Mages Are Too Op Chapter 414

Chapter 414 I Dont Want To Cause Any Misunderstandings

Falken squeezed out of the crowd and looked at Roland in surprise. "Why are you here? Youre dead too?"

Then he shook his head. "Wait. Youre not a believer of our goddess. How did you end up here?"

It was not until this moment that Roland realized that everybody here was translucent and emitting ivory brilliance except Roland. He was also translucent, but he emanated no light.

Then, a crazy thought popped up in his head. "Falken, is this place the Paradise of Life?"

Falken nodded. He looked much stronger as a young man.

He hugged Roland and smiled. "No matter how you got here, Im really happy to see you again."

Seeing that Falken knew the stranger, the souls around Roland dispersed.

Roland patted Falkens arm with mixed feelings. He thought that he would never meet Falken again after he was taken to the Paradise. He didnt expect that he would have another chance.

They walked and chatted. Roland looked around, only to see nothing but white clouds in the Paradise.

The souls were sitting, sleeping, or chatting passionately. They could also create food out of nothing and enjoy it.

It did seem to be a peaceful place.

All the souls here were smiling, without any sadness or sorrow on their faces.

Noticing Rolands surprise, Falken said, "Theres no death, no pain, no hunger, and no departure in here. Roland, now that youre here, why dont you stay? People toil away their entire lives in the main plane just so that their soul can rest in peace after they die."

Roland shook his head. "I have a lot of unfinished businesses."

"Such as?"

"Like mysteries of magic."

After a shock, Falken shook his head and said, "As expected of a Mage. It seems that you wont be here for long."

"How should I go back?"

At first, Roland thought that he had come to the Paradise of Life because he triggered a special quest. But he just checked the system menu and found no notifications.

Then why was he here as a soul?

Wait, a soul?

Roland looked at his translucent body.

Based on his speculations, this should be a real world, so did it mean that he was in the soul state?

If he could study it further, would he gain a better understanding of the nature of souls?

Could he learn the basics of soul spells?

While Roland considered, Falken suddenly fell on one of his knees.

Stunned, Roland subconsciously raised his head, only to see a four-winged angel descending and landing before him.

Falken lowered his head even further, but Roland looked the angel in her eyes and even examined her.

She had long, curly, bright golden hair, which was wafting in the breeze. She was wearing a loose white dress, so loose that her breasts were half-revealed.

"Its been a while." Withdrawing his gaze from her breasts, Roland looked her in her eyes again and asked, "Did you bring me here?"

"Devout soul, please keep yourself away for a while. I have something important to say to this Mage."

Falken nodded and stepped back with his back bent.

As a soul and a believer in the Paradise of Life, he couldnt refuse an angels order. He could barely even look at them straightly because of the level suppression.

Roland was reticent as he watched that.

Falken was not a coward. His optimism before his death proved his generosity and bravery.

But here in the Paradise, he had become a humble servant.

Roland was not fond of this change.

After Falken backed off, the four-winged angel smiled at Roland and said, "You must know where you are by now, dont you?"

Of course!

Roland nodded and looked around again.

The world was ivory and seemed boundless.

Roland could sense the exuberant power of vitality in the Paradise of Life, but it seemed that he couldnt use it.

"Actually, its our goddess who wants to meet you."

The four-winged angel curled her finger at Roland and then flapped her wings, slowing taking off.

Automatically, Roland followed her.

Flying in the sky, they were embraced by a balmy breeze.

The four-winged angel sighed and said, "Actually, we didnt want to bring you here. After all, youre not a believer."

Roland was dazed. "Then why did you bring me here?"

"Because we cant visit the main plane frequently," the four-winged angel explained, "The main plane is highly suppressive for divine creatures like us. Our every condescension would consume immense power of faith. Its very difficult."

"That explains a lot."

Roland finally understood why gods and devils barely revealed themselves in the human world.

"Can you give me a heads-up? Why does the Life Goddess want to meet me?"

Roland was quite curious.

The four-winged angel shook her head. "I dont know."

"Then whats your name?"


The four-winged angel pointed at her face and said, "Im the youngest of all angels."

"You havent reached adulthood yet?"

"Not yet. Im only 132 years old."

One hundred and thirty-two years old, yet still an adolescent Roland secretly clicked his tongue and glanced at the four-winged angel.

She had such an attractive body figure and such great boobs, yet she said that she was not an adult.


