Mages Are Too Op Chapter 421

Chapter 421 All The Hate In The World Is Due To Killing And Fcking

Roland chuckled. "Watching me wouldnt help. Shes unwilling to go back."

He was rather blunt, but he said it on purpose to upset Antis.

The royal family sent spies to Delpon obviously hoping to get the queen back from Roland.

Earlier, the queen had shown her capabilities and could raise Great Swordsman. After she awakened her Hero bloodline, which changed her hair and eye colors, she was even stronger than before.

The king and the other members of the royal family couldnt be more regretful after learning that.

In this world, lineage was very important for nobles, especially that on the mothers side.

The king married Andonara because of her Hero bloodline. But since she wasnt very obedient at the beginning, he wanted to discipline her into obedience through manipulation.

But it didnt occur to the king that one of his sons had inappropriate thoughts on his stepmother, and even more unfortunately, a Golden Son who was not afraid of the royal power "rescued" the queen and stole her heart.

That was really a sh*tty ending.

If it was a regular expert who took the queen away, the royal family couldve tried to kill him.

After all, the man could be assassinated or poisoned if he was too strong to face in a head-on clash.

However, the problem was that this Gold Son could be infinitely resurrected.

That problem couldnt be taken care of.

Antis felt rather miserable when he heard Rolands laughter of satisfaction.

When Andonara was little, she spent time in the capital now and then. He had known her since then.

They had played together as children.

At that time, he had some feelings for Andonara. After all, noble children matured early.

Later, as they grew up, his feelings for Andonara became stronger and stronger.

But he never considered marrying her. After all, as a daughter of a nominal noble and merchant, she was too lowly for him, a relative of the royal family.

She could be his mistress, though. He had planned to turn her into one.

However, before he could put his plan into practice, Andonara had left to work as a mercenary.

After she returned, she became the queen before he could confess his love.

He was one step behind every time.

Andonara was unhappy after she became the queen. The royal family wasnt suitable for her, someone who was straightforward yet sensitive. Antis saw her misery but couldnt do anything.

It was impossible for him to go against the royal family.

He even thought that he could comfort Andonara in private if he had a chance. After all the personal lives of nobles were a mess. The royal family would turn a blind eye to him as long as he didnt cross the line.

However, he was quite unlucky, as Roland emerged out of nowhere.

So, he was actually quite envious, if not jealous, of Roland.

He even wanted to beat Roland up while Roland was feeling good about himself.

But unfortunately, he knew that he couldnt beat Roland.

In his fury, he could only shift his attention elsewhere. He looked down and said, "The drama is about to begin. Lets watch."

Roland looked down too.

The baldy who stood in Alfreds way stared at the young man in the white robe in fascination.

Alfred had a square face and was as stout as Tobian.

Also, they were a lot like each other.

The man must be his son.

Tobian remembered that, when he was young, he claimed a woman for a few days against her will. Then, she went abroad with her husband. He didnt know that she was pregnant with his baby.

However, this young man did not seem to be aware of his real identity or the relationship between them.

"I think we should talk." Tobian had no children yet, as it was hard for professionals to have offspring. He was rather delighted to see one. "This doesnt have to happen between us, son."

Alfreds face became awful at first. Then he sneered, "Who do you think you are? You think youre qualified to talk to me in private? Get out of the way!"

Looking at Alfreds face that was as cold as ice, Tobian subconsciously stepped aside.

He was not afraid of the young man; he simply didnt want to have a direct conflict with him.

He thought that the two of them could still talk.

Watching Alfred go away proudly, Tobian took a deep breath and left the lobby too.

Chewing a fruit, Roland asked, "Is this the drama you mentioned?"

"It is, in my eyes. A father and a son have become sworn enemies. Is it not fun?" Antis laughed. "More importantly, both of them know their relationship."

"Huh?" Roland was briefly stunned. "Alfred knows that hes Tobians son?"



"Because Alfreds adoptive father, the minor noble that Tobian kicked away, was very nice to Alfred. Though his wife gave birth to someone elses son, he really treated Alfred as his own. He loved his wife and his adopted son. However, he was tied up by Tobian and thrown in a corner while he watched his wife being raped, going without food and water for days. Although he survived, he was traumatized and couldnt be healed even with mental spells."

