Mages Are Too Op Chapter 420

Chapter 420 What If You Just Take It Away?

As it turned out, Tobian pissed off a minor noble family in his arrogance when he was young. The noble family moved away from Hollevin to Fareins a dozen years earlier. However, the descendants of this noble family had returned and engaged in a fight with the Association of Mages, and Tobian was humiliated by them every day.

Oh So thats what its about.

Roland looked at his quest bar and saw no notifications. He shook his head and said, "I dont want to meddle in Master Tobians personal affairs."

The messenger crawled to him on his knees and cried, "Mr. Roland, youre the only person in Hollevin that can save Master Tobian! Youre friends!"

Roland almost laughed aloud after hearing that.

His relationship with Tobian was purely based on mutual interests.

In exchange for Rolands support for him to become the General Chairman, Tobian gave Roland copies of all the level-one and level-two spells at the headquarters.

The deal had been completed. Though Tobian was the General Chairman and Roland a Deputy Chairman, Tobian couldnt just command Roland, as it was not unusual for the local deputies to disobey their superiors instructions.

How shameless was the man to claim that Roland and Tobian were friends?

"Sorry, but Im too occupied to get involved in Mr. Tobians personal affairs."

Roland waved his hands.

But the man kept crying and begging: "Mr. Roland, youre really my masters only friend. Youve got to help him."

Roland was even more amused.

But he managed to hold back his laughter and said, "Sorry, Im incapable of helping him. Tobian is a Master-level Mage, and Im only an Elite one. Besides, his family has been based in the capital for hundreds of years. Hes far stronger than me in terms of personal strength and familial background. I cant be of any help if the situation is tricky for him."

"But if we outnumber them, theres a chance to defeat them!" the man blurted.

"If we outnumber them?" Roland said with a vague smile, "It seems that Master Tobian sent a lot of messengers to gather reinforcements, and you said that I was his only friend?"

Oh The man was instantly lost for words.

Looking at the mans stunned face, Roland knew that he had been acting.

How could a Master-level Mage only have one friend, who was a young man he only saw a couple of times?

Even a fool wouldnt have been tricked so easily.

The man stood up. There was less sorrow on his face, but he continued, "In any case, our lord is indeed in serious trouble. He is the General Chairman of the Association of Mages, and if he is humiliated, all the Deputy Chairmen including you will be dishonored too. So, Mr. Roland, please come and help."

The man kept his head lowered on one of his knees, but he was obviously not as humble as earlier. He was slightly embarrassed but also much prouder.

However, he still dared not look Roland in the eyes.

After all, Roland was a Mage that a man as insignificant as him couldnt piss off even with Tobian at his back.

"I think Ill pass. A weak Mage like myself shouldnt participate in a fight between the big shots."

The man stood up, his small eyes glittering. "Are you really so heartless as to not offer any help?"

"I cant afford any help."

"What a shame." The man heaved a sigh in disappointment and left the Magic Tower.

Roland sneered at his back.

The man was a pure liar.

Tobian pissed off someone but the person he pissed off moved far away?

Did Tobian think that other people were idiots?

Tobian mustve been a bully and forced the person to leave. However, the person made a comeback a dozen years later.

Knowing that it was not good, Tobian tried to fend him off while he asked for help everywhere, hoping to kill him with the support of the local powers.

At this moment, Vivian came close and asked, "Are you really not going to help Chairman Tobian? Our plans have just begun. We may face huge obstacles if he notices."

"Fair enough." Roland nodded. "Ill go to the capital in a day or two and see whats going on."

Then, Roland stared at Vivian, who seemed exhausted. "Thank you for your hard work so far."

"Then give me a reward." Her eyes glittering, Vivian approached Roland and said flirtatiously, "The queen is too strong for you to break her armor, but Im very weak. You can do whatever you want to me."

Vivian was slightly shivering when she said that. She was shy, but also very brave.

As an innocent girl with remarkable breasts, she was not as beautiful as Andonara, but she was absolutely a pretty woman herself.

Roland took a deep breath; Vivian had become aggressive too.

If things went on like this, it was possible that he would be worn out by Andonara and Vivian someday.

After he returned to the Magic Tower, Roland took over some work from Vivian, which made Vivians life a lot easier.

At night, Roland returned to his manor, and Andonara and Cage were waiting for him in the living room.

Kaido was on the third floor. He had found himself a room and fell asleep there.

