Mages Are Too Op Chapter 442

Chapter 442 The Female Priests Of The Church Of Storm Slutty Outside Yet Prudish Inside

Dinah, on the other hand, held the Water of Light delightedly.

“What will you do next?” Sitting on the comfortable couch and drinking the delicious fruit wine served by the Hibiscus family, Roland asked, “Do you want me to stay with you until you have ownership of your fief?”

Roland was worried that the Hibiscus family would trick Betta. After all, nobles tended to be treacherous no matter how decent they looked.

Betta was not in a good mood after watching the stream from Sisilia. He waved his hand and said, “That’s fine; I trust Dinah. Besides, Dinah will be vulnerable for a few days after taking the water. I need to protect her as a friend. Brother Roland, you can go back if you have other things to do.”

Remember how Dinah gazed at Betta, full of affection, Roland realized that his concerns were ungrounded.

He left the Hibiscus manor and ran into Antis when he left the capital.

Antis called out to Roland and stopped him at the city gate. He asked him in private, “I’ve heard about what happened in Sisilia City. You did not seem to be part of it. Not bad.”

Though the incident at Sisilia was over, some people were still searching and cleaning up the survivors from there.

There were two such teams in the capital, but they were mainly targeting people who had adopted the special ideology and run from Sisilia.

As for the players who didn’t participate, the inquisitors certainly weren’t fond of them, but they did not dare to do anything.

After all, something huge had happened the day before yesterday when an inquisition team had a quarrel with the Phoenix Guild.

It all started when the Phoenix Guild took in a female NPC who had been very close to the guild since the beginning. Also, this NPC was not a believer of the new ideology, and only her family took part in the incident.

Then, the inquisition team demanded that the Phoenix Guild give her over.

The chairman of the Phoenix Guild was Solisa, who had hired Roland to modify a spell earlier.

The girl seemed docile on the surface but was actually very proud, or she couldn’t have run a guild of only girls.

She rejected the inquisition team’s demand on the spot. She also provoked them and made them attack her first, so that she would be justified to fight back.

Then, the three hundred girls of the guild attacked the team together.

There was a Legendary Swordsman in the inquisition team, who was quite strong.

But these girls were all Elven Summoners who focused their points in Charm. They summoned a myriad of beasts in the sky, on the land, and in the sea, surrounding the whole inquisition team.

The Legendary Swordsman was so strong that he killed at least a hundred girls on his own. But of course, it was also partly because the girls’ level was low on average and their battle awareness wasn’t good. Those players all cried after they were resurrected, but one minute later, they would wipe off their tears and go to the battlefield again with their pets under Solisa’s command.

The Legendary Swordsman could kill people, but he could not break the siege of the summoned beasts.

Eventually, he was surrounded and killed by at least 100,000 summoned beasts.

The battle was fought for almost thirteen hours.

In the end, it was said that the Legendary Swordsman was devoured by the Celestial Wolves; not even bones remained.

Someone livestreamed the battle. The players who watched the battle all joked that the tears of a girl were sharp enough to kill a Legend.

Despite the jokes, most players were impressed by the girls’ courage.

It was not a problem to be cowardly, and it took real courage to face one’s fear when one was scared.

Since this battle, the combat ability of the Phoenix Guild had been well-known.

The ocean of summoned beasts was blood-freezing for anyone.

The Phoenix Guild was even claiming the title of Most Powerful Guild from F6.

The idea that numbers equaled combat ability was gaining popularity.

However, Roland felt that nothing fundamental had changed.

The Legendary Swordsman couldn’t flash or teleport. If Roland were surrounded, he could’ve escaped with a few consecutive teleportations.

It was more of a matter of class mechanism than one of strength. The melee classes were designed to deal with one tough target, not a sea of enemies.

The spellcasters couldn’t deal with one tough target, but they could deal a lot of damage.

However, faced with a hundred thousand summoned beasts, even Roland would have to flee even if he could teleport away.

But unlike Swordsmen, Mages were capable of many area spells. If Roland became a Legend, a hundred thousand summoned beasts wouldn’t be half as threatening as one Legendary Swordsman.

Antis had heard about the fall of the Legend too. He said somewhat in admiration, “In any case, it’s already well known that the Golden Sons took down a Legend.”

“Those ladies are indeed impressive.” Roland nodded.

“I don’t know whether you Golden Sons are brave or reckless.” Antis heaved a sigh. “You’re still causing trouble at a moment like this? You even killed a Legend. Other people would’ve definitely tried to lay low until things were over. However, you have indeed changed the situation with your recklessness. Nobody dares to piss off the Golden Sons anymore after the battle, even when you’re caught in unfavorable circumstances.”

