Mages Are Too Op Chapter 45

Chapter 45

The experience that Roland gained for learning a level-two spell was beyond his imagination. It was more evidence of how tricky Language Proficiency was.

Casting Language Proficiency on himself, Roland left the inn.

Gru had drawn him a simple map that marked Aldos address. Although the map was quite ugly, Roland was still able to read it.

Following the map, Roland came to a manor in the north of the city.

Surrounded by bronze fences, the manor had a flat and green lawn as well as a small building with white walls and red tiles.

Two guards were standing before the gate. Roland approached them and said, "I would like to meet Mr. Aldo, as a Mage."

The guards had seen him and his magic robe, but they hesitated. One of them said, "Sir, if you want to meet our master, please show your invitation, or anything that can prove your identity."

It was the basic etiquette of the upper class of Hollevin that an appointment should be made before two people who werent familiar with each other met. Roland, as an unannounced guest, struck them as a rude man.

However, Roland wore the clothes of a spellcaster. The guards dare not show any mockery or disdain.

"Tell the deputy chairman that Im not only a Mage but also a Golden Son."

The guards expressions changed when they heard Golden Son.

One of them said in a hurry, "Please wait a moment. Ill inform the master."

The guard rushed to the house. The other guard, upon noticing that Roland was looking at him, put on an anxious and obsequious smile.

Thanks to the two players who had a hardcore fight with a noble, players had a subtle reputation in Delpon.

They might not be notorious, but they were certainly awe-inspiring.

Roland moved his eyes to the manor.

The guard was relieved that Roland was not staring at him anymore. He had heard exaggerated rumors about Golden Sons before, and he was naturally scared of the undying.

Soon, the first guard ran back and said, breathing hard, "Master invites you to come in."

Roland nodded at the guard and slowly walked to the building on a stone trail.

At the door stood a white-haired old man. He slightly bowed at Roland and said, "Esteemed Golden Son, Master is waiting for you in the study on the third floor. Please come with me."

"Please lead the way."

Roland spoke unhurriedly and followed the old man into the building.

As an ordinary person, Roland did not know much about luxury, so he couldnt tell how extravagant the furniture in the building was.

The many maids in the building, however, were proof of Aldos wealth.

The maids were healthy and fair. It was obvious that they had been living a good life.

They were also quite pretty.

It was not ungrounded that Aldo liked beautiful girls.

The maids were quite energetic. They gathered in groups of two or three and observed Roland curiously while whispering to each other.

Roland noticed the reaction of the maids and followed the old man to the third floor.

The old man knocked on a gray and brown door.

"Come on in."

A mature and steady male voice came from behind the door.

The old man bowed and opened the door, before he made a gesture to Roland.

Roland entered the study. He saw a middle-aged man seated on a white chair in a bright gray magic robe.

The man had been rather calm until he saw Roland.

"Language Proficiency?" Aldo stood up and looked at Roland, obviously surprised. "You can cast the complete version of this spell?"

Stunned, Roland asked, "Is this spell very hard?"

Roland had practiced it for a month and found it challenging, but judging from Aldos expression, the spell seemed even more difficult than he imagined.

"Yes, of course. Please sit down." Aldo calmed down and sat down, too. He eyed Roland with respect and smiled, "You said you are a Golden Son, whos favored by the Life Goddess and does not age or die?"

"Im certain that I dont die, but Im not sure about aging yet," explained Roland.

"Then, what has brought you here?" Aldo said half-jokingly, "Youre not here to ask for trouble, right? The Yalows had conflicts with two Golden Sons over women and were forced to run to the capital."

Because of women! Aldo was quite amorous, too. His concern was definitely valid.

Roland shook his head and denied it. "Of course not."

He had been observing the maids in the building. They lived well. Despite their embarrassing identity, they could at least keep themselves warm and full.

Over the past two days, Roland had seen too many beggars who lacked food and clothes. Compared to them, the maids were almost living in heaven.

"Then, whats your purpose here?" Aldo held his chin with his left hand and asked, "Please forgive my bluntness, but I have too many things to do. I dont want to waste any of my time."

Roland had to admit that Aldos gesture made him look like a graceful gentleman.

Roland smiled and said, "I would like to join the Association of Mages."

"What?" Aldo was stunned. "You want to join us?"

Roland nodded, slightly surprised at Aldos reaction.

"Seriously? Youre not tricking me?" Aldo smacked the desk and stood up quickly.

He seemed to be ecstatic!

Roland was astounded. He did not know why Aldo reacted in such a way.

"Welcome, welcome." Aldo stood up and patted Rolands shoulder in excitement. "Did you know that Im the only official Mage in Delpon? Those magic apprentices are unbelievably stupid. They can use level-zero tricks, and some have managed to master one or two level-one spells, but they are barely of any use. They barely have any theoretical knowledge on magic. Theres nobody that I can communicate with.

"Its fantastic that youre willing to join us."

Aldo vigorously shook Rolands hand as he talked. He was obviously excited.

Roland was lost for words. Was it so easy to join the Association of Mages? Why did the guards of the magic tower and Gru both hint that it was difficult? He had expected tests and trials before he could join.