Mages Are Too Op Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Lets Have A Contest

Chapter 467: Lets Have a Contest

Stepping on the meadow that she was familiar with through the hole, the catgirl subconsciously looked around. She did have a sense of safety when she saw the high wall around her.

Intelligent creatures had built houses and city walls exactly because of their need for a sense of safety, even though it was just an illusion most of the time, because it was very easy for professionals to move across a two-meter wall.

However, the very existence of the wall gave her a very different feeling.

Roland looked around. Determining the location of the house he wanted to build, he snapped his fingers again.

The land became muddy at first. Then, stone walls rose one after another, assembling into a high, square, four-story building.

The catgirl was fascinated by this construct that was built from scratch. She wished that she was the one who changed the environment instantly with unbelievable magic.

As a local resident who was born in the Red Magic Tower, although she never dared to show up in public, she had natural love and respect for magic just like other civilians in the Red Magic Tower.

After setting up a large temporary residence and a magic lab for himself, he only needed to move in next.

Because he was living alone, all he needed to do was move some furniture in.

But Roland suddenly noticed the catgirl next to him.

The little catgirl was gazing at the massive black square house that Roland built with his spell. Her white tail was highly erect and even shaking.

Roland thought for a moment and snapped his fingers again, establishing a smaller two-story building with a coverage of around seventy square meters.

"This small house is all yours."

Looking at the square house he built, which was not at all beautiful, Roland nodded.

He didnt really have a great taste in architecture as a straight man. All he wanted was enough space and habitability. He couldnt care less about what the building looked like.

He might as well spend his time on magic experiments instead of designing buildings.

After that, Roland left this new manor for the middle district.

The catgirl was caught in a dilemma.

Should she move into the small house or not?

That Mage was a good man. What he said should be trustworthy.

However, she had heard that certain Mages liked to trick catgirls into doing things with petty rewards, until they got the catgirls in the end.

After all, Mages were too smart for catgirls to deal with.

But the catgirl knew that she wanted to live in a house.

The underground cave seemed safe, but it always reeked of mud. Luckily, it barely rained in this desert area, or it wouldve been a major problem for her to remove the water in the cave.

Living in a house would be much more comfortable.

Should she move in or not?

The catgirl, lying on the ground and scratching the ground softly with her front paws, hesitated.

Roland arrived in the middle district.

The middle district was more beautiful and had broader roads and better greeneries than the other two districts.

The thick crowns and leaves of the trees that Roland had never seen covered the roads, making it impossible for the sunlight to get in.

It was certainly not easy to find so many trees in a desert.

Along the road, Roland found the campus of the Red Magic Tower.

This campus had an astonishing coverage.

The gate of the campus alone was a hundred meters wide and thirty meters tall.

Gray rock walls extended from two sides infinitely toward the horizon.

There was a twisted layer of "membrane" at the gate. It was transparent, making it possible to see the inside of the campus through the gate.

Many Mages were entering and exiting the campus.

Roland walked closer and a young Mage came straight at him. He showed no intention of making way for Roland after seeing Roland but simply walked straight at him.

Seeing that, Roland could only make way for him.

The young man brushed past Roland without even bothering to look at Roland, as if Rolands back-off was something he should do.


Roland found it weird. Was this man blind, or was he simply rude?

While thinking, Roland saw another young Mage walk out of the gate before him.

The man walked straightly too, but it was not Roland but one of Rolands classmates that was on his way.

The young Mage didnt make way for him either. Eventually, Rolands classmate had to step aside.

Seeing that, Roland walked close and patted his classmates shoulder, before he asked, "The people here all seem rather supercilious. Do you know why?"

"This is the tradition of the Red Magic Tower. The strong Mages have many privileges. Regardless of your status in the mortal world, you are expected to make way for the higher-level Mages here. They can even ask you to run errands for them."

Roland heaved a sigh.

He was slightly disappointed.

By logic, a sanctuary of Mages such as the Red Magic Tower should be an Ivory Tower where everybody learned and discussed magic to boost the application and development of magic.

He didnt realize that hierarchy mattered so much in this place too.

However, on second thought, Roland realized that it did make sense.

After all, even the colleges in reality had a lot of ugly things, such as the oppression on students and the weird relationship between teachers and students, although they were called Ivory Towers. Roland had personally witnessed many such things, not to mention the stories he read on the Internet.

Therefore, it wasnt very strange that a hierarchy was established in the Red Magic Tower.

