Mages Are Too Op Chapter 452

Chapter 452 A Trap That Only The Unscrupulous Will Fall For

After all, a divine-level Grand Disjunction was something that few people could resist except the few major gods.

Even the Goddess of Light or the Life Goddess would lose all their divine equipment if they werent in their best shape.

Besides, Mystra was best at spatial magic. She might not be as powerful as the Goddess of Light in a head-on clash, but she was much agiler than all the other deities.

When she couldnt win a battle, everybody had to be careful about her ambush with Spatial Transition. There was barely anything they could do to freeze her.

Mystra, the Goddess of Magic, moved her eyes away, and the enormous pressure of divinity disappeared.

The senior Mage stood up and looked at Roland enviously.

He had been devoted to Mystra, but he had never even seen Mystras oracle once in his seventy years of life, until today he met his goddess in person thanks to this young man.

It also indicated the future potential of this young man.

Even the Goddess of Magic who wasnt concerned about mortal affairs had specifically showed up for a spell model.

Roland left the capital and teleported back to Delpon.

Then, he saw that Li Lin and his other friends were waiting for him at the gate of the Magic Tower.

Delighted, Roland walked to them and said with a smile, "Youve finally made it here Wow, you dont look very great."

Rolands surprise was understandable, because Li Lin and his other friends had emaciated faces and swollen eyes. They were apparently worn out.

Brazil and the rest of them all laughed awkwardly.

Calculating the time, Roland was greatly shocked. "Shoot. You spent more than three months in the Church of Love? You even called Raffel too?"

Raffel couldnt be more embarrassed.

He had transformed into a Dwarf Defender, a special shield warrior class, with the dwarves. When he was done, Li Lin called him and told him that there was a great show, so he went over.

It was indeed a great show.

He played for more than two months, and Li Lin and the rest of them had already played for more than one month before Raffel arrived.

They were all exhausted and planned to leave after the first month. However, the clerics of the Goddess of Love that they fooled around with called the clerics of another city.

They overdid themselves so thoroughly that they felt repulsed when they saw women, especially beautiful ones.

Roland slapped his head and said, "Take your time and dont go too far on everything Forget it, you should take a rest first. My manor"

At this moment, Li Lin suddenly extended his hand and said, "Thats unnecessary. We wont go to your manor. Theres a beautiful queen in your manor. We are physically nauseated whenever a woman enters our sight."

"You cant be serious." Rolands face was almost distorted after he heard that.

"From dawn to dusk, and from dusk to dawn, we almost never stopped in the past three months." Li Lin covered his face, as if he was too ashamed to talk to anyone. "The women from the Church of Love are all animals. Not only did they come to us in turns, but they also have a special skill that can reinvigorate men. Weve all been exhausted to death once. We only escaped in the end because we were too sick."

Roland scratched his head. "Are you saying that theyre better than the succubus?"

"Theyre not as good as the succubus, but theyre greater in number."

Roland heaved a sigh. "Okay then. Do you want to check in at a hotel first?"

"Weve already found a place to stay. Were only here to inform you." Li Lin waved his hand in frustration. "Well take a rest for now before we come to you for work."


Roland watched his friends supporting each other and limping away from the square before the Magic Tower against the setting sun. They looked rather miserable

But they had only themselves to blame for their misfortune.

Roland was rather disappointed at them, but remembering the queen and the secretary at his manor, he instantly lost the confidence to despise his friends.

Back at the Magic Tower, Roland drew another model of the oil-making spell and convened a meeting. He informed all the official magic apprentices and the five official Mages of the oil-making spell.

Everybody in the Magic Tower was very excited.

Edible oil wasnt cheap in this world. More importantly, the food that was served at the banquets that Andonara called for was almost all cooked with the oil from the void.

So, this oil that was sweet and tasty had become famous in Delpon.

Even nasty brown bread would become delicious when it was covered with this oil and baked.

The ingredients of better quality tasted even better.

The magic apprentices and the official Mages of the Magic Tower all thought that Roland wouldnt teach the way to make the special oil. Even if he were to teach he would ask for a high price. They did not expect that Roland would be willing to teach it to everybody for free.

In Rolands eyes, such a spell that concerned peoples lives shouldnt be kept a secret.

After the meeting at the Magic Tower, Roland uploaded the model to the forum too.

But this time, he cleverly left out that he had offered the spell to the Goddess of Magic and was verified as its creator.

Then, he began his second magic modification plan.


The success of the oil was a huge encouragement for Roland. He intended to create two spells that could make water and food based on his experience with oil-making.

It was well-known that pure magic water couldnt be drunk Or rather, it was useless to drink such water, which couldnt replace natural water.

It was a congregation of magic power who looked like water on the surface, but it was not real water.

After it entered the body, it would be reduced into fundamental magic elements very quickly and would not be metabolized at all.

Also, if it was consumed too much, it could even significantly damage the body.

Therefore, in order to create a spell that could summon water, he couldnt start modification directly as he did with Grease.

It was because Roland didnt have a spell that could really summon natural water.

This time, he had to create a spell of his own.

Take oil-making for example. The oil was summoned from the Astral Plane. It was absorbed from the tomb of the insects through a special technique.

Then, with that in mind, all that Roland needed to do was to find a water source that would never dry and summon water from there.

In light of the model of oil-making, he could reestablish a framework, set up the spatial beacons, create a channel, and summon the water over a long distance.

It was more water-source summoning than water-making.

A water source that will never dry out?

Roland remembered a book he read a few months ago. It mentioned a place in the Froststar Kingdom that was blessed by the God of Water. The place had an inexhaustible well named Well of Eternity.

Should he go there and take a look?

But he didnt know how to get there.

Anybody with questions should Google No, go to the forum.

Roland was about to post a thread on the forum, when he caught a post by chance.

Roland is a vicious and unscrupulous man.

Roland smiled. He had a rough guess about what happened, and he opened the threat delightedly to see if his guess was correct.