After a brief silence, Roland said, "Hes a good man of a rare sort. Tobian is too wicked."

"Three years ago, the minor noble died because of his trauma, and his wife died of depression too. She told Alfred who his father was before she passed away, hoping that her son would have someone to count on, even though that person was her nemesis."

Roland was even more reticent. After a long time, he finally smiled sarcastically. "What a caring mother."

"I think so too." Alfred continued, "But Alfred doesnt think so. He thinks that he only had one father and one mother, and Tobian is the murderer who killed them."

There were many sad stories in this world. Though Antis kept it bried, Roland was able to infer what happened.

But he was slightly surprised. "Why do you know so much about Alfred when hes far away in Fareins? Has your intelligence organization infiltrated Fareins, the most powerful country, so well?"

Antis chuckled but didnt say anything.

He was so charming when he chuckled that even the waitresses nearby couldnt help but peep at him.

Roland thought for a moment and said, "I got it. You had been gathering intelligence on Tobian because you were trying to deal with him. You learned about Alfred along the way."

Antiss hand holding the wine cup trembled. He put the cup down and said, "Youre really smart. Thats right; were trying to take down Tobian. Going back to what we discussed earlier, would you like to be chairman with our support?"

Roland waved his hands and refused him without any hesitation.

"Why?" Antis was not surprised at Rolands refusal. He was only curious about the reason. "You can achieve what you want easily with our support. Dozens of years of hard work can be avoided. Isnt this good?"

"But your terms will definitely be harsh. Let me guess: it must be about Andonara."

This time, Antis was rendered speechless.

Roland was right.

To win the royal familys support, he would have to return the queen.

Seeing Antiss expression, Roland smiled very delightedly.

A long moment later, Antis asked again, "Shes just a woman. Can she compare to the whole Association of Mages?"

"Wrong. Shes much more valuable than the Association of Mages," Roland said casually. "I can create a better Association of Mages, but Andonara is too great a woman to give up."

Rolands tone was casual but unyielding.

Antis had no doubt that he was speaking the truth.

"Andonara is more valuable than the Association of Mages?" Antis finished his wine and smashed the cup on the table, before he smiled. "Im better-looking than you, my family is better than yours, but Ive suffered brutal failures. Roland, if I had known you a few years earlier, I might have become your woman!"


Roland spewed out the wine in his mouth as he was shocked.

He looked at Antis in fright. "Are you a woman in mens clothes?"

It was not impossible. Antis was too beautiful to be a man.

Seeing Rolands shock, Antis smiled as alluringly as a woman.

But he became grave very soon. "Have you ever heard about the Kualis?"

Roland shook his head.

"Look into them if you have time. You should be able to find something as a Mage." Antis stood up. "If you do not plan to help Tobian, you can just stay on the sidelines and watch the drama. As long as you dont stand in our way, I assure you that the supplies for your Magic Tower wont be cut off in five years."

"So, after the royal family completely grasps the Association five years from now, you will take action against Delpon?"

Antis put on a sophisticated smile. "It has been proven that not all the Golden Sons are on the same boat. Youre human beings with desires and demands. Youre not invincible, Roland."

Then he left.

After a while, Roland stood up and left a gold coin, before he left the luxurious hotel.

After he left the city, he teleported back to Delpon.

It was unnecessary to stay in the capital any longer. Faced with his son who was back with a vengeful wrath and the support of the royal family, chances were slim that Tobian would survive.

Besides, even if he could survive, he would have to hide all the time, unless he escaped from Hollevin.

Roland did not have to waste time on Tobian anymore.

So, he only needed to focus on his magic studies and the operation of the magic school.

As for the transformation to Elemental Lord and the mission to kill the Fallen Angel, they couldnt be completed any time soon, so he might as well put them aside for now.

That was Rolands plan.

However, there were always pleasant surprises.

The mission that Roland issued in the Guild of Mercenaries to collect five kinds of elementals was completed within half a month.

Roland almost couldnt believe his ears after hearing that.