara stabbed her sword, and the fiery bird pecked too.

The sword was aimed at Diablos back, and the birds beak went to his neck.

Scorching fire and sharp auras were attached to the sword.

The pecking of the fiery bird, in the meantime, was both a magic attack and a physically penetrative one.

When the bird pecked, a strange rustling noise burst out, and even the air twisted.

Diablo had no time to dodge. Because of his enormous size, he couldnt have acted faster than Andonara, who was petite.

He only had the time to turn back before he was hit.

The moment Andonara hit Diablo, a black magic shield blocked her sword and the pecking of the blue fiery bird.

But the attack from a half-Legend was too powerful, not to mention that she had the Heros sword.

Besides, Andonara had been exasperated and had used all her melee specializations.

How powerful was a fully-blown attack of a half-Legend?

Although Diablo had established a dark magic shield, it suffered an enormous explosion when Andonara hit the shield.

Then, a circle of dust was blown out from the ground where they were standing. After all the dust was knocked away, solid ground was revealed, but then infinite cracks appeared on the ground only half a second later and quickly spread into a net.

Time seemed to have paused. Then, with a deafening noise, Diablo, who was more than three meters tall, was blown back like a cannonball.

Vincent and Liz were flung away at the same time.

Rumbling noises echoed from far away as Diablo knocked the trees down.

But a pair of wings suddenly grew out from his back. He flapped his wings and stopped in midair.

But Andonara did not stop after the first strike. With coldness all over her face, she turned into a fiery bird and charged at Diablo in a stream of scorching air.

This time, the black magic shield couldnt block Andonaras attack anymore. The fiery bird broke the shield first. Then, a longsword pierced through Diablo and struck him toward the sky.

Blue magic energy ran amok inside Diablos body.

In his agony, Diablo extended his claws and tried to grab Andonara.

But Andonara simply kicked between Diablos legs with her knee.

After a crack, Diablos eyes popped out.

Andonara seized the chance to chop off Diablos head. His headless body fell from the sky.

The enormous body hit the ground, and blue flames burned all over it.

But he was still alive.

The head on the ground stared at Andonara delightedly, as if its plan had worked. "Thank you, little girl, for sending me back to the Realm of Devils. Dont worry, Ill come back soon. Ill kill everybody in the Phoenix family. The death of your man is just the beginning."

Thinking that Roland had already died, Diablo burst into laughter.

He remembered that his strike mustve shattered half of Rolands internal organs.

No Mages who were not a Master couldve survived such heavy wounds.

Andonara seemed even angrier, but she was not sad.

Diablo found it odd. His head was deformed by the fire, but he could still talk. "Youre not heartbroken?"

Andonara snorted but didnt say anything.

"So, youre as heartless as Phoenix. Youre both willing to abandon the people who are most important to you without any hesitation," Diablo said in a weird tone. "Apples never fall far away from the tree, right?"

Andonara smiled after hearing that.

At this point, Roland came out of the woods holding his chest. He was very unsteady, as if he would fall the next second.

"Youre still alive!"

Diablo roared in fury, and his body jerked, as if he were trying to kill Roland again.

But at this point, Andonara pierced her sword into Diablos forehead and instilled the blue flames. Soon, his head was burned to ashes.

A gigantic shadow suddenly emerged from nowhere and grinned at everybody hideously, before it slowly disappeared.

Did he return to the Realm of Devils?

Roland walked to Andonara and asked her in surprise, "Youre already Legendary!"

Andonara nodded.

At this point, Vicent and Liz came out of the woods too and both looked at Andonara in shock.

The aftermath of Andonara and Diablos battle was powerful enough to blow them away. It was too unbelievable.

"Were just here to hold you back." Looking at Diablos burning body, Vincent sat down in disappointment. "Damn it. I couldnt even break his scales. I really wonder if I should continue my magic studies."

Liz sat down next to him and comforted him. "Youre now a level-five Mage. Youre already among the best. Dont compare yourself to Roland. Thats meaningless."

Roland waved his hand and said, "I didnt do anything, either. Andonara did all the work."

"At least you could hurt him, and Liz could blow him away. You were able to break his defense." Vincent admitted regretfully, "I couldnt break his defense at all, which means that I couldnt have beaten the monster even if I were here with forty teammates. Thats really frustrating."

Liz added, "This evil god was extremely enfeebled. What could he have done if he were in his best state?"

"He couldve summoned meteorites and sunk this island." Andonara grabbed Rolands arm like a clingy little bird and said, "The memory I acquired told me that Diablo was actually a Mage and not a Warrior. However, he cast nothing but a shield just now."

"Damn it. Hes so good at melee battles when hes a Mage?"

"Hes an evil god." Liz sighed and asked, "But why didnt he use spells?"

"Because of the sealing," Andonara explained. "The Phoenix descendants are naturally capable of suppressing magic."

"What if he comes back for revenge after he recovers?" Roland looked at Andonara worriedly.

Players could always be resurrected, but if anything happened to Andonara, she would cease to exist.

"Dont worry," Andonara said with a smile, "I estimate that it will take at least twenty years for him to recover. Besides, its not easy to come to the main plane. He has to prepare cross-dimensional portals. He cant come back until decades from now."

Roland was much more relieved after hearing that.

A couple of decades were enough for Roland to grow up. If the game was still open by then, he would be confident to teach Diablo a lesson as a player.

They talked for a while. Then, the blue flames burned Diablos body into black ashes, so black that the ashes were almost absorbing light.

Roland divided the ashes into three parts and said, "If the ashes of vampires can be sold for money, so must an evil gods."

"Arent you smart?" Vincent chuckled and put his share of the ashes into his system Backpack.

Liz did the same. She said with a smile, "I hope that they can be sold for a dozen gold coins."

"I think theyre worth more than that." Vincent stood up and looked at Roland, before he continued, "You and the queen can go back to Delpon first."

"Youre not returning with us?"

Vincent shook his head. "I intend to travel and learn like you did. Hopefully, I can pick up more things. Although Ive been growing in the Magic Tower, I always feel that something is missing."

Roland nodded. "Fine, but be back soon. Youre the deputy chairman."

"Okay, no problem."

"Im going back to the Temple of the Water God." Liz had already put on a linen robe from her system Backpack. She smiled and said, "You two enjoy your honeymoon."

Roland took out five gold coins and gave them to her. "This is the payment that I promised."

Liz accepted them with a smile. The Priests of the Water God Church were always short of money.

Together, they went to the beach and returned to Bluewater Harbor on the boat. Then, they split up.

Roland checked in at an inn in Bluewater Harbor. He intended to take a rest first.

Andonara fell asleep soon after a bath. Though the battle didnt last long, she was actually quite exhausted.

Roland, on the other hand, continued his magic studies.

But when it was late at night, he started to feel drowsy and soon fell asleep.

Players didnt need sleep, but he somehow fell asleep on his desk.

When he woke up, he found himself in a special space where everything was ivory-colored.

He was standing on a ritual table, surrounded by a lot of people that were of different ages and genders.

He looked around and, to his surprise, found a familiar face.