Mages Are Too Op Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Rustling sounds echoed in the wood. Betta was carrying a girl, but he was running even faster than Roland, who was empty-handed.

If Roland werent trying his best, he wouldve been left far behind.

Even so, by the time they were out of the woods, Betta was already a hundred meters ahead of him.

However, Betta stopped and breathed hard when he reached the city. Because of curfew, he could not enter the city.

Roland soon caught up. Having no time to wipe his sweat, he touched the girls nose and sensed her faint breath. Relieved, he frowned at the closed city gate.

"The gate is not open!" Betta breathed heavily and said, "What should we do?"

He too could tell that the girl was dying, and the sooner she was treated, the more likely she could survive.

The soldiers on the city wall looked at Roland and Betta nervously.

There were travelers who failed to enter the city on time every day. But they watched the two young men who appeared to be big shots in surprise, wondering why one of them was carrying a naked girl.

They had a theory, but nobody stood out and served justice. Instead, they moved their eyes away, as if they had seen nothing.

"Open the gate," Roland shouted at the soldiers. "We have a dying girl whos in dire need of medical treatment!"

The guards did see the girl in Bettas arms, but they looked at each other and shook their heads without saying anything.

"Shes truly in fatal danger. I know that you have rules, but can you make an exception? At least, you can open a gap and let one of us send the girl in."

Rolands shout echoed in the wind, but the soldiers were unmoved.

The merchants and travelers who were outside of the city were relieved.

Two nobles who were trying to save a girl shouldnt be bad guys.

Receiving no response from the soldiers up above, Roland couldnt help but clench his fists.

Betta looked at the girl in his arms and proposed, "Why dont we break in?"

His voice was not loud, but it was clear in the quiet night.

The soldiers immediately changed their expressions and reached for their weapon.

However, since the talker appeared to be a noble, they did not take any real action.

If a merchant or a regular traveler had made the statement, the result wouldve been quite different.

Chances were that they wouldve been drowned in arrows.

"Let me try again," said Roland. He suddenly remembered what Gru said. So, he shouted, "Were Golden Sons, and were trying to save people now. You must know what two Golden Sons did a while ago, dont you? If you dont want us to hate you, open the gate. If you cant make the decision, inform your officer. Im sure your officer is with you."

Golden Sons!

The soldiers looked at each other in bewilderment. As soldiers, they naturally knew of the conflict that occurred between two Golden Sons and a powerful noble a month ago.

They certainly dare not piss off such monsters who could resurrect after they died.

"Ill give you five minutes. Well break in if there isnt a reply in five minutes, and dont blame us for being too brutal."

Four light balls were flying around Roland, but to be more persuasive, he summoned his mental power and threw a blue fireball at the empty area behind him.

Under everyones gazes, the fireball flew a hundred meters and exploded.

It left a blackened pit two meters deep, fire still burning on the ground.

It was definitely powerful enough to blow up the city gate.

Everybody sweated when they saw this. Magic was too terrifying for them.

At this moment, an officer finally appeared on the city wall. He looked at Roland and Betta and said expressionlessly, "How can you prove that youre Golden Sons?"

"Should I die once for you?" Roland sneered and said, "Of course, the first thing I do after Im resurrected will be to kill you. Your life for mine, how does it sound?"

The young officer felt a headache. Only an idiot would have traded their life for that of an undying monster.

"All right, you may come in!" The officers shouted to the soldiers, "Open a gap for them. Also, archers should be ready. Anyone except the two Golden Sons will be killed if they break in!"

Both Roland and Betta were relieved to hear that.

Soon, the city gate creaked dully and a gap was opened. Roland and Roland blinked in. Roland grabbed a soldier and asked, "Where is the temple of the Church of Life?"

"In the northeast?" said the soldier. He looked at the girl in Bettas arms and exclaimed, "Isnt it Lisa, Old Vincents daughter? What happened to her? Fine, Ill lead you there."

The soldier said to his partners in a hurry, "You will close the gate. Ill bring them to the Temple of Life."

Then, the soldier dropped his weapon and started running.

Betta and Roland followed him.

Because of curfew, few people were on the street, but nobles on wagons could occasionally be seen.

Nobles were not restricted by the curfew.

The three of them ran fast. Their footsteps sounded like pouring rain on the street.

Ten minutes later, they reached a gigantic temple.

The brown gate was closed, but candlelight leaked out from the gap below the gate.

The soldier bashed the gate, and Roland did the same.

Betta tested the girls breath and shouted, "Shes not breathing, but her body is still warm!"


Anxiously, Roland was about to launch an Inferior Fireball at the gate, when it finally opened.

A middle-aged reverend in a white robe opened the gate grimly. He was about to burst into fury, but his rage was half-gone when he saw Roland and Betta. By the time he saw the dying girl in Bettas arms, all his anger disappeared. He waved his hand and shouted, "Come in!"

They rushed into the temple. The middle-aged reverend shouted, "Put her on the ritual table."

Following his instruction, Betta put the girl on the table at the center of the prayer hall.

The middle-aged man quickly chanted before the table.

A bright green ball of light took shape before him and slowly sank into the girls body.

The stab wound on the girls left chest gradually healed, and her face turned a healthy pink again.

Then, the middle-aged reverend turned around and extended his hand to Betta. "Glad to be of service. Two gold coins, please."

Damn it! Its so expensive? Roland was astounded.