Mages Are Too Op Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Say Something I Can Understand

He unsheathed the longsword and gazed at the blue blade for a while, before he put the sword on the table affectionately.

"Uncle, if you like it, you can keep it. Youre the one who should inherit this weapon anyway."

Cage subconsciously looked at Roland after hearing that.

In his opinion, Roland had a say in the ownership of this weapon, as Annas man.

He didnt know how much the Heros Sword was worth, but nobody would refuse a good weapon.

Those two mustve found the sword together. Wouldnt Roland be angry if Andonara gave it to him just like that?

But after staring at Roland for two seconds, Cage didnt notice any change in his expression, as if he wouldnt have a problem no matter whom Andonara wanted to give the sword to.

Cage smiled and felt rather delighted.

Though Andonara was a prestigious queen, Cage had always worried that her identity as a queen might upset Roland.

Every man wanted their woman to completely belong to them without ever having other partners.

But of course, the nobles were a mess. It seemed no nobles cared how many men their women consorted with previously.

They seemed generous and open-minded, but Cage could see the emptiness in their hearts and their mistrust toward their wives.

Most noble husbands and wives were indifferent partners who shared a bed though they appeared to be lovely couples.

It seemed that Roland and his niece were different.

Such a weapon was more than enough to trade for a knighthood, but Roland didnt even frown when Andonara gave it to him, which suggested lots of things.

Looking at the longsword regretfully, Cage shook his head. "Thats unnecessary. Youre much stronger than I am. Its more suitable for you."

He was indeed fond of the weapon, but he was too proud to compete with his niece for it.

Cage thought about Andonaras plan to gather all the Heros equipment and said, "I cant remember where my great-grandfather kept his Hero suit, but we can check our old residence."

"Okay, where is the old residence?" asked Andonara hopefully.

She knew that there was an old residence of her familys that seemed to be a cave, but she didnt know where it was exactly.

"Its actually not far away." Cage stood up and said, "You can follow me."

The two of them left the manor behind Cage.

Soon, they arrived at the foot of the mountain out of the village.

There were few travelers here. After all, this place had no mines or fruits.

Cage pushed aside the wild grasses with one hand, revealing the entrance to a cave.

Walking further inside, they saw a stone door.

At the center of the green door was a slot in the shape of a hand. Cage put his left hand in it, and several streams of magic light glittered and sprawled on the stone like electricity, until the whole door was full of blue stripes. Then, the stone door slowly descended underground.

Behind the door was a long aisle where blue magic stripes stretched along its two sides, forming a path of light that illuminated the cave.

What a marvelous technique.

As Andonara exclaimed, Cage said proudly, "Isnt it awesome? I lived here for a while when I was little. But unfortunately, I moved out later."

For the outsiders of the trade, it was just a splendid show, but for the insiders, it was inspiring.

In Rolands eyes, the magic stripes on the wall were running according to a special pattern in association with the shell of magic arrays.

Roland had been looking for new magic array routes. This new discovery was of great help for him.

As he examined the stripes attentively, he got closer and closer to the wall and almost stuck his face to it.

Cage pointed at Roland in surprise.

Andonara made a mouth-zipping movement and said in a low voice, "Hes always like this when he studies magic."

"No wonder hes so good despite being so young."

Andonara was quite proud of her man after hearing her uncles compliment.

So, the two of them went inside first.

This cave had actually been built like a regular house. It included seven rooms as well as bathrooms and toilets.

Andonara opened one of the toilets, only to find that it was a squat one, and water was burbling from down below, suggesting a natural sewer.

"Everything in this old residence was very comfortable," Cage said, missing the good old days. "But it was too dark even with the light of the magic lamps. Because, that light did not have any heat. Its not nearly as enjoyable as sunlight, so my father moved out."

They continued examining the caves rooms one by one.

Every room was fully furnished. Though most of the furniture was made of stone, it was absolutely dustless.

That was quite natural. This place had no windows, and the door was sealed. There couldnt be any dust.

Also, there were beddings and clothes in the closet of every room.

Even more amazingly, the beddings and clothes were still new. They did not even have any smell, and certainly did not have any bugs.

After examining all the rooms, they came to the hall at the end of the cave.

