Mages Are Too Op Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Considerably High End Tech

It was about 20 acres of land, which was about the size of two football fields. Not much for a noble’s estate, but since there were just a few people living there, it was huge, and a little magical experimentation could still be done with the open space.

He had no shortage of money or patience, so he waited for Roland to enchant the ten pieces of equipment, and then he could discuss in-depth about magic regeneration equipment.

After he moved in, there were at first some sneaky figures moving around outside the manor. The small noble who had set the merchant up wasn’t too keen on giving up the fat meat he was about to get his hands on, but after inquiring about the background of the new owner of the manor, he immediately withdrew all his men.

Golden Sons couldn’t be messed with.

The people of Delpon, more than any other city, realized how strong Golden Sons were.

Douglas had thought he was going to be bored here for a month but never expected to be approached thirteen days later.

It was another magnate, and the two of them knew each other in reality.

This guy looked quite fat Generally, players’ figures were well-proportioned, but their body shape could still change.

For example, If they didn’t eat often, they would starve and become thin, and if they died and came back to life, they’d still be thin.

If they ate too much, they’d get fat.

Just like in the real world.

Players were professionals by nature, and under normal circumstances, rarely got fat.

Because just exercising and fighting, one could burn a lot of calories, and it was quite impressive that the man in front of him ate himself into a fatty.

Douglas looked at him, sized him up for a moment, shook his head helplessly, and said, “You’re obviously a skinny guy in reality, why do you prefer to eat yourself into a fatty in the game?”

“You know in reality I don’t have a good stomach and can’t eat very much, but since almost everything in this world is real, I naturally have to eat what I missed out on.”

Douglas shook his head again helplessly.

The fat man in front of him was called Charles, and he was the chairman of the Cornucopia, a guild of merchants.

Because he had to do business and wasn’t a combat-type player, he was still level two, and he ate food everyday nonstop, so he was getting fatter and fatter.

Two years and he became what he looked like now.

“I just went to see Roland.” The fat man looked at Douglas. “He said you’re going to make ten weapons and get a magic regeneration set, right?”

Douglas nodded.

“Can you not make the magic regeneration equipment first and let me cut in line?” The fat man smiled and said, “I also have fourteen pieces of equipment I need Roland’s help to enchant.”

Fourteen pieces!

Douglas said with some envy, “Looks like you’ve made a lot of money in the last two years with this chamber. But I’m sorry, but I don’t want to yield an opportunity like this to anyone else.”

Fat Charles reclined against the back of the chair and said, “I know that this is a rare opportunity, so that land in the northern suburbs of Lu City, I can decide to let you have itof course, the price will have to be raised by five points.”

“You’re willing to sacrifice that much?” Douglas froze. “You’re not afraid your father will beat the sh*t out of you?”

“You put it so disgustingly.” Charles frowned. “My old man actually knows about this, he agreed to it.”

Douglas closed his eyes and thought for a moment, then said, “It seems your old man is very optimistic about your business in the game. I can do without that piece of land in Lu Cityis there a shareholding for your chamber of commerce in this world? I want a share.”

Charles froze and looked hesitant. “You know, I don’t like people meddling in my business.”

“I’m not getting involved, I’m just taking shares and getting dividends.” Douglas smiled and said, “The fact that you’re in such a hurry to make fourteen pieces of equipment means you’re in trouble. When my ten pieces of equipment are done and my little brother wears them, I can send him to the chamber of commerce to help you. With your fourteen pieces of equipment, I don’t think many people in Hollevin can pose a threat to us other than freaks like Roland and Schuck.”

Charles was still considering it.

“There is strength in numbers,” continued Douglas.

Charles looked sullenly at Douglas. “Let me think about it for a few days.”

Douglas laughed. “No problem.”

Usually, saying so meant agreement without wanting to admit defeat, so this was a way to back down.

Sighing, Charles suddenly said, “I heard that Queen Andonara is still staying in Roland’s manor, aren’t we going to pay a visit? We might get a surprise.”

With that said, Charles twirled and rubbed his thumb and forefinger a bit obscenely.

Douglas’s smile turned cold. “Don’t screw around, Charles. Our equipment still depends on Roland. If you irk him, you and I are the ones that will suffer a loss. You haven’t played enough women in the real world?”

“But Andonara is really different from the average woman. Just watching the video of her fighting”

Douglas held up a hand to stop the other side from continuing. “Charles, I know you’re interested in good food and have an even less of a resistance to beauty, but if you mess around and touch women you shouldn’t, I’ll reconsider your abilities and character. Not to mention buying shares, I’ll reconsider solemnly the fourteen pieces of equipment cutting in the queue.”