Roland smiled. It was very typical of the players.

They wouldn’t hesitate to kill gods as long as they were allowed to.

Looking at the people that were entering the city at a distance, Antis asked, “You’ve helped the Hibiscus family?”

“Mission complete.”

Antis thought a moment and asked, “I don’t want to know what you did. I simply want to ask you if Dinah can support her family in the future. Or rather, is she talented enough now?”

“I think she’s fine.”

“Got it. I’ll ask my family to give a favor to the Hibiscus family.” Antis smiled at Roland. “I helped you a lot before. Consider what you just said a reward for that.”

Then, he waved his hand and returned to the city gate.

Roland, on the other hand, left the capital and returned to Delpon through Long-Distance Teleportation.

He spent a day with Andonara and Vivian at the manor. Then, Roland resumed his work at the Magic Tower.

While he was away, Vivian had been managing the Magic Tower. She was not talented in magic, but she was quite gifted at management.

Both the Magic Tower and the school were well-organized thanks to her.

On the other hand, Cage did a better job than Vincent did in terms of city safety.

A sheriff had to deal with the quarrels and fights of ordinary people, so they had to know what ordinary people needed and how to get along with them.

As a person from a rich family, Vincent certainly did not know that as well as Cage did.

In her spare time, Andonara taught the players how to train into Great Swordsmen and made a lot of gold coins.

Because of Andonara, Delpon was quite famous among the players.

After all, the Great Swordsman was an OP class that only Andonara could help one turn into. So more and more players were coming to Delpon.

After he returned to the Magic Tower, Roland was focused on magic sword-making and item auto recovery.

Neither of the two techniques was hard as long as one changed their mindset first.

Item auto recovery, in particular, was a special application of causal magic power.

Essentially speaking, auto recovery was a traceback process.

An item’s shape, form, and features could be recorded with causal magic power. Once it was deformed, the magic power nearby would be utilized to restore the item.

It was easier said than done.

What auto recovery needed was the glyph technology that Mordenkainen invented.

It was not Enchantment but an unsystematic technique to infuse magic power solely based on his own experience.

Different from Enchantment, the glyph technology was more effective, but it was also contrary to common sense.

It was one of the reasons why prophecy spells were hard to learn.

Most of the prophecy spells were created based on presumptions, but they somehow worked out in the end.

Therefore, even though Roland had accurate data for his modeling, it was hard for him to parse the glyphs.

Much of the data didn’t match, or was even contradictory.

However, having invented Language Proficiency and Unhindered Communication, Roland had known a thing or two about causal spells. After a dozen days, he finally got the hang of auto recovery.

Roland smashed a cup with a huge noise.

Soon, the pieces of the cup slowly moved on their own. But it was so slow that Roland estimated that it would take more than three days for the pieces to regather.

And this was only a cup made of clay.

It would’ve taken even longer if the cup were made of iron or magic.

He might have to wait a month, or even years if he wanted to recover a large item.

That speed was enough for daily use. After all, most items degenerated slowly. If they were recovered every day, they would almost be permanent.

However, it was not good enough for battle.

If a piece of equipment was damaged in a battle, it would be pointless if the equipment couldn’t be recovered very quickly.

“The glyphs are exactly the same as Mordenkainen said, but I’m not as fast as him. What is the key?”

Deep in thought, Roland subconsciously checked the math model he established again, hoping to infer his drawbacks. But he failed to find anything after a long observation.

All the data was correct, but none was useful when it came to the recovery technique.

While he was thinking, Vivian opened the door of the lab and came in. She said, “Chairman, something happened in the city. Cage is already there, but it’s tricky to deal with. He wants you to go and take a look.”


What could something that even Cage found tricky be?

Roland immediately went there.

In front of a small manor, Roland saw Cage with twenty city guards confronting a team in yellow cleric robes.

Heavy armor under a yellow robe was the typical appearance of the Church of Storm.

Roland walked to them and found a blue triangle on their yellow robes, which was a symbol of the Church of Storm.

There were also two female clerics in the team who were both wearing short skirts. All the female clerics of the Church of Storm wore such sexy robes, because their goddess wore such.

They did not feel anything wrong at all about dressing in such a revealing way.

“What happened?” Roland walked to them.

Cage was relieved to see Roland. “They’re going to take Conan Doyle’s family, claiming that Conan Doyle defied their goddess.”

Roland looked at them and found a bunch of people behind the clerics of the Church of Storm.