Mages Are Too Op Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Transformation Into An Elemental Lord

They were all very capable and polite.

Therefore, many nobles liked hiring the Golden Sons to run errands for them.

Besides, on many occasions, only the Golden Sons could deal with other Golden Sons.

After all, only the undying could defeat the undying.

It was nothing too strange that Alfred hired five players to work for him.

Roland thought that was all. After all, Tobians death was within his expectations.

But as it turned out, Roland accidentally saw a trending video when he browsed through the forum three days later.

A Son Has Killed His Father For This Reason. You Will Fall Silent After You Read It.

It was one of those articles with a trolling title.

Although he knew that most articles with such titles did not contain any useful information, Roland couldnt help but open it.

What if this one was an exception?

Roland opened the video in the thread and saw a familiar person kneeling inside a room covered in blood and dirt.

There were many bodies around the room. All of them were in magic robes.

The man kneeling on the ground was a big bald man.

He was Tobian!

Briefly stunned, Roland watched on.

In the video, Tobian seemed calm though he was breathing heavily. But of course, he might only be pretending to be calm.

He said, "Alfred, you might not know our relationship, but I can tell you that you are actually my"

"Im your son, right?"

A slightly immature voice said that, and the perspective of the camera moved to Tobians opposite.

A young man was standing proudly in a white robe, mockery on his face.

"Well" Tobian finally sounded shocked. "If you know that, why are you doing this?"

"Why am I doing this?" Alfred chuckled. "Because I only have one father, and his name is Gavin Munster. What makes you think you can be my father?"

Tobian became agitated, if not angry, after hearing that. "Why? That worthless man doesnt deserve to be your father at all!"

Alfred burst into rage after hearing that. He ran forward and kicked Tobian in the face, knocking him meters away, blood splashing.

One of the players in the room couldnt help but blow a whistle.

Everybody immediately looked at him.

The player shrugged and seemed rather embarrassed.

Though he seemed devastated, Tobian was a professional. He wiped off the blood on his face and said angrily, "No matter how you deny it, you cant change the fact that my blood runs in your veins. You are the descendant of a noble spellcaster. How can that powerless, penniless, useless piece of garbage be my sons father? It was already fortunate enough that he could raise you."

Alfreds face was even colder. He gathered a spear of light in his right hand and pierced it through Tobians left kidney.

Tobian cried miserably and struggled, but he was held tightly by the two players behind him.

Such a wound was grave but not critical for a Master-level professional.

Tobian wailed palely for a while. He then said to Alfred with a miserable smile, "Do you hate me for not raising you? Thats because I didnt learn of your existence until recently. I had no idea that such a humble woman was fortunate enough to carry the baby of a professional."

Alfred slowly shook his head. His face grew colder and colder, and he stared as Tobian as if he were a maggot.

"Do you know that my father and mother were the people I loved most?" Alfred put on a smile. "My father was gentle to me all the time. He treated me as his own son even though I wasnt. He only beat me once, when I flirted with a civilian girl of my age who passed by my house at twelve. He slapped me for that. He never physically disciplined me again."

Tobian burst into laughter. "That weak man did not even have the courage to piss off civilians after he left Hollevin?"

"Thats right. He was afraid." Alfred suddenly grabbed Tobians collar and heaved him up, before he roared, "He was afraid that I would become a scumbag like you, because half of your blood ran in my veinsfilthy, unscrupulous, inhuman blood. After the slap, my father hugged me and cried. He cried like a little baby when he was a white-haired old man. Though he became as gentle as before a day later, his tears and his pain are still vivid to me even to this day."

Tobian found it hard to believe. "You sympathize with a coward?"

"You havent figured out why Im here to kill you even at this moment." Alfred sneered and said, "I couldnt believe my ears when my mother told me that my father wasnt my birth father. But I didnt hate you back then. I only wanted to find out who my birth father was. But after I learned what you did to my mother and father, I understood why my father cried so painfully. The filthy blood in my veins was so repulsive that my first reaction was to kill myself."

