Mages Are Too Op Chapter 460

Chapter 460 A Friend From Another Town.

As soon as he jumped down, someone immediately came over.

The young mage in red magic robes looked at Rolands ark, flipped open a booklet, cross-referenced the markings on the ark, and then smiled and asked, "May I ask if youre Mr. Roland?"

Roland nodded.

"Youre an important student of ours, please follow me."

This red-robed youngster led Roland out of the square.

Roland followed behind him while observing the surroundings and the situation.

There were already quite a few people jumping down from their arks in the square. They were probably all students, but Roland was surprised to find that not all of these students were human.

There were elves and orcs.

There was even a green gnome.

The Red Magic Tower is quite magnanimous

They even have the generosity to accept all races?

In the midst of his thoughts, the two of them walked out of the square, and the young Mage leading the way slowed down and walked alongside Roland while saying, "Mr. Roland, you are the only free entrant in this terms Ruby Class, and its obvious how much the council of elders values you."

"Dont the others get free admission?"

The youngster shook his head. "Thats impossible. The average person has to pay 30 gold coins, and thats every year. After all, the Red Magic Towers magic materials, teachers, and resources all need to be paid in gold coins.

Thirty gold coins per year was not much for Roland, but not necessarily for others.

But there was also the old saying in the magic world that an independent Mage had to do everything himself, including funding.

It didnt matter whether one earned it oneself, or if someone else funded it, or even if it was supplemented by the family.

A Mage who lacked money was essentially unqualified.

Roland looked at the slightly inexperienced youth and asked, "May I know your name, sir?"

"Dont call me sir, Im just a magic apprentice." The young man shook his head. "Rather, Mr. Roland, you are already at the Elite level and you seem to be advancing to Master. Compared to you, Im not even close to Mastery. You can call me Claus!"

Roland froze for a moment.

Claus seemed to sense something strange with Rolands expression and turned his head to ask, "Whatis there something wrong with the name?"

"No, its just the same as someone I know." Roland smiled.

Claus got excited. "Thats kind of lucky, it seems like we were born to be friends."

Roland nodded. He was still smiling on the surface, but on the inside, he was quite torn.

The Claus of Delpon did what he shouldnt have and was frozen into an ice sculpture by Roland, the first magic apprentice Roland became acquainted with when he entered the Magic Tower of Delpon.

And now here at the Red Magic Tower, the first magic apprentice he met was also called Claus!

Was the Goddess of Fortune playing games?

Settling his mind, Roland asked, "What are the taboos here in the Red Magic Tower, can you tell me about them?"

Coming to an unfamiliar organization, one naturally had to know the rules. Although it was said that players were not afraid of death, Roland was now level eight, and if he died once and lost ten percent of total experience, no matter how much extra experience he had, he would immediately drop a level.

This amount of experience wasnt something that could be earned back in a month or two; it would probably take half a year even if he did quests all day long.

This was why when players reached level eight, they didnt dare to die.

Sometimes theyd rather throw away an excellent piece of equipment, like a gecko detaching its tail as a means of survival, than die once.

"There are many, but when you get to the students dormitory, youll be issued a school rules booklet, and its all written on it," said Claus as he walked. "The students dormitory isnt very good, but if you have the money, you can apply for a more luxurious single large room, and there will be maids and mercenaries serving you."


As the two of them talked and walked, Roland was still paying attention to his surroundings.

They were now walking down a street about ten meters wide. Quite a few people were coming and going, and while there were quite a few Mages in robes, there were far more ordinary people.

And around the streets, there were many shops with all kinds of food, clothing, and shelter, and he had already seen a few brothels.

Taking a few more steps, Claus grunted and said, "Speaking of taboos, theres one that comes to mind."

"Please tell me."

Roland smiled and shook Clauss hand, a gold coin placed unobtrusively in the others palm.

A little surprised, Claus clenched his fist, feeling the texture of the metal in his palm.

A gold coin.

Claus looked at Roland for a moment, then his smile was more grateful and enthusiastic.

"Mr. Roland, youre in this terms Ruby Class; a new class is formed every five years. Above your class, there are two classes, respectively, Meteorite and Obsidian. Between them, Meteorite is a class that started ten years ago, and that class has the strongest average strength, and Obsidian is second. Be careful when you encounter them, those people are not too good-tempered."

Roland nodded, gesturing that he knew.

Claus continued, "Then theres the fact that were divided into the east, west, and middle districts. The middle district is where the Master Mages live, the east district is where the magic students and magic apprentices live, and the west district is where the commoners are. In this city, the commoners mission is to work for the Mages, and for very little money, you can hire good commoner talents to take care of every aspect of your life."

