Mages Are Too Op Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Certain People Shouldnt Be Indulged Anymore

Below were explanations to the two specialties.

Elemental Enhancement: All the elemental spells you cast are 25% more powerful with a 25% lower cost. Also, the difficulty to learn all elemental spells is reduced by one level.

Elemental Embodiment: You are still made of flesh and blood, but you may transform into the elemental form in which you will have no fatal weaknesses. The spells you cast in the elemental form will be strengthened. In the meantime, your Health will be improved by twice your Intelligence points. The elemental form will continue consuming your magic power until your magic power is used up or you cancel the elemental form.

The two specialties were very simple, but after reading their detailed introduction, Roland fell silent.

Powerful They were too powerful.

Someone said that the more awesome a thing was, the simpler it tended to be. This might be an example of that.

The Bards, in comparison, had all kinds of fancy talents and specialties, which could enhance melee and remote attacks. They could also cast spells with music effects.

But in fact, those spells were very tricky to use, and not very effective.

Their songs couldnt distinguish friend from foe, and they were not nearly as good as the Saint Samurais Grand Aura.

The specialties of the Elemental Lord, on the other hand, were simple and straightforward. They reduced the spell costs, increased the power of the spells, and most importantly, removed Rolands weaknesses while improving the upper limit of his Health.

It meant that Roland would have barely any physical weakness in the future.

As long as he turned on the elemental form, it would be a simple competition of tricks, Health, and abilities.

Chances were slim that he would ever suffer a critical injury and be killed by someone far weaker than him.

However, he would rather find out what it felt to cast Elemental Embodiment first.

Roland used Elemental Embodiment in a lab in the magic lab and turned into a man of fire!

He was best as Grand Fireball, so he subconsciously chose the embodiment of fire elements in priority.

He was now exactly a man of fire. His whole body was exclusively made of fire.

But amazingly enough, he could still experience the sensation of touch. Also, his equipment was not affected by the fire.

Still, terrifying hot waves were spreading in the lab, filling the air with the stench of burning.

The floor where Roland was standing was gradually turning red and black.

It was not very scientific, but very magical.

Roland tried casting a fireball. The super massive fireball which wouldve taken at least five seconds before only took him two seconds to cast at this moment.

Also, the fireball was even hotter.

He hadnt thrown the fireball out yet, but all the wooden furniture and devices within a dozen meters were set ablaze despite the magic-suppressing barrier in the lab.

Roland dispersed the massive blue fireball and tried the embodiment of earth and water elements.

The spells of the class of the element that he embodied would be greatly strengthened, and they could be buffed by Elemental Enhancement.

But Elemental Enhancement had downsides. When he was in the state of embodiment, he could only cast one specific class of spells.

For example, when he was the embodiment of fire elements, he could only cast fier spells, and couldnt even use Arcane Bullet.

Also, the transformation would take at least three seconds, which was too long in high-level battles. So, he had to be well prepared before the transformation.

In general, the abilities of the Elemental Lord were really not bad.

All those abilities were empowering and not insubstantial.

Roland opened the forum and was about to post a guide on how to become an Elemental Lord, but he dropped the idea after a second thought.

Earlier, someone had submitted his research results to other countries for rewards, which was quite annoying to him.

Of course, communication among the Mages was still necessary, but it shouldnt be free anymore.

They had to exchange knowledge for knowledge.

Thinking for a moment, Roland wrote a thread with a different title.

The Magic Tower of Delpon Sincerely Welcomes All Mages For Friendly Communication.

Roland introduced the credit system of his Magic Tower and his ideas on its future development. He also pointed out the "knowledge points" that he had, including Basic Enchantment, the models of all level-one and level-two spells, the derivative spell of Ice Ring, etc. He specifically elaborated on the abilities and features of the Elemental Lord, but he didnt say anything about how to become an Elemental Lord. He simply concluded the thread with "welcome to discuss with me."

Then, many other players replied to the thread.

"Whats the meaning of this? Roland is also selling knowledge for money? Tsk, tsk. This is the day he loses his reputation."

"Hes called a mentor to all Mages, but hes corrupted by money in the end, isnt he?"

"Do you think hes short of money? Every Mage nowadays has to throw a gold coin to Rolands bowl in exchange for the divine-level specialty. You think hes short of money?"

"Dont take him for a fool. You know exactly what certain people did with his hard work."

"Not only did you take advantage of him, but you even recorded the whole process and posted it online."

"You really think that Roland never surfs online?"

"Knowledge should be applied. Since Roland published the knowledge and the tricks, he gave everyone permission to use them. How other people use the knowledge is none of his business. Why is he so jealous?"