Tobian seemed even more frightened. "You wanted to kill yourself when youre my only descendant? Why would you kill yourself when you can inherit everything of mine?"

"But I thought it through later." Alfred threw Tobian to the floor and looked down at him. "No matter whose blood flows in my veins, my soul will always be Gavin Munsters son. The body ages and withers, but the soul never changes."

Tobian stood up and roared, "Youre only fooling yourself. You will always be Tobians son. Nobody can change that."

"But it can be changed, by killing you," Alfred said casually. "As a Priest of Light, I cant murder anyone, but Ive investigated you for days since I came. Why else do you think I never really attacked you the past few days?"

Tobians expression gradually became awful, and he completely lost his cool.

"Im not surprised at the result of the investigation at all. You are a scumbag. You turned decent women into whores, you laid your hands on adolescent girls, and you stole beautiful married women and made them disappear." Alfred smiled creepily. "So, I have enough reasons to kill you without violating my doctrines."

Tobian grew anxious after hearing that. He rose and shouted, "Dont kill me! Im your father! You can inherit all my possessions, including the Association of Mages and the family properties! Its much better than working hard to get them by yourself!"

"I am a white-robe bishop. My future is nothing but promising," Alfred said in disdain. "A trash Association of Mages and a minor noble family in a far-flung country are as hilarious as an orc tribe. Theres nothing to inherit."

"You cant do that. No gods will encourage a son to murder his father."

"But youre not my father."

Alfred nodded at one of the players, before he turned around and left.

That was the end of the video.

Tobians ending was very obvious.

Roland heaved a sigh after watching the video.

If such a family ethical drama was made into a TV series, it would definitely be criticized by the audience, but it was very real in the game.

Or rather, the drama was itself something that really happened.

Based on the players replies, most of them supported Alfred in killing Tobian.

After all, what Tobian did was too disgusting. Also, based on Alfreds investigation, Tobian deserved to be killed.

But there were some objections.

Tobian deserved to be killed, but his execution shouldnt be ordered by Alfred, who was his son. Patricide couldnt be justified in any case.

Roland felt that both sides had their points, and Alfred was right no matter what he chose. So, he simply stayed away from the debate on the forum.

Then, he placed the five elemental cores on a table.

Over the past three days, he had read the two books he got from Ans.

The Elemental Lord was referred to as a Sword Dancer by the elves because it was a pure Battle Mage class.

The so-called "Sword" was actually a philosophy to apply the elemental power.

The elves believed that the magic power concentrated through spells was a weapon, and "Sword" was just an abstract term to refer to such a weapon, because the sword was the noblest of all weapons.

Of course, that was just the opinion of most elves.

Many other organizations and forces actually didnt agree with them.

For example, the Church of Light, the Church of Life, and the Druids all believed that the hammer was the most sacred weapon.

The elves regarded the sword as a straightforward weapon and attached deeper meanings to it.

For example, they would say that elves should be as noble as the sword, or their integrity should be as unbroken as the sword.

It was not hard for Roland to understand. It was similar to the spirit of swordsmen in Wuxia novels.

The second book specified how to make use of the elemental cores to coordinate the elemental power and modify the body in order to become an Elemental Lord.

The book said that it was hard, but it wasnt so at all for Roland.

The two key factors to become an Elemental Lord was the elven bloodline and the ultimate control over elemental power.

Roland had both of the key factors.

He had Magic Power Control, a talent that none of the elves had.

According to the book, Roland drew a magic array on the ground, threw the five elemental cores into it, and squeezed all the elemental cores into evenly mixed magic power with the pressure of the magic array.

Then, he directed the magic power back into his body to polish his body, so that his body would be more receptive to elemental power.

It sounded easy, but it was actually extremely hard to put into practice.

First of all, mixing five kinds of different elemental power was itself a tricky task. They would implode if their proportions werent right.

Besides, the power had to be directed into ones body. With the tiniest mistake, the temporarily jumbled magic power would explode inside the body and tear it apart, killing or heavily wounding the person.

However Roland succeeded very easily.