Mages Are Too Op Chapter 455

Chapter 455 You Dare To Take Advantage Of A Lich

However, the bodies possessed by a lich would usually die in two years.

After all, dark magic power was lethal for regular creatures.

A lich could also exist as a soul, but they were very vulnerable in the soul state. Without the protection of a shell, the damage from mental spells would increase significantly.

Therefore, most liches would change their shells frequently.

The shells were expendable for them, but there were exceptions. If they ran into excellent shells that were vigorous and talented, they would try to seize the shells and maintain them well, so that the shells could be used longer.

Roland’s body was very vigorous, and he was also a Mage.

The players had higher stats growth than regular NPCs did in the first place. Their Constitution growth was five by nature even if they didn’t add any points to Constitution.

Also, Roland’s maximal health was improved for his achievement of first completion of an epic quest. It was further improved by the Goddess of Magic’s favor. Now, Roland had as much health as that of an agile Warrior of his level.

His vitality and his capacity for magic power were both very high.

Roland’s body was a rare container for the lich, one it had never seen. His magnificent vitality was almost overflowing, not to mention his terrifying magic power.

If the lich could steal the body, it would be perfect as a container.

This lich would do anything it could to maintain the vigorousness of such a body.

A good body was to a lich what an epic weapon was to a Warrior.

Roland sensed the maliciousness in the lich’s eyes, which gave him goosebumps.

He instantly snapped his fingers, and the swamp rose into a rock wall and protected the caravan.

Hardly had he done that when the lich’s nasty voice, which sounded like rubbing iron plates, came through the fierce wind. “You’re very strong, but you can’t escape. Nobody can break through a lich’s army of the undead unless they can fly. However, even a wind-class Mage can’t fly far in such a strong wind. Let’s make a deal. I can spare this caravan as long as you leave”

Roland snapped his finger and suddenly vanished.

The lich was stunned at first. Then, it was greatly shocked.

While jumping aside, it quickly established a magic shield.

But it was too late. A miaodao of pure fire had cut through the lich’s head.

Several seconds later, the lich’s head fell to the ground. At the same time, all the skeletons crumbled into pure bone, and the remaining ghosts screamed and ran away into the deep night.

Staring at Roland with his head that had already fallen on the ground, the lich struggled to say, “You’re good at spatial spells?”

Roland waved and sheathed his miaodao. He came to the head and observed it for a moment, only to see no waves that suggested the escape of the soul. He didn’t really know what was going on, so he said, “Yes, so what?”

“No wonder you didn’t escape.” The lich heaved a sigh, and its voice weakened. “Then why don’t we make peace with each other?”

This lich’s reaction was understandable. A Mage capable of spatial spells could barely be killed!

Many people knew that Dimensional Anchor could stop spatial magic from being activated.

But the problem was that Dimensional Anchor was itself a type of spatial magic. So, one could only use spatial magic to cope with spatial magic.

Spatial magic was so hard that it was only slightly less difficult than causal magic.

While Roland had posted the teleportation spells to the forum, only O’Neal had picked up Teleportation, and he was working on Long-Distance Teleportation.

Even the players found spatial magic hard, not to mention local Mages who weren’t as smart as players on average.

“Why should we make peace?” Roland lit up a fire on his finger.

“You can protect the caravan for now, but you can’t protect them forever.” The lich’s head spoke in a lower and lower voice. “If we make peace, I won’t do anything to them anymore, and we can talk about things that are more important.”

Uninterested, Roland simply burned the lich’s head to ashes with the magic flames.

Then, he flashed back to the rooftop of the rock building and looked down at the caravan below.

A bunch of people were standing below. Most of them didn’t have the courage to raise their heads.

Wallace was the only person who looked up to Roland. Holding back his fear, he bowed respectfully and said, “Esteemed Mage, thank you for your rescue. We’ll never forget it. May I ask if we can stay here? If we go out, we will all be killed by the blizzard.”

“Yes!” Roland nodded.

The rock wall had almost blocked all the cold wind, so the caravan didn’t have to hide behind the rocky building anymore.

The low temperature wasn’t dreadful. It could be weathered through with thick clothes. What was dreadful was low temperature plus crazy wind.

Receiving Roland’s permission, they were all greatly relieved and delighted, but none dared to say anything.

Gazing at them for a moment, Roland asked, “How on earth did you get lost in this place?”

“We must’ve been lured here with magic by the Tundra Reaper.” McKenzie volunteered to stand up and said, “It’s said that he shows up every two months and disappears after reaping the lives of a couple of caravans.”