As they talked, they flew to a place that had a gigantic cloud pillar.

Then, they both landed.

The cloud pillar was unfathomably tall and huge when seen from below.

Roland estimated that it must be more than five hundred meters in diameter, and three kilometers high.

On the top of the cloud pillar was an enormous round building, and a line of stairs made of clouds that led to the heights.

"You have to climb on your own from here." The four-winged angel landed and smiled with her arms akimbo. "Flight is forbidden here. Even we have to climb it when we want to meet the goddess."

Roland didnt know if it was his imagination, but this Nia seemed much cuter here than she was in the main plane.

Was it because she felt more at ease when she was home?

Looking at the stairs that spiraled up around the pillar, Roland swallowed.

Then, he stepped on the stairs under Nias hopeful eyes.

There was a handrail at the edge of the stairs, so it was safe. Also, as a soul, he wouldnt be exhausted, although the climb was slightly boring.

After half an hour, or maybe an hour, Roland finally reached the top.

Getting off the stairs and stepping onto a huge platform, Roland saw a six-winged angel before him.

She was at least two meters tall. Same as Nia, she had curly blonde hair that reached her shoulders.

But she was much more indifferent, and conservatively dressed, than Nia was.

Her body had been fully covered by white leather armor.

"Roland the Golden Son, please come with me."

The six-winged angel turned around.

Following her, Roland asked, "May I know what your name is?"

"Claudia, the War Angel."

Her tone was cold, but she did not seem rejective.

"I saw you a while back. You cast a spell on all of Winterwind. Whats its mechanism?"

"I dont know. Its the grace of the goddess. I was born with it."

"According to aerodynamics, you cant fly with your wings, so are your wings actually decorative? Or a device to activate certain magic?"

"Youre quite smart."

That was indirect acknowledgment.

As he expected It was impossible for a human-shaped creature to fly with wings.

Claudia took Roland to the front of a round pavilion while she talked.

Roland looked at the pavilion and found a person sitting before a cloud table.

But oddly enough, Roland couldnt see her face, her clothes, or her body size.

He only knew that it was a "she."

Certain theurgy on the level of natural law had blocked his senses.

Roland was quite surprised. This was the first time he had seen a natural-law ability.

He was of a mind to discuss with the goddess on what natural law was.

But on second thought, could he learn natural laws when he hadnt studied level-three spells yet?

Hed better drop the idea and focus on the basics.

Then, he nodded and sat down before the human-shaped mosaics.

Claudia opened her cherry lips in surprise.

She was about to say something, but she held herself back in the end.

Roland was seated in a cloud chair, which was cozy and comfortable.

He raised his head and said, "Its great to finally meet you, Lady Elyse."

"Are you disappointed?" Her voice was very gentle.

Roland nodded. "This is the first time Ive met a goddess. I was told that Lady Elyse is the most gorgeous goddess, and I thought that I could appreciate your beauty, but all I see is just a swirl of energy."

"You cant look at a goddess directly until you become a Legend." Elyse spoke with a pleasant voice. "If I cancel the disguise, your head will explode immediately, and your soul will be heavily wounded and sent back to the main plane."

Well Roland learned something new.

So, all he needed to do was kill his soul in order to leave the Paradise.

Hed better write it down. It might be useful later.

Roland smiled and asked, "I wonder, is there anything I can help you with, since you have specifically summoned me to your Paradise?"

"Of course, or I wouldnt have sent for you," Elyse said. "Youve beaten Diablo back to the Realm of Gods, which means that you are a man of integrity and reasonable strength. So, I have a dangerous mission that I would like you to help Nia and the other angels accomplish."

Roland thought a moment and said, "But it was Andonara who defeated Diablo. You shouldve asked her."

"A soul who lacks a sense of safety and whose heart is not as strong as she appears cannot shoulder this responsibility."

Roland looked at his system menu. It already had reactions.

Epic quest detected: The Fallen Angel Must Die.

Would you like to pick it?



Roland pressed yes. Looking at Elyse, he said, "Its just a mission. You couldve asked Nia to pass word to me instead of meeting me in person, no?"

"You Golden Sons are too proud. If I had asked a servant to inform you, you wouldve hated us, claiming that were all pretentious and condescending."


Roland was going to say that it was impossible, but then he realized that it wasnt.

The players were definitely a group whose behavior couldnt be predicted with common sense.