"Wow, Im almost impressed by your shamelessness. But no matter how you defend yourself, the people know whos right and whos wrong."

"Hehe. If you are a celebrity, you shouldnt think about making money all the time. Thats very demeaning, do you know that?"

"Youre saying that Roland should teach you and feed you for free, right? Are you his son? Does he owe you anything?"

"What are you fighting for? Stop fighting! Lets play some music!"

Roland skimmed through the thread and shook his head.

He had foreseen such a result, and he wasnt surprised at all.

In any case, the Magic Tower of Delpon wouldnt refuse communication, but it had to be quid pro quo.

The visitors could offer money or knowledge, but it had to be as valuable as Rolands knowledge.

Because Vincent had set off on a learning trip, Roland had to teach the magic apprentices in person while he handled the political affairs in Delpon. His life was rather busy.

Thankfully, he didnt need any sleep as a player. He taught the students in the day, and handled political affairs and studied magic during the night. Luckily, he still had enough time.

After the training recently, some of the magic apprentices who followed him since the beginning grew up. They gradually took over some of Rolands work.

In the next two months, Rolands life was occupied and regimented.

He never went anywhere other than the school, his study, and his magic lab.

Occasionally, Andonara would come to his study and help him relax.

His life was very enjoyable.

Also, his understanding of magic was becoming more and more profound too.

The winter was finally over. Thanks to Rolands lumbering program, few poor people in Delpon were killed by the cold. When the spring came, every poor person was given part of the land which used to be woodland and started working.

As the initiator of the lumbering program, Roland witnessed yet another increase in his Reputation.

Most of the citizens in Delpon regarded him as the mayor. As for the real mayor most people had forgotten him.

In such an atmosphere, Roland saw Bettas message for help in the guild menu.

Betta: "Brothers, I need your help on an epic quest thats very important to me. I dont trust outsiders."

Roland and the other friends all promised to help him.

But Schuck couldnt come. He was carrying out a special classified mission for the Church of Light. It was also an epic quest, and he couldnt get away.

Betta: "Thats right. Brother Roland and the others will be enough. It doesnt matter if you cant come."

Schuck: "I feel unnecessary."

Roland turned off the guild system and told Vivian that he was going out.

Vivian slightly pursed her lips. "I want to go with you."

"Its something between the Golden Sons."

"Okay." Vivian was very disappointed. Even her bright face seemed much dimmer than usual.

When Roland returned to his manor that night, he told of his upcoming trip to Andonara too.

Roland had thought that Andonara would beg to go with him too, but she simply smiled and said, "Then Ill wait for you at home."

After all, Andonara was much maturer and more considerate than Vivian. She could tell that Roland did not intend to take anyone with him.

So, she didnt ask to go with him.

That was the difference between a married woman and an unmarried girl.

During the night, Andonara exhausted Roland with her special tricks.

Roland was so tired that his teleportation almost failed the next day when he went to the capital.

He saw Antis again when he entered the city.

The man who was as beautiful as a girl heaved a sigh when he saw Roland and approached, before he asked, "Why are you here again? Tobians incident is over. Weve split up his properties. You dont have a share."

Roland shrugged. "Im not interested in that. Im here for a friend."

"Dont cause any trouble." Antis turned his head and said casually, "The capital hasnt been very peaceful."

"Is the fight for the position of crown prince over?"

Antis suddenly stared at Roland. "You knew about that?"

"I guessed it. Wasnt it on the street that one of the princes boldly claimed that he would capture Andonara and enjoy her when the king was said to be critically ill? Something is obviously wrong with that."

Antis put on a mocking smile. "Thats right. He is an idiot. If you know about it, try to stay away from it. The king doesnt want too many wildcards."

"Ill try to keep a distance, but if he comes to me, dont expect me to hold back."

Antis looked at Roland angrily but didnt say anything. He merely waved his hand and let Roland go.

After Roland walked away, he suddenly turned his head back and asked, "Who are the Kualis? I didnt find anything about them."

"Who knows?"

Fine. It seemed that Antis wasnt in his best mood.

Roland entered the city and went to a manor according to the address that Betta gave him.

The manor was very huge. After Roland introduced himself and was led into the manor, he found that his manor in Delpon was nothing worth mentioning compared to this one.

Then, Roland saw that Betta was having afternoon tea with a rather beautiful blonde girl under a parasol.

Roland was briefly stunned, because he sensed an immense power of light from the girl.

A believer of the Goddess of Light?

No the power was very similar to Schucks.

She was a female Saint Samurai!