Mages Are Too Op Chapter 47

Chapter 47

This was a slum with poor people in ragged clothes everywhere. Roland and Betta, on the other hand, were wearing a magic robe and noble clothes. They seemed utterly out of place here, so others all peeped at them. However, when they looked back at the poor people, the poor people would continue their work as if they had never glimpsed the strangers.

The atmosphere was rather awkward.

Roland stood up and said, "Ill register in the Association of Mages. You should protect the girl for a few more days. If possible, youd better ask them to move to another city."

Looking at the clouds, Betta hesitated. "Im afraid that they wont listen to me."

"If they wont, so be it," said Roland casually. "We cant protect them for life. If they are unwilling to move, it will be their own fault if anything happens to them later, and the best we can do is avenge them when we have time."

Betta looked at him in surprise. "Brother Roland, you sound rather indifferent."

Roland smiled and said, "We cant give all our kindness and warmth to strangers. If were doing our best for total strangers, what can we do to our loved ones to show that they are not strangers to us?"

Betta thought for a moment and said, "Ill protect them for another two days and ask them to leave later. If they dont, Ill just go."

Seeing that Betta would follow his instructions, Roland left.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived at the magic tower.

The ivory tower was magnificent and mysterious against the setting sun.

Roland walked to the gate and was blocked by the two guards again.

But this time, Roland brought out the bronze badge.

Seeing the fire pattern on the bronze badge, the guards immediately moved aside.

Patting his magic robe, Roland walked into the magic tower, only to discover that it was as bright as day inside.

Below his feet was a floor as smooth as a mirror. He could see his reflection in it.

A unique glittering crystal was hanging on the wall made of rough white rocks every ten meters.

There was barely anything in the lobby except bright gray stairs at the center which led to the second floor.

Roland walked to the stairs, but a person was coming down quickly.

He was a young man and couldnt be older than twenty-three.

He had short black hair, brown eyes, a hawk nose, and a vigorous expression. He was briefly stunned when he saw Roland, before he asked curiously, "Who might you be?"

He did not consider Roland an intruder.

This was a magic tower. Only an idiot would stir trouble in the Mages territory.

Also, Roland was wearing a magic robe, which indicated that he was a Mage, too.

So, the young man was rather friendly.

Roland took out his bronze badge again. "Im here for registration."

Seeing the badge and hearing Rolands words, the young man shouted excitedly, "Are you the Golden Son whos going to join us?"

"You may call me Roland." Roland took the badge back and asked with a smile, "Whats your name?"

"I am Claus." The young man still seemed excited. "Mr. Roland, weve been waiting for you. Please follow me."

He led the way and said hastily, "Mr. Roland, do you have any idea how difficult it is for the Association of Mages right now?"

"Difficult Are you short of funds?"

Roland looked at the environment. Both the crystals that were used as lamps and the classy flooring suggested fortune. Could such an association lack money?

"Its not about money," said Claus as he walked on, "its about the lack of mentors. Our chairman is occupied every day and he doesnt have a lot of time to stay here and teach us. The ten or so apprentices here have to learn by ourselves, but magic is too hard. Weve barely made any progress after all these years."

They were already on the second floor at this point.

Briefly stunned, Roland asked, "Are you implying that Im here to teach you?"

"Thats right," said Claus matter-of-factly. "Mr. Aldo informed us of your arrival. Weve been looking forward to it."

Roland said with a bitter smile, "But Im new to magic, too. I dont know much myself. How can I teach you?"

Claus suddenly turned around and said solemnly, "Although Im only a magic apprentice and not as good as you, I agree with Mr. Aldos remark that knowledge is not required in magic!"

Well It did make some sense.

"In fact, Ive joined you to learn more things." Roland felt that he should make this clear in case he disappointed them later. "I really do not know a lot about magic. Are you really willing to learn under me?"

Although there was still a lot about magic that he did not understand, Roland had some confidence. After all, he had been practicing hard recently and gained a lot of experience in magic element control and magic modeling.

If they were willing to learn, he wouldnt hesitate to teach them.

"Of course, youre too modest, Mr. Roland," said Claus hopefully. "Mr. Aldo says that you are an official Mage close to the elite level, and we are just magic apprentices. Youre much stronger than us."

Different from the empty first floor, the second floor had plenty of rooms, which made the lobby seem small. Of course, at the center were stairs leading to the third floor.

"Please wait a moment!"

Claus made a gesture and rang a bell emitting a magical glow on a counter next to the stairs.

Pleasant clings echoed.

Very soon, the same sound came from the third and fourth floors.

Metal resonance?

While Roland was thinking, several room doors opened, and a few people of different ages and genders walked out in magic robes.

Footsteps came from the stairs, too.

A couple of magic apprentices rushed down from upstairs.

Very soon, those people gathered before Roland and Claus.

They looked at Roland hopefully and excitedly, as if he were an ultimate treasure.