Mages Are Too Op Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Recruitmen

How to transform magic into matter was simply an unknown subject to him.

It was a pity that he had the highest mastery of magic in the small country of Hollevin. Did he have to go elsewhere to learn?

The other side might not be willing to teach him.

Roland thought about it and used the guild chat system to contact Schuck.

Roland: "Schuck, can you use your status to introduce me to some magic organization to study, I feel like Im at a bottleneck."

Schuck: "Itll be hard, very hard!"

Roland: "Whats the matter? The Church of Light should be quite powerful in Fareins, right?"

Schuck: "It is very strong, but the influence of the Association of Mages in Fareins is not bad either. Most importantly, just half a month ago, our Holy Lady mashed the chairman of the Association of Mages sons family jewels, leaving him with mental trauma, and even though it was healed with magic, he cant seem to get it hard again. Now the relationship between the two forces is extremely poor, and if I introduced you youd probably be out of luck."

Fine. Roland sighed. The path of networking from Schucks side was pretty much cut off.

He could only go to Fareins to try his luck.

Roland told the two women what he was thinking.

Vivian was a little disappointed, but she decided to stay and help Roland manage the Magic Tower and the magic academy.

Andonara put her arms around Roland and said in a clingy manner, "I dont care, you have to take me with you this time."

All right, Ill take Andonara this time.

After all, even if he went to Fareins, he might not be able to join the Association of Mages, as even the Association of Mages in Hollevin was wary of foreigners joining.

Although Fareins was a large country, it was quite xenophobic.

In their view, only the people of their own country were inherently civilized.

The people from other countries were all barbarians.

Of course, except for those who believed in the Goddess of Light.

Roland went to speak with his friends again.

Li Lin and the others waved boldly, "Just feel free to go on your honeymoon with the queen. Well keep a good eye on things for you in Delpon, now that were almost back on our feet."

Now that almost two months had passed, Li Lin and the others had finally eased up from their previous "sage"[1] state.

As far as Roland knew, Li Lin and the others hadnt picked up girls or had any negative-distance contact with them in reality in the past two months, so they were probably really disgusted.

Even their real lives had been affected.

Roland and Andonara hired a carriage and wandered slowly in the direction of Fareins.

As for food and other things, because of his Backpack, if it were filled up, the two of them wouldnt have a problem eating for a month. Besides, they could always replenish it during the journey.

As for safety, that was even less of an issue.

A Legendary Great Swordsman with a Heros bloodline, and fully equipped with magic equipment.

There was also an immortal Golden Son.

Under these circumstances, only more than two Legends could pose a threat to them.

Of course, they naturally encountered some small thieves along the way, most of which were cut into pieces by Andonara. A few who didnt have much of an evil aura were let go after one of their hands was cut off.

Roland didnt have a chance to make a move.

Andonara was too fast.

As soon as Roland gestured to flick his fingers to cast a spell, all the enemies within thirty meters in front of him would instantly be severed in two.

The Great Swordsman was strong in this aspect, fast enough to almost rival a thief, and with a special wide-range sword aura.

Fast and furious.

They also had good magic resistance, and normally, a Mage of the same level couldnt beat a Great Swordsman.

After more than a month of traveling and stopping, Roland and Andonara both finally entered the borders of Fareins.

He wasted no time in communicating with the local Magic Towers in each new city he visited.

However, almost all of them rejected him, and those who were occasionally willing to communicate with him harbored ulterior motives.

For example, they wanted to deceive Roland into some very special contract before they were willing to communicate.

But when Roland took a look at it with Character Proficiency, he found that this contract was full of traps.

He immediately left.

There was even a Magic Tower chairman who had his eye on Andonara and wanted to exchange ten beautiful slave girls for her.

Then Roland and Andonara beat him up together.

As a result, by the end of the night, the Mage had gathered a gang of men and tried to snatch Andonara.

And he was quite intent on killing Roland.

Then the Magic Tower of this border city was flattened by a large fireball from Roland.

The group of men with killing intent was also gone.

This was just a small episode for Roland.

He gradually discovered that the closer he got to the capital of Fareins, the more he advanced deeper into the country, the more discrimination and malice both he and Andonara were subjected to.

Because the two of them werent from Fareins.

When they entered the country, they took an entry card.

Roland couldnt stand the situation and wanted to go to the Guild of Mercenaries to spend money and get fake Fareins citizenship.

However, the man from the Guild of Mercenaries arrogantly rejected Roland. "Sorry, the citizenship of Fareins isnt open to barbarians."

Roland was so furious that he wanted to hit someone.

