Mages Are Too Op Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Magnificent Nia

As for Andonara, she quickly put on her clothes and jumped out of the window.

As a Legendary Warrior, she could keep her body untainted, but she couldn’t keep her clothes that way.

However, clothes were necessary for any normal person.

Therefore, she could only leave the place first. After all, every pretty woman hated dirt.

Roland packed up in the room, storing his research files and the clothes that Andonara took off into his system Backpack.

Then, a fatty in his pajamas broke in.

He was sleeping when he was woken up by the huge noise. He tracked the noise and found the hole in his inn.

He was about to burst into rage, but he swallowed it back when he saw Roland’s magic robe.

Seeing the boss, Roland was rather embarrassed. He gave the man a gold coin and said, “Sorry, I accidentally broke your roof when I practiced magic. Here’s compensation.”

One gold coin was more than enough to fix the roof. The rest was Roland’s compensation because the inn couldn’t be open when it was being repaired.

The boss was too scared to take it at first, but he accepted it seeing that Roland was very gentle.

After all, one gold coin was almost his half-year income, and it was too much for him to refuse.

After packing up, Roland left the inn and met with Andonara. They took a carriage away from Bluewater Harbor.

The boss of the inn, on the other hand, scrutinized the gold coin.

He didn’t suspect that it was counterfeit; he simply found it odd.

As a forty-year-old innkeeper, he had received quite a few Mages in his establishment.

All of those Mages were cocky and condescending.

They wanted the best service, and whenever they were dissatisfied, they would threaten that they would turn him into a frog permanently, which was rather scary.

This Mage, on the other hand, was as gentle as an ordinary person.

That was too rare.

The boss couldn’t understand why a Mage would be so approachable, so he examined the gold coin again and again.

Out of Bluewater Harbor, the driver they hired drove the carriage on the country road.

Neither of them was appreciating the view outside. Instead, they whispered to each other now that they were finally alone.

After they cuddled for a long time, Andonara gave the Hero’s sword to Roland and said, “Please help me safeguard it.”

That was really a gesture of trust.

For a Warrior, their weapon was their second life. Besides, this Hero’s sword was an epic weapon and could probably be sold for ten million yuan in reality.

The moment he grabbed the weapon, the detailed information of the item popped up.

Item: Phoenix’s Sword (Epic)

Penetration: 24

Cleavage: 18

Durability: 233


Sharp Edge: This provides additional penetration.

Magic Suppression: This makes it easier to break magic shields.

Soul Tenacity: The mental attacks on the user of this weapon will be weakened.

Reincarnation of the Immortal Phoenix (Requires Phoenix blood)

Self-recovery (Requires Phoenix blood)

Tsk, tsk! Roland looked at the qualities and shook his head.

This weapon’s qualities were really appalling.

Normally, a nice longsword wouldn’t have a Penetration of more than 15 points, but this weapon had 24 points of Penetration, and 18 points of Cleavage.

As was universally known, swords were mainly used to stab, so their Cleavage was usually not high.

A Cleavage of 18 points was already the average performance of two-handed axes.

Besides, the weapon had three general enchantments which didn’t require special blood to be triggered. It was an excellent weapon from every perspective.

Roland complimented it in amazement and put the sword in his Backpack.

In the end, Andonara whispered in Roland’s ear, “As far as I know, the Reeds have another few pieces of Hero equipment. Can you help me find the rest?”

“Okay.” Roland nodded. “Do you have any leads?”

“No.” Andonara thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go to my uncle’s and search for my ancestral house. We may find something.”

“You have an ancestral house?”

Andonara said matter-of-factly, “Of course we do. I was told that we lived inside a cave before we established that small manor.”

Roland was dumbfounded.

Hero Kelter was so poor back then?

“Then let’s go to Reed Village.”

“All right.”

Andonara was quite happy that she got to spend more days with Roland. After all, Roland would be busy and partly occupied by Vivian after they returned.

Therefore the opportunity for a few more days together was rare. She didn’t really care if they could find the equipment.

The carriage wobbled on.

In the sky a hundred kilometers to Roland’s east, there was a hole in a cloud as if it had just been hit.

Soon, a four-winged angel appeared above the cloud.

Nia patted her chest, and her breasts shivered perkily underneath her clothes.