After all, he was still a little boy, and he was tired from the long journey.

Dishes were all over the table. Most of them were made by Andonara.

Roland sat down and had a piece of cake. He was slightly hungry after a busy day.

After Roland finished the cake, Cage asked, "Anna told me that this city is essentially your territory now. Is it true?"

"The city is still owned by the Johns; Im only administrating the city for them."

"Okay," Cage said with a "I got it" look on his face.

Cage didnt find Roland immoral. In this world, it was very common for nobles to attack one another. The fact that Roland didnt annihilate the Johns but publicly acknowledged that they were still the land owners suggested that he was very benevolent.

He thought a moment and asked, "Im told that your sheriff is on a learning trip. Do you want me to fill in that position for you for now?"

Vincent was the old sheriff, but since Vincent was away, the sheriffs position was vacant.

Now that Andonara had returned, it should be her job.

But it would be a good thing if Cage were willing to take the job.

Vincent was suited for a sheriffs position because he was always fair. But as a Mage and a person from a rich family, Vincent was too proud and far high above the regular city watchers.

But Cage was different.

He was a noble, but only one in name, without any actual power.

More importantly, Cage worked as a mercenary before, and he liked making dirty jokes, which made it easier for him to get along with the bottom-level people.

Therefore, it was easier for him to maintain the safety of the city than it was for Vincent.

Roland couldnt be more glad to give him the job.

After dealing with political affairs in the Magic Tower for two days and inspecting the school for half a day to ensure that everything was normal, Roland went to the capital through Long-Distance Teleportation.

Instead of going to the headquarters of the Association of Mages directly, he went to the Guild of Mercenaries first.

With a bag of gold coins as advance payment, Roland issued a bounty of the highest level at the Guild of Mercenaries.

He asked for an elemental core of Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Thunder, offering twelve gold coins for each core.

Though elemental cores were very rare, the reward he offered was 1.5 times the market price.

If it were before, Roland wouldve looked for the elemental cores himself, but now he realized that he could hire other people to run errands for him as long as he was rich or powerful.

Roland was now very rich, and he was establishing his influence.

He had figured it out recently.

It was one way to enjoy the game by growing strong or appreciating centenaries in the world, but it was also enjoyable and interesting to build up ones own force.

After leaving the Guild of Mercenaries, Roland slowly walked to the Magic Tower.

There were clearly fewer passersby on the street. Even the peddlers had lowered their voices.

The whole capital seemed to be under immense pressure.

Standing before the headquarters of the Association of Mages, Roland found that its gate had been blocked by a group of men in white robes.

The golden radiance of theurgy glittered from the strangers now and then.

"Are they from the Church of Light?" Roland mumbled.

They were from Fareins, which was the base of the Church of Light. Well, this was getting interesting.

Roland was about to leave for a tavern for intelligence, when he saw a man standing not far away from him.

He was a man much prettier than most women with red lips and fair skin.

Who else could it be if not Antis?

Antis had been staring at Roland.

Roland walked to him and said with a smile, "Its been a long time."

"It indeed has." Antis didnt look very friendly. "Why do you have to come here when you couldve stayed in Delpon with the queen?"

Roland smiled. "Why cant I come here? Im told that the drama here is very exciting, so I came here to watch."

Antis seemed a lot more relaxed. He asked, "Youre not here to help Tobian?"

"Of course not."

Hearing Rolands reply, Antis completely relaxed. He walked away and turned his head back while he said, "Come, Ill take you to a place where you can enjoy the drama."

Roland immediately followed him.

A dozen minutes later, on the balcony on the second floor of a very luxurious hotel, Roland sipped delicious fruit wine and asked, "Wheres the drama that you mentioned?"

"Wait a moment," Antis said coldly.

Roland could only shrug.

Soon enough, four men in white robes came down from the third floor and passed by Roland and Antis. Then, they took a turn and descended to the ground floor.

Reaching the center of the lobby, they were about to leave the hotel, when a bunch of people came in from the door.

All the newcomers were in gray magic robes. They were led by a brawny bald man.


Roland was slightly surprised. "You knew that they would have a conflict here?"

"I was the one who told Tobian that Alfred would stay here today." Antis smiled rather creepily. "It was also me who told Tobian that Alfred was his bastard son."

Roland was stunned.

"I know very well what you did in Delpon. Instead of establishing your own organization, why dont you just claim the Association of Mages for yourself?"