Because of the magic stripes, the place was very bright.

On the inner wall of the hall were a few abstract clay paintings that were made of lines and circles.

"What are those paintings for?" asked Andonara.

"I have no idea." Cage shook his head. "I asked my father. He didnt know either."

Andonara clicked her tongue. "Those paintings are hideous. I doubt our ancestors had any sense of beauty."

"They were all Warriors. What could they know about beauty?" Cage shrugged.

At this moment, someone said behind them, "Those paintings are all magic models."

They looked back, only to find that it was Roland.

"Theyre magic models?" Andonaras eyes widened. "The Reeds are exclusively Warriors. Why would they hang magic models here?"

"Let me check them first."

Roland walked closer to the six paintings.

He understood the first magic model, half of the second one, and as for the third one He gasped.

The remaining magic models had more and more nodes, and some of the nodes were quite unique. He couldnt comprehend them at all.

Seeing that Roland was frowning, Andonara couldnt help but ask, "Can you tell what they are?"

"Theyre all model graphs of fire-class spells that Ive never seen before." Roland pointed at the first model and explained, "This is an offensive fireball spell, but its greatly different from the fireball spells I learned. The nodes in this model are simplified and bizarre. Its mechanism to concentrate magic power is very strange and wrong for ordinary Mages, but according to my deduction, it works fine. So those unique nodes probably require special mental structures, like elven spells."

Andonara and Cage felt a huge headache listening to him.

In the end, Cage scratched his head and said, "Say something I can understand."

"These are likely bloodline spells." Roland opened his hands. "Special spells that only the Reeds can use."

Bloodline spells!

Dazed for a while, Cage couldnt help but create a cluster of blue flames in his palm. "This is our bloodline spell. Also, as Warriors, we can only awaken the fixed bloodline spell, and we cant learn other spells."

"But I think you can." Roland thought a moment and said, "According to what Diablo said, we can infer that your ancestor should be Phoenix the Demon God. Its normal that a Demon God can cast spells, right? So, you should be capable of learning spells too. Your application of magic power as fire is probably only a low-level instinct of the Phoenix family."

Roland had a point.

After hearing what he said, Cage too found it odd that he was incapable of magic as the offspring of Phoenix.

But he felt a strong headache when he realized what a slow learner he was.

He would rather maintain his dignity by practicing sword techniques instead of learning magic.

However, while he couldnt learn magic, his son could.

His son was still little and could learn a lot of things.

Therefore, it seemed that he had to go to Rolands magic school now.

Cage was only slightly interested in sending his son to the school before, but at this moment, he completely agreed with the plan and looked forward to it.

His Hero ancestor had left excellent legacies. This ancestral residence, the Hero equipment, and the Phoenix Blood were all very useful.

So, the special bloodline spells must be very powerful too.

"Well, when are we leaving for Delpon?" Cage suddenly asked.

Andonara asked weirdly, "Uncle, didnt you say that we should wait until your arm recuperates?"

"Hey, theres no time to wait. Education is very important for kids. The later they go to school, the later they will grow up as talents."

Andonara looked at the magic models and then at Cage. She realized something and smiled.

"Lets look elsewhere for leads on equipment." Cages face was slightly red. "There may be pleasant surprises."

They separated and searched for a while, but they didnt find any surprises.

As for leads on the other Hero equipment, they didnt find any.

After they left the ancestral residence, they sealed its entrance again.

Cage asked the butler to pack up, ready to take off the next day.

Everybody could see that he was eager to leave.

As a minor noble, Cage had a carriage at home. He, his son, and the butler took the carriage, so Roland and Andonara wouldnt be disturbed.

They did not encounter any problems on the way and returned to Delpon safely.

Vivian ran to them the moment they arrived at the Magic Tower. She hugged Roland and said quickly, "The headquarters sent someone to you. Theyve waited for four days. They say that they have something important to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I dont know. The messenger is waiting on the third floor."

It seemed rather urgent.

Roland asked Andonara to settle Cages family down. Then, he went to the third floor.

A haggard-looking man ran to him and fell on his knees before Roland, before he said in a tone as if he had just survived a disaster, "Mr. Roland, something happened at the headquarters. Please go there and help Chairman Tobian!"