Then, she said, not without regret, “Not bad, not bad. There was so much dust, and I flew so far away. Roland couldn’t have spotted me, or it would’ve been too embarrassing.”

She looked at the terrain from the sky, stunned. Then, weird white colors emerged in her eyes.

In Nia’s eyes, the whole world turned black and white, with some bright green spots and some deep green ones.

Eventually, she chose the nearest place with thick greenness and flew there.

Soon, she reached the sky above the green spot.

Below her feet was an enormous Temple of Life. Since it was the day, believers were entering and exiting the temple like ants.

“The power of faith is strong here. It shouldn’t be a problem for me to drop an oracle here.”

Nia nodded to herself.

Then, she rubbed her cute face with both hands. After a while, the smile on her face was replaced by coldness.

Then, she pulled the corner of her eyes with her finger, so that she would look tougher.

At this point, she had turned from cute to high and mighty.

Then, she opened her wings and added a lot of light effects to herself.

Eventually, she slowly landed at the prayer hall of the temple from the roof.

Seeing the descension of an angel, the believers fell on their knees and lowered their heads, excited and overflowing with tears.

The person who was kneeling before everyone was the backup bishop who had been praying. He was also the only person who dared to look at the angel.

But his eyes were also filled with crazy admiration.

Nia suddenly felt uneasy, but she didn’t know why.

Slightly raising her eyebrow, she said, “Angel Parn has fallen from Paradise. Henceforth, his name shall be removed from the Holy Scroll. On the other hand, the goddess has sent someone to destroy him, but this person is still weak and growing.”

With zealousness bursting out of his eyes, the backup bishop asked, “Holy angel, please tell me the name of the Favored. I shall go to him and follow him.”

“Don’t worry, the goddess has made plans.” Nia’s voice was chilly, as if it were from the high sky. “You will know who he is in good time. By then, all the clerics in all temples shall work with him unconditionally.”

“Yes, madam. We the servants shall bring glory to the goddess.”

Nia nodded in satisfaction. “Spread the goddess’s decree to all Temples of Life within a month.”

“Yes, madam.”

Nia pointed at the backup bishop and continued, “You are a devotee. The goddess knows your name, Donald, so you will be given extra rewards.”

The backup bishop shined. His soul was concentrated at an amazing speed, and his mental power grew a lot stronger.

The backup bishop trembled, thrilled, as if he was about to burst into tears.

His emotions were even more uncontrollable than those of the other believers.

It was the greatest honor for any believer when the goddess they worshiped knew their name.

Nia did not ramble on. She simply flapped her wings and soared into the sky.

The backup bishop slowly stood straight. The brilliance in him still hadn’t dispersed yet, making him look like a saint.

“Write down what Her Highness said as a Holy Scripture and submit it to the headquarters.”

A cleric stood up and wiped away his hot tears. He then immediately started working.

Nia, on the other hand, took a deep breath above the clouds. Her coldness was gone, and she became a cute girl again.

“My job is done. I might as well have some fun before I go back to Paradise.”

She chose a random direction and stretched out her wings, slowly flying into the clouds.

It took Roland and Andonara three days to reach Reed Village by carriage.

Since they were in the carriage, they did not meet any of the villagers.

When they reached Cage’s place, they found that it was awfully quiet.

There was absolutely no sound from the manor, and nobody answered the door after they rang the bell many times.

Andonara jumped over the fence and groped near the door. She found a spare key and opened the door. Soon, she came out and said to Roland, “My uncle isn’t here, and neither are the butler or Kaido.”

“Are they out to visit family or friends?”

“That’s a possibility.” Andonara slightly bit her lip, unwilling to think of the worse possibilities.

Looking at Andonara’s worried face, Roland said, “Why don’t we ask the villagers? They must know something.”

Andonara nodded.

They found the nearest villager. Before they asked anything yet, the villager jumped to his feet the moment he saw Andonara.

“Anna, you’re Little Anna, aren’t you? Why are your hair and eyes a different color now?” The middle-aged peasant was quite excited. “Not good. Your cousin Kaido and the butler were captured. Cage left to save them, but he’s been away for two days.”

Andonara grew anxious after hearing that. She grabbed the peasant’s hand and asked nervously, “What exactly happened?”