Although he understood its necessity, Roland realized that he was much less respectful for the Red Magic Tower.

Considering the carrot plus stick incident earlier, and the arrogance he saw just now, Roland realized something.

He didnt have to regard the Red Magic Tower as a sacred and supreme organization. He only needed to consider it a regular academic group.

After he thought it through, Roland was no longer awed by the unbelievably enormous buildings anymore.

They were just buildings The buildings in any third-rate city in reality could dwarf them.

Patting his classmates shoulder, Roland walked into the campus. When he passed the barrier, he sensed the black badge in his clothes heat up for a moment.

After entering the campus, Roland looked around and hoped to find the activation magic array for the barrier, to no avail. He had to give up the thought and keep moving.

Crossing a white square, Roland found three buildings lying before him. The one on the left side was styled out of a transparent mineral he had never seen, the middle one was obsidian, and the right one was ruby.

One building for each class. That was rather interesting.

Roland looked at the students entering and exiting the Obsidian Class, only to discover that most of them were between levels five and seven. He then looked at the building on the left side.

The students from the building were mostly between levels seven and nine, but none reached level ten, the threshold of Master.

It seemed that one could not graduate without becoming a Master.

After making the guess, Roland walked to the Ruby Building.

He saw a bunch of people gathered at the gate of the building.

Seeing Roland, they all cried, "The monitor is here! Let him take a look!"

What happened?

The crowd made room for Roland to walk in. He saw that a man was lying on the ground with blood gushing out of his waist, and Betta was covering his wound with bandages.

Betta was still incapable of healing.

Under normal circumstances, Warlocks were much more destructive than Mages on the same level with the same equipment, but they had a fatal shortcoming.

All the Warlocks perceived their spells automatically. It meant that, when they reached a certain level, apart from the bloodline-bound skills and spells, they learned all their other abilities randomly.

As a result, some Warlocks might not be able to acquire certain crucial and practical spells, such as healing, for their entire life!

None of the students nearby were capable of healing either.

There were three types of healing: the healing of the Church of Light, the healing of the Church of Life, and the Water Healing from the Water God Church.

Those skills were essentially all divine skills.

However, Melf was such a genius that he simulated divine healing skills with spell models.

Ever since then, the Mages were capable of healing.

However, while healing was available to them, it still remained unknown if they could grasp it.

Roland snapped his fingers, and white light flowed into his wounded classmate.

Everybody looked at Roland in shock.

It was no surprise that a Mage devoted to evoking was capable of healing, but it was not common for such a young man to use healing.

Now, everybody believed that Roland had been focused on evoking.

After all, his compressed fire ball had left too deep an impression on everybody.

"How were you wounded?" Roland looked around. "The teachers didnt intervene?"

His wounded classmates kidney had been impaled. The man might have been killed if he were an ordinary person.

However, the professionals were all sturdy, and the wound wasnt too huge. He managed to survive even though he was a vulnerable Mage.

The student said embarrassedly, "Everybody else made way for the Obsidian Class. I didnt feel comfortable and intentionally stood in their way. Then I got beaten up."

Roland secretly thought that the man had some balls.

He looked around and said, "Okay, stop gathering here. Hes fine. Go to class."

Although it was the first day of class, Roland was actually quite respected. Nobody disobeyed him.

They entered the classroom on the first floor, which was very huge. There was a big gap between the desks.

There was also a book with a white cover on the desks.

Roland sat down at a random desk, and Betta sat down next to him.

Everybody was reading the books, which were the rules and special regulations at the school.

The book was quite thick.

After reading it for a while, Triton came to the classroom.

He spent the first hour talking about the things that the freshmen should pay attention to, and the next two hours on fundamental magic knowledge.

Roland was well aware of the basics, so he kept reading the rules during this time.

Unfortunately, he didnt find the information he wanted.

Triton was about to leave when the class was over, when Roland stood up and asked, "Sir, what if I dont want to make way for other students?"

All the students looked at Roland in shock except Betta who put on a strange smile.

Ah, Brother Roland is causing trouble again.

Triton smiled and said, "Then you can fight. If you can beat them, theyll have to make way for you. Just make sure that nobody is killed."

Roland smiled the moment he heard that. "I didnt know it was so simple."

Then he looked at Betta. "Ill block the Meteorite Class, and youll block the Obsidian Class. Lets see who takes care of them first."

"Great!" Betta jumped to his feet excitedly.

There was nothing but silence in the Ruby Class.

The students thought that they saw two lunatics.