Mages Are Too Op Chapter 447

Chapter 447 The Real Purpose Of A Noble Banque

Both of them were nobles, and for them, frequenting dinner parties was a normal way of life.

Although Roland wasn’t too keen on this kind of banquet, partners thinking of and accommodating each other was a proper thing in itself. And with this banquet, Roland also wanted to promote his new enchantment ability to the world.

Seeing Douglas and Charles coming over, Roland chatted courteously with them before bringing them to the center of the courtyard, where there was a large table with ten pieces of equipment already enchanted.

And there was a large crowd of guests gathered around the table.

All of them were intrigued.

Seeing Roland coming, they made a path for Roland.

Then ten pieces of glowing magical equipment appeared before Douglas’s eyes.

Roland more or less understood the rich players’ thoughts. The equipment not only needed to have good attributes but also needed to look cool on the outside. If the appearance wasn’t cool, then it could only be compensated with radiant effects.

Looking at the ten radiant pieces of equipment, both Douglas and Charles had quite surprised expressions.

That was not to say that the level of appreciation of the two second-generation rich boys was gaudy.

The inclination and the level of appreciation would change with the environment and culture.

In the real world, these ten pieces would be so garish that they could blind people, extremely unfashionable.

But in this world these lights were all emanating from magic.

Magic represented knowledge, mystery, and extremely advanced productivity.

All phenomena caused by magic were noble.

Moreover, in a world where most people relied on candles or torches for nighttime lighting, the light of magic simply represented the yearning to tear through the darkness.

So, the neon brilliance that was so unfashionable out in the real world became a symbol of advanced nobility in this world.

The onlookers, natives of this world, were exceptionally fascinated by this light.

Even both Douglas and Charles thought the ten pieces of equipment were simply awesome in this setting!

They swept their eyes over the equipment and smiled at the information that surfaced about the equipment in the system’s view.

Douglas was the owner of these pieces of equipment and seeing that the enchantment was successful and perfect, he was obviously satisfied.

Charles was also satisfied. Since there were already finished products, his equipment could achieve the same effect as well.

After looking at it, Douglas, beaming, placed the equipment into his Backpack one by one; the last thing he stored was the weapon.

A local noble from Delpon suddenly said, “Would you allow us to try out this sword, Mr. Golden Son?”

They weren’t players, so naturally, they couldn’t see the abilities of the sword in front of them. They just knew that it was definitely a good sword, a very good sword.

Most of the noble descendants were professionals; after all, the family had plenty of resources and they could become professionals with some care.

But the problem was that the average noble rarely managed to improve in their professions since it was too arduous and not worth it.

Professional status was merely an embellishment in their aristocratic careers, not a primary attitude toward life.

But that didn’t mean they didn’t have dreams.

The young nobles, too, wanted to be able to stop a hundred people alone and gather hundreds with a single call.

They were just lazy.

However there were shortcuts.

For example, with full-body epic-level equipment, even a pig could become an elite.

So they were quite curious about this obviously epic and cool set of equipment.

They couldn’t help but want to try it.

“Sure.” Douglas nodded.

In Douglas’s mind, Roland probably had the idea of doing publicity by showing off the equipment in this evening’s banquet. Why else would he put such cool and colorful equipment on the table for people to admire on such an occasion? Since Roland wanted to advertise, he simply cooperated.

As for whether someone would take the equipment and run hehe!

There were at least ten Golden Sons here, enough to form two small quest teams. Even a Legend might get a headache if they tried it, let alone some low-leveled professionals.

Seeing that Douglas agreed, the nobleman thanked him, then took out a white handkerchief and very solemnly and carefully wiped his hands.

To this small detail, Douglas nodded slightly.

After all, it was his equipment, and it was really polite to do that if they wanted to use it.

The man took the longsword and let out a long breath as he said in an odd tone, “I feel like the sword became an extension of my arm.”

The crowd spread out a bit so that the small noble could test the sword.

With enough space, the small noble drilled a basic military sword technique.

His foundations were solid, and it was obvious that he’d put in some effort. The entire routine took about three minutes to finish.

During this time, the sword lights (neon) crisscrossed and were quite eye-catching.

And while the sword was being brandished, there was no sound at all. Only experts knew that, oftentimes, sound was important information in a battle. By listening to the sound of the sword in the air, one could deduce how fast the opponent’s attack was, the attack route, and so on.

If there was no sound accompanying the attack, the enemy would be very unaccustomed to it. It was like listening to music with earbuds in, only with a left or right sound channel.

This was the enchantment effect of Silent Attack.