When Claus finished, they came right up to a building.

A square building, nothing oddly styled, the ordinary kind, just huge.

"This is the dormitory for the Ruby Class." Claus went in, spoke to someone there at the small window in the door, and then a black wood tile was pushed out.

Claus handed the wooden tile to Roland. "Heres your room key."

The black wooden tile had several words engraved on it that Roland had never seen before, but with the help of Unhindered Communication, Roland could easily read what was on it.

Ruby Class, 602.

At this moment, Claus said, "Mr. Roland, this concludes my duties. I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again in the future."

"Youre not going up for a rest?" asked Roland.

Claus shook his head. "Im only a magic apprentice, Im not qualified to stay in this area for too long or go in."

After speaking, Claus bowed slightly to Roland, then turned around and walked away.

It seemed like Claus was in a bit of a pickle.

No wonder a single gold coin made such a big difference in his expression.

Roland entered the building through the front door. The floor was made of gray and black rock. The whole building seemed quiet, probably because the students hadnt arrived yet.

The main hall of the building was large, and a few maid-like people were walking around in it.

Over to the left, there was another young man in gorgeous noble attire talking to a maid.

The figure was familiar.

Roland took a closer look and couldnt help but cry out in surprise, "Betta, why are you here?"

Roland walked over in large strides at the same time.

Upon hearing Rolands voice, the young man who was talking to the maid turned his head, and half a second later also shouted in surprise, "Brother Roland, youre here too!"

Roland walked over and couldnt help but pat Bettas shoulder heavily a few times. "Youre pretty impressive. You got the entrance scroll here too?"

"Just lucky, I did a quest and got it." Betta smiled. "But Im still essentially a Warlock, so the tuition had to be doubledits so expensive."

Thirty gold coins doubled, thats sixty.

Geez, this kids pretty rich.

But this kid has a talent for picking up money, and with his outrageous luck, hes probably never been short of it.

At that moment, Betta walked further away and said, "Brother Roland, I see the golden pillar of light again, lets go pick up the money together. Well split it."

Roland gasped. "It triggered again?"

Betta nodded repeatedly. "And the light pillar is particularly large, so Im guessing its a lot of money."

"So what are we waiting for, lets go pick it up."

Roland had always believed that hard work and frugality was the only way to get rich, but he was not averse to taking the plunge and making money.

"Wait, Ill ask that maid about the terrain here."

With that said, Betta went back to chatting with the maid, and about five minutes later, he came over and said, "Got it. The place where the golden pillar of light appeared is in the west district, commoners territory, so we should have no problem getting there."

"Lets go, lets go." Roland waved his hand.

Roland was not a highbrow person, and for him, this "surprise" of picking up money was in itself an extremely interesting spice in lifes journey.

Why act stoic when picking up money could make you happy?

They quickly left the dormitory and headed to the west district.

It took them almost an hour to reach the spot where the golden pillar of light appeared, as they were unfamiliar with the people and terrain, and the streets were not all straight.

It was a secluded patch of grass that was rarely crossed, and there were a few rows of small trees on the outside that obscured the view.

Beta looked up at the pillar of light that only he could see, then took a shovel out of his Backpack and began to dig.

His movements were very skillful and forceful.

It seemed that there was no shortage of digging regularly.

He had probably picked up money no less than a dozen times.

After digging half a meter deep, Betta brought up a stone chest from the pit and smashed it right open with his fist, and a small pile of gold coins burst out.

"Thats a bit much," Roland exclaimed.

Beta counted. "There are thirty-seven, Ill take nineteen, Brother Roland you take eighteen, evenly split"

Roland smiled and was about to say thanks, but then he suddenly turned his head and pointed abruptly to the left of where they were, ten meters away.

Fierce ice ripples spread out on the ground, and a translucent silhouette retreated so fast that if it hadnt moved so violently, it wouldnt even have revealed this translucent trace.

"You cant escape."

Roland grunted and flicked his fingers on his left and right hands at the same time, and two huge blue Hand of Magic appeared, chasing after this translucent figure.

Roland instantly moved behind the translucent figure and a wide range of Ice Ring erupted at the same time.

Because it was too close, there was no way for this translucent figure to dodge, and it was directly frozen by its feet.

It struggled twice and was about to escape, but two Hands of Magic had arrived from the rear, and one on top of the other directly pinned the figure down on the ground in front of Roland.

Invisibility completely lost its effectiveness at this point.

A hybrid with a long white tail appeared in Rolands vision.