“Then you’d better be careful. If possible, don’t travel for business in the next year. He must be resentful of you. Liches usually won’t show up in cities. You’d better look after your life first before you attempt to make money.”

Most large cities were supervised by Mages, and the necromancers and liches had too-distinctive dark magic power. Besides, they were only strong when they gathered enough undead creatures. They were also good at turning human beings killed by undead creatures into new undead creatures. So, they were almost invincible with a storm of undead creatures.

But they weren’t really invincible.

The gathering of undead creatures couldn’t escape the attention of the Mages in the city.

Therefore, necromancers and liches were usually active in the wilderness.

They would kill lone human beings or butcher caravans to increase the population of the undead creatures they controlled.

The more undead creatures they controlled, the more powerful liches and necromancers would be.

With their special class skill, Dark Servant Link, they could establish a legion of the undead, and their necromantic energy would be significantly increased in the legion, which would boost the power of their dark spells.

Hearing Roland’s reminder, Wallace nodded and said, “We understand, Mr. Mage.”

Seeing that it was over, Roland flashed into the house and continued his rest.

The people in the caravan relaxed and took a rest too.

But few of them could go to sleep that night.

For Roland, what happened that night was a minor incident.

Though he had never seen a lich before, he wasn’t really surprised to see one.

He had seen angels and goddesses, and the lich was nothing compared to them.

However, what happened tonight was a huge event for Wallis, the lich.

His soul was pulled back into its spiritual coffin, before he was teleported to another body that he had prepared earlier.

He walked out of the hidden cave in the rotten body whose flesh was dropping as he moved. Staying inside such a shell was very uncomfortable.

But the lich could only hold it back. After all, his other shells weren’t any better.

He summoned a skeleton horse. Fast and tireless, such horses were one of the liches’ icons.

After half a night, Wallis made it to a graveyard before dawn, and a dozen black body puppets suddenly appeared. Wallis didn’t panic but waited quietly.

Those body puppets didn’t attack Wallis. Soon, a tombstone moved before him and revealed a dark tunnel.

Soon, a beautiful girl in a black robe who had extremely pale skin walked out of the tunnel.

Wallis’ face was too rotten for anyone to see his expression, but judging from his voice, he despised this woman very much. “Karna, you’re using a woman’s body again. Do you not find it repulsive?”

“It’s just a shell. Gender doesn’t matter as long as it works fine.” The beautiful girl put a smile on her pale face. “Wallis, why have you come to my place?”

“I saw an excellent shell. I had never seen a shell as extraordinary as that one!”

Karna, the girl in black robe, chuckled. “How much better was it than mine?”

“A hundred of this can’t compare to that shell.”

Karna grew interested. “You’re not exaggerating?”


“Does the shell have a divine bloodline?” Karna winked.

“I’m not clear, but it’s really vigorous.”

“Vigorousness means strength. Since you’ve changed your shell, that man was definitely very tough, wasn’t he?”

“He’s capable of spatial magic and teleportation.”

Karna instantly lost interest. “Then why am I wasting my time here? You think we can catch someone who’s capable of spatial magic?”

Karna was about to return to the tunnel after saying that.

Wallis hurriedly shouted, “I can’t catch him on my own, but we certainly can if we work together. You’re good at Inferior Prophecy, and I have countless undead creatures. I’ll buy a few Dimensional Anchor scrolls later. As long as we know where he is with Inferior Prophecy, it will be easy to catch him!”

“Dimensional Anchor scrolls? You wish!” Karna sneered. “There are only four such scrolls in total in the world of the undead. Why do you think you can buy them?”

“Do you not want a better shell?”

“He’s only one person. How do we split him even if we catch him? We might have to fight first. Don’t tell me that you want the shell to mate with a woman and have a child” Karna shook her head and was about to return to the tunnel, but she suddenly stopped and said, “However, for old time’s sake, I can tell you a piece of important news.”

“What is it?”

“My puppets in the human world informed me that a new race named Golden Sons appeared in Hollevin. Those people can be resurrected after death, so some of them are willing to sell their dead bodies.”

“Are they vigorous?”

“They’re said to be so, but I’m told that they’re very expensive,” Karna said. “The bodies close to the level of Elite are one gold coin apiece, and those above the Elite level are three gold coins apiece.”

Wallis gasped. “That’s indeed expensive. I can barely afford a hundred bodies Those people are bold enough to make money from liches?”