It wasn’t very useful in low-level battles, but it was extremely useful in high-level battles or battles in dim environments.

After brandishing a set of military sword techniques, the noble then cut the table. It was just like cutting tofu, the longsword chopping off one of the corners of the table without any sound.

The eyes of the native nobles watching the show narrowed.

Reluctantly, he returned the longsword to Douglas and then watched as Douglas put it in the system Backpack.

Then the noble turned to Roland and asked, “Sir, how much would such a sword, including materials, cost?”

“At least two hundred.”


The surrounding nobles were all distressed.

The figure of two hundred gold coins was too much for them, as many people’s entire possessions, including their manor and other real estates, did not add up to two hundred gold coins.

And such a weapon was actually two hundred gold coins.

It seemed that there were many more aspects of the sword that they couldn’t realize.

Still, no one found the sword expensive.

After all, oftentimes, a good set of armor would cost ten to twenty gold coins.

An epic weapon that sold for two hundred gold coins was very normal.

Roland saw that the nobles’ gazes were all on him, smiled, and said, “These weapons and equipment with Sharpening enchantment and such are just minor things”

The nobles were speechless.

Sharpening enchantment could raise the price of a steel weapon at least four gold coins.

No one in Hollevin knew it yet.

Minor things Roland’s words were quite arrogant.

“Although it has three other enchantments that I added, none of that matters”

The nobles’ expressions were even odder. It was known that enchantments occupied space, and a weapon or a piece of equipment had large or small space, but were relatively the samethe magic power it could hold was limited, and multiple kinds of enchantment could easily clash. After all, magic threads, veined patterns, and so on were not ordered.

On a weapon, two enchantments could skyrocket its price, and if there were more than three kinds, it would be a legendary piece of equipment (the kind ordinary people assumed to be, not the system-identified kind), and if it were four kinds they dared not think how much gold it could sell for.

Even if all four enchantments weren’t very effective, the sheer number of added effects was still there.

Watching as they gulped, Roland continued, “What I’m really proud of is that these pieces of equipment can auto-repair That is to say, they theoretically cannot be damaged, unless someone uses Mage’s Disjunction on them.”

The crowd was somewhat dizzy.

Equipment that could automatically repair itself?

That was equipment only the Legendary Hero Kelter had.

In the legends, Hero Kelter’s sword had this effect, and his sword was shattered at least four times during its long battles but repaired itself.

As for Mage’s Disjunction, it was Mordenkainen’s signature skill, and the Goddess of Magic, Mystra, unleashed its full glory.

Back then, when Mystra became a god as a human, she blew up the epic equipment of countless elites with Mage’s Disjunction, and the entire world’s professionals all dubbed Mage’s Disjunction as Great Stripping.

It would take someone of this rank to destroy the equipment, so imagine how precious it was.

With auto-repair, it would become a family heirloom. Once invested, their children and grandchildren would benefit for a lifetime.

“I can help people with these enchantments, including auto-repair if I have time.” Roland smiled. “But you have to bring your own materials, and the crafting fee is 20 gold coins for a piece of equipment.”

The crowd was somewhat impressed. A crafting fee of 20 gold coins at a time, they could afford it.

But a noble realized the key point. “Mr. Roland, may I ask how much the materials cost?”

“If you go buy it yourself, it’ll probably cost about 150 gold coins.”

A wave of lamenting sighs was heard. The materials alone would cost 150 gold coins. This was not a service that they could afford.

Roland was quite satisfied as he looked at their expressions.

There were a limited amount of players that he could strip gold from.

However, there were many rich people in this world. Even if not in Delpon, there would be some in other cities, and even more so in the great nations outside of Hollevin.

So he said these words to advertise himself and precisely advertised to a certain demographic.

The nobles loved to scurry around, and with something so interesting, they would definitely spread it around, and by then a hundred people would grow to a thousand people. He believed it would be all over Hollevin within six months.

Then, within four or five years, the nobles of other countries would have heard of Delpon as well.

At that time, he would not only have a lot of practice but also a lot of money.

Roland didn’t think much of money before, and that was because there wasn’t much room to spend it.

It was different now. The magic school needed money.

More importantly the floating city required astronomical amounts of money to build.

He couldn’t just rush to find money when he could at last build it.

A lot of things had to be prepared and planned for beforehand so that one wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

The Magic Tower helped gather information and materials, but it was not enough to rely on the Magic Tower alone for the money to buy the materials.

He had to expand his financial resources. Greatly.

Standing at the far end of the garden, in the shadows under a tree

John Junior squeezed a wine glass and stared at Roland, his face full of despair.