Charles took a deep breath. “Okay, my bad.”

Douglas nodded in satisfaction.

These past thirteen days, Roland actually had already enchanted ten pieces of equipment with sharpening, reinforcement, life reinforcement, and other enchantments according to the piece of equipment.

All the equipment was now missing just one enchantment, which was auto-repair.

Since the auto-repair could fail, Roland had actually requested on the forum three portions of materials for each piece of equipment.

Nothing came for freeRoland didn’t want to bear all the risk himself. The chance of three portions of materials successfully enchanting was roughly 85 percent.

In other words, as long as his luck wasn’t too bad, there should still be some leftover from the thirty portions of materials used to enchant ten pieces of equipment.

Even if he was really unlucky, at most, he’d add four or five more portions of materials himself and still succeed.

To increase the success rate, Roland took a special day off in the manor.

The next day he returned to the lab in the Magic Tower.

Six small mountain-high piles of magical materials were piled in front of Roland, and after a moment of calming his mind, Roland began to use his intuition to construct an auto-repair magic model.

Auto-repair was a fairly high-level enchanting technique, and Roland gave each of the ten pieces of equipment three practical effects, all of which only took about thirteen days.

But enchanting ten pieces of equipment with the single effect of auto-repair took him fifteen days.

Roland’s luck wasn’t too good, failing three times in the beginning before applying auto-repair to the first piece of equipment.

The second one also succeeded in the fourth attempt but it was after the second successful enchantment that Roland became more skilled and touched the gates of divination magic.

The heavy door of divination magic had now been pushed open by Roland, and through this small crack, Roland realized a lot of things.

He benefited greatly.

After that, it was simple. The remaining eight pieces of equipment were successfully enchanted with an average of 1.5 attempts, and then there were ten shares of materials left.

The price per portion of the material was around 20 gold coins.

In addition to the 20 gold coins for each piece of equipment, Roland made a huge profit on this single deal.

200 gold coins worth of magic materials, and 200 gold coins of crafting fees.

And it was a great way to practice and strengthen his proficiency in divination magic.

Roland knew that Douglas had taken up residence in the city of Delpon. Vivian had told him about it.

As the most substantial controller of the entire city, Roland was now very good at intelligence-gathering.

And it was only natural that someone as important as Douglas would be on the radar of the gangs in Delpon, and thus the information would get into Vivian’s hands.

After making the equipment, Roland returned to the manor and had the servants prepare a dinner, inviting all the players, including Douglas, Charles, Hawk, and Link.

And some business partners in town.

The mayor’s family was also invited.

When John Junior received the invitation, his expression was quite awful.

His sister and mother, however, were quite happy.

The two women had a pretty good relationship with Andonara.

And noblewomen, for the most part, loved dinner parties.

This was one of their few entertainments at night.

Douglas was quite excited when he got the invitation. This meant Roland had gotten his equipment ready.

As an admirer of Roland, Douglas was even a little nervous.

Charles took the invitation, looked through it for a while, and smiled. “Roland is quite interesting. He actually controlled a city imperceptibly. I originally thought Cornucopia was already quite powerful, and my power extended to many places, but compared to him, it’s still far from it. Moreover, this person’s own strength is extremely significant, and when added together, my achievements are not worth mentioning Say, in reality, how elite is such a person?”

“I guess it’s at the level of a top scorer in college exams, or not far from it.” Douglas thought for a moment, and continued, “And then at the university, I guess he’s probably an influential figure, the very incredible kind.”

Charles shook his head. “Or it may be just chanceeven pigs can take off standing in the limelight.”

“Heh, if it’s just chance, then he wouldn’t be the number-one Mage among the players,” Douglas sneered. “After all, I’m a Mage too, and I know very well how hard it is to learn spells. He’s got real talent.”

Charles nodded. “That’s true too.”

Then the two brought their own “guard” friends to Roland’s manor.

There were already many carriages parked at the gate.

They handed over the invitations to the steward, and right after entering, Roland could be seen with Andonara entertaining guests in the center of the garden.

Roland was still dressed in his magic robes, but Andonara had changed into a queen’s outfit.

The blue and purple royal dress and the colorful crown on her head all set off the already extremely beautiful Andonara as if she were a goddess.

Douglas just marveled briefly and shifted his sights.

Meanwhile, Charles was amazed for a long time, and then couldn’t help but mutter, “Roland, this kid, is quite the player. What high-end tastes.”

Roland saw the two men enter out of the corner of his eye, and immediately turned and walked over to them.