In the end, Roland and Andonara had to return to Delpon the way they came.

After all, even if he obtained fake citizenship, he still might not be able to join the Association of Mages in Fareins.

Mages werent stupid and Roland reckoned that the Association of Mages would investigate him if he wanted to join.

The fake citizenship probably wouldnt fool the Association of Mages of Fareins.

It took another month and a half or so before Roland finally returned to Delpon with Andonara.

The round trip took three months.

For Roland, it was a great waste of timetime was money and life.

But for Andonara, it had been an extremely sweet three months or so.

She was beside herself with happiness having spent three months alone with Roland.

Returning to the Magic Tower, Vivian first reported on the affairs of the past three months, and finally placed a peculiar piece of magic paper in front of Roland and said, "Half a month ago, someone left this behind, saying that it was the Red Magic Towers admission certificate and that if you could solve the puzzle on it, you would get a free admission."

The Red Magic Tower?

Rolands eyes lit up. Is this another way to reach the end goal?

The Red Magic Tower was supposed to be a magic organization that specialized in evoking magic, but Roland preferred to enter the White Magic Tower that specialized in transmutation magic or the Monochrome Magic Tower that specialized in spatial magic.

But that didnt matter, as it was good enough to have a place to learn about new magic theories, and when he got the chance, later on, hed find the other two organizations.

Roland took that red cardboard in his hands.

Solve the puzzle on it?

Roland looked closely and noticed that the red cardboard sheet had a dense pattern of golden threads and nodes.

This is a spell model?

Rolands eyes lit up.

It certainly was a puzzle, and it was a real entrance exam.

Someone with a smattering of knowledge wouldnt be able to understand the structure of the spell model, and even if they could barely understand it, they wouldnt be able to parse it and cast it successfully in a short amount of time.

But for Roland, this stuff wasnt even an issue.

In the past two years, he had parsed an unknown number of spell models and knew how to improve and create his own.

This entrance exam was extremely simple for him, just like a middle schooler doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculations.

He spent half an hour parsing the lines and points of the spell model, and then he simulated a three-dimensional model in his mind and finally infused it with magic power.

In less than two hours, Roland had managed to cast this spell.

The red card in his hand lit up then expanded and cracked and finally turned into a two-meter long floating ark.

Roland was hyped all of a sudden.


When you doze off, someone brings you a pillow.

This spell was primarily an application of transmutation magic.

Although it was just a mass replication of red paper and then combined into cardboard bound together to create a floating ark, it had a levitation magic array engraved on the bottom of it and a special wind magic array as its driving power.

It sounded simple, but the mass replication of paper was the conversion of magic power into cardboard matter, which was essentially transmutation magic.

As for the two magic arrays under the floating ark, exquisiteness aside, just the fact that they could be compressed into the spell model of the previous small piece of paper and automatically unfolded and shaped after the spell was used showed that someone in this organization was extremely good at the skills of transmutation and compression.

Such a skill, at least, was not something that the current Roland could come up with out of thin air.

He lacked the theoretical know-how in this area.

Roland made the ark smaller again, turning it back into a piece of paper, and then began to study the spell patterns and nodes on it.

The more he studied it, the more he realized that this little piece of paper had two words written on it.



He was definitely going to the Red Magic Tower.

Roland greeted his friends and helped them arrange their posts before taking the floating ark and flying away from Delpon.

Andonara and Vivian both waved reluctantly from the top of the tower.

With Roland gone, there was no telling how long it would take for him to return.

After all, a Mages path to knowledge was difficult and time-consuming.

But Roland knew Teleportation, so it wasnt hard for him to come back if he had the time and wanted to.

The floating arks flight speed wasnt very fast, at least not as fast as his Human Cannonball combo technique.

But Roland didnt know the location of the Red Magic Tower and had to let the floating ark navigate itself.

After flying for about three days, passing over mountain ranges and the sea, Roland arrived on another continent.

A continent that was completely paved with yellow sand.

An entirely desert world.

After the floating ark entered the sea of sands, it flew for half a day and then slowly descended downward.

At the same time, Roland saw several other red arks flying in from other directions.

These red arks were also descending toward the ground along with his own.

Roland laid down on the edge of the ark and looked down to find a sea of yellow sand and nothing more.

But when the ark was at an altitude of about a hundred meters above the ground, it suddenly seemed to have passed through a thin layer of magic.

Then suddenly a small city appeared below.

Among the criss-crossed paths, black dots were walking around.

An illusion boundary?

Roland narrowed his eyes.

[1] Refer to Kenja